Top 5 Sleep Shops in Queens

Top 5 Sleep Shops in Queens
Top 5 Sleep Shops in Queens

Top 5 Sleep Shops in Queens

When purchasing a queen size mattress, shoppers typically focus on price first and foremost; however, other considerations must be made too; such as motion isolation and strong edges in case you plan to share your mattress with pets or children.

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Queens Express Furniture Warehouse is known for offering some of the most competitive mattress pricing and offers in town, boasting an elegant showroom as well as an array of bedding accessories.


Macy's is a department store chain with nearly a century of service in New York. Their stores carry an assortment of goods, such as mattresses. Macy's offers mattresses in different styles and sizes with firmness/plushness levels to meet any need or preference, home trial services and bedding accessories to complete your experience in shopping at their stores. Whether you are new or longtime residents in NYC, Macy's can help find you an appropriate mattress to match both lifestyle and budget needs.

Queens has some fantastic mattress showrooms, and this mattress showroom stands out. Offering a clean and welcoming shopping environment that allows customers to examine products at their own pace, the knowledgeable staff here will answer any queries about products you come in with at their own pace - plus white-glove delivery is also offered for an additional fee if desired! They sell many brands such as Beautyrest, Serta, and SensorGel!

New York City residents looking to optimize their sleep have many mattress stores to choose from, with this mattress shop in Park Slope being an ideal one. Offering memory foam, innerspring, hybrid designs and pillows as well as sheets and pillows can help them get an ideal night's rest. Furthermore, its location makes shopping here convenient; finding your ideal mattress awaits here.

Express Furniture Warehouse

When shopping at a mattress showroom, it's essential that you understand all your options and find a bed tailored to your body's specific needs. Queens has some fantastic sleep shops where they offer assistance when selecting mattresses to provide quality restful nights of restful slumber. With various styles and prices to suit every budget you can easily find what fits!

An adequate night's rest is vital to your overall wellbeing. Poor quality rest can contribute to weight gain, insomnia and depression - make sure you visit an accredited showroom to find your mattress!

Raymour & Flanigan furniture and mattress store is well-known for providing quality products at competitive prices, helping their customers create the home of their dreams while reflecting their individual styles. Brands they carry include Beautyrest, Tempur-Pedic, Serta and Sealy; their showroom is clean and well organized while boasting friendly sales staff who know their products well.

Finding the ideal mattress can be stressful, but Moovit can make the journey less tedious. Utilizing real-time maps and schedules, you'll easily locate the optimal route towards your destination, plus access weather forecasting updates along the way.

Sleep Number

Sleep Number is designed to empower its customers, beginning with giving them control over how firm their mattress feels. They do this by letting you increase or decrease interior chamber air pressure - altering its "sleep number." As with firmness levels, higher numbers indicate firmer bedsets. And for couples that may differ on mattress preferences, Sleep Number offers twin beds equipped with dual chambers so each person can set their own number!

The Performance series from Serta Mattress offers mattresses with various levels of comfort and technology. For instance, their p5 model boasts a 10-inch profile and four inches of foam support while their i10 mattress features seven. Furthermore, both features use ThermaLux and Ergonomex foams which offer more breathability in cooler temperatures than traditional memory foam models and won't stiffen as quickly.

Performance series mattresses also boast great features, including an inbuilt sleep tracker and Responsive Air technology, which helps subtly adjust firmness as you sleep. You can also opt for a Flexfit adjustable base which allows you to raise or lower the head of your mattress as well as help reduce snoring.

Sleep Number mattresses fall into the luxury category and their prices are comparable with other high-end brands. A queen-size Sleep Number 360 pSE Smart Bed featuring adjustable base, underbed lighting and footwarming capabilities is priced at \$5,198.


De Rucci Mattress Store in Queens is an ideal destination to find a restful bed. This retailer carries an array of mattresses and bedding accessories - such as sheets, duvets and comforters - from top brands. Furthermore, its showroom displays carefully chosen items with themes. In addition, De Rucci provides top quality accessories at highly competitive prices.

Products imported from Europe and stocked by its stores offer a selection of top-rated brands. Furthermore, their beds are ergonomically designed to support your body while creating an ideal sleeping environment. Furthermore, there are multiple locations across North America as well as Australia to take advantage of this business model.

DeRucci offers an impressive product catalog, but does not carry children's mattresses. Instead, its mattresses are only available in king and queen sizes with depths ranging from 21cm to 30cm; additional bedroom furniture such as headboards and nightstands are also offered by this retailer.

DeRucci does not utilize social media as part of its promotional strategy; however, they have used outdoor advertisements depicting a man with an intense expression to market its brand. Many individuals have raised questions over these advertisements but many believe the campaign has been effective nonetheless.

The Sleep Loft Mattress Store & Showroom

Naturally, we like to think that The Sleep Loft is the best place to buy a mattress in NYC. However, where else can you find the best online mattresses, test them in person before buying them and get the best price? Not only does The Sleep Loft stock the best mattress brands, usually only available online, at our stores, you will also pay the lowest price possible for the same product you can find online.

NYC The Sleep Loft store front

The Sleep Loft specializes in training our employees to know the inventory inside and out. This allows them to go above and beyond when it comes to assisting customers. Our employees are not only knowledgeable about the mattresses in The Sleep Loft stores, they can also use that knowledge to assist customers in finding the perfect mattress based on their sleep position, body type, and more.

As an added bonus, The Sleep Loft makes replacing your mattress in the Big Apple simple by offering free delivery alternatives and white glove delivery services.

Inventory variety
At The Sleep Loft, you’ll find a variety of the most popular and best-selling mattresses that are usually only available online. Customers can test out popular mattresses in person before purchasing. The Sleep Loft’s innovative model combines both in-store and online shopping for a unique shopping experience. The Sleep Loft only stocks the best! Our inventory includes only the best-quality mattresses and other bedding products from the best brands. When you visit the best place to buy a mattress in NYC, you can ensure the selection of inventory will be satisfactory. At our NYC store, you will find brands like Nectar, Puffy, WinkBeds, and more to both test out and buy.

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