Ghostbed Mattress

Ghostbed Mattress Review

GhostBed, a brand from Nature's Sleep, has been around for years and helped revolutionize the industry with the 'mattress in a box' concept. GhostBed is their answer to the well-marketed and branded mattress industry, combining both latex and memory foam materials. Over the years, they've continued to innovate and launched their GhostBed Luxe, Ghostbed 3D Matrix and even a SmartBed -- higher end mattresses devoted to all-around comfort. With solid customer ratings and innovative mattress designs, this brand is definitely worth a second look.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.1/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.1/10

Price Value: 9/10

No Back Pain: 8.9/10

Price: $895-$11798

Trial Period: 101 Days

Ghostbed's Specifics

GhostBed offers seven mattresses: the GhostBed Classic, the GhostBed Luxe, Ghostbed Flex, the Ghostbed 3D Matrix®, the GhostBed SmartBed - 3D Matrix®, the GhostBed Natural, and their newest Venus Williams Legend mattress. The Classic and Luxe are all foam mattresses, while the Flex, 3D Matrix, and Natural are hybrid mattresses featuring pocket springs. The newer Venus Williams Legend mattress is the only model available in both an all foam and hybrid option, and the SmartBed - 3D Matrix features smart sensors and adjustable air chambers.

Quality of Materials

Ghostbed uses quality foam and latex in their mattresses, and also have patented proprietary gel polymer in their 3D Matrix mattress. Also, they include cooling gel infused memory foam and response foam in their mattresses as well. We'll go through all of their mattresses in more detail below. Here is what's inside the original GhostBed Classic:

Layer 1: The plush cover is a synthetic blend fabric that is stretchy and breathable.

Layer 2: A 1.5'' aerated latex foam layer is right under the cover. The aeration keeps things cool while the latex provides a nice bounce and resilience, while not being too firm.

Layer 3: The next layer is 2 inches of gel foam, which further helps with heat retention and provides pressure relief, which helps cut down on tossing and turning.

Layer 4: The last layer is the 7.5'' of support foam that is made to give comfortable resistance for the back and spine and keep the bed in the same shape for longer.

The GhostBed Luxe has many more layers devoted to cooling and comes at a much higher price point. Here is what's inside:

Layer 1: It all starts in the cover -- .5'' of plush Ghost Ice fabric that reacts to your body heat to provide a cooler sleep surface.

Layer 2: 1'' of gel memory foam adds to a contouring feel to the top layer.

Layer 3: A layer of cooling fiber helps with airflow to keep the top of the mattress comfortable.

Layer 4: A layer of proprietary Ghost Ice memory foam further helps to regulate heat and keep the mattress cool.

Layer 5: Next is 2'' of gel memory foam provides pressure relief while also drawing heat away from the body.

Layer 6: A 2'' layer of exclusive Ghost Bounce memory foam combines the countouring feeling of memory foam and the responsiveness of latex to provide the perfect balanced support.

Layer 7: Finally, the support core finishes things off by creating a durable and highly supportive layer in the bottom of the mattress.

Next, their Flex mattress features the inclusion of pocketed coil and deeper support. Here is what's inside the GhostBed Flex:

Layer 1: The quilted cover is made of a cooling fabric that is plush to the touch. The cover is woven into 1'' of cooling fiber that provides airflow.

Layer 2: 1'' of gel memory foam completes the top cover and provides sleepers with a contouring feel.

Layer 3: Next is 1'' of gel memory foam that brings relief to your pressure points while also providing support for proper spinal alignment.

Layer 4: A layer of exclusive Ghost Bounce memory foam provides sleepers with a balanced responsive feel while also being contouring to your body.

Layer 5: The support layer is individually wrapped coils that react independently to the body to support the spine.

Layer 6: Then there is a layer of high density foam that keeps the coils in place and provides durability on the base layer.

Their next mattress features a patented gel polymer that wisks away heat in a revolutionary way. Here is what's inside the Ghostbed 3D Matrix:

Layer 1: The Ghost Ice cover is supremely cooling. It wisks away heat from the body and works with the layers below to cool the body.

Layer 2: The 3D Matrix Polymer layer offers a patented approach on a common problem of sleeping too warm at night. Its gel polymer conducts heat away from the body while also removing heat that would be trapped within the mattress.

Layer 3: 2'' of gel memory foam contour around the body to relieve pressure while also relieving heat retention as well.

Layer 4: The next comfort layer is a Ghost Bounce Layer, which is super responsive like latex, which means you won't feel like you are sinking into your mattress. It also, further adapts to the body to relieve tension in your back and spine.

Layer 5: The Ghost 3D Matrix Soft Transition Foam layer provides a softer contour and feeling to the mattress, ideal for side sleeping and pressure pain relief. This layer gives the mattress a softer feel than their firmer offerings.

Layer 6: The support layer is an individually wrapped coil matrix, which has reinforced coils around the edge of the mattress so you won't slip too far down when you sit on the side of the bed. This layer is reinforced also by high density support foam beneath that provides structure and durability to the mattress and keeps the coils in place.

Up next, let's review the adjustable comfort of the Ghostbed SmartBed - 3D Matrix:

Layer 1: The Ghost Ice cover is keeps heat from the body for a cooling sleep surface.

Layer 2: The 3D Matrix Polymer further helps with cooling by conducting heat away from the body.

Layer 3: 2'' of gel memory foam relieves pressure and contours to your body. Underneath this is an additional 2'' of transitional foam that helps support the layers above and below.

Layer 4: Next is a layer of Smart Sensors which adjust to your body in real-time.

Layer 5: Adjustable air chambers help you personalize your side of the mattress to match your ideal comfort and support.

Layer 6: 2'' of high density support foam provides extra durability to this smart mattress.

Those looking for a GhostBed hybrid mattress featuring natural materials might be happy with the balance of the GhostBed Natural mattress -- lets check out what's inside:

Layer 1: The cover is made of organic cotton for a soft and clean surface.

Layer 2: A layer of natural wool helps to disperse body heat while also acting as a natural flame retardent.

Layer 3: 2'' of natural Talalay latex provides gently cradles your body while also providing a bouncy, responsive support that won't make you feel like you're sinking into the mattress.

Layer 4: The main support is 8'' of individually wrapped coils with a reinforced perimeter through their proprietary Spirited Edge™ support. The coils provide a springy support while also promoting airflow.

Layer 5: 1'' of Dunlop latex provides a durable base and support for the layers above.

Lastly, we'll take a look at GhostBed's newest mattress, available in both an all foam and hybrid option, the Venus Williams Legend mattress:

Layer 1: The Venus Performance Cover is made of REPREVE® fabric, a naturally cooling synthetic fabric made 25% recycled water bottles.

Layer 2: 2'' of gel memory foam that's infused with far infrared materials that help with muscle recovery and blood flow.

Layer 3: For this layer, the all foam mattress features 2'' of Ghost Bounce memory foam that provides a responsive yet contouring feel. The hybrid mattress features a 1.5'' transitional foam layer which helps to distribute weight and support the layers above.

Layer 4: For the foam version, the main support is 8'' premium foam that helps keep things durable and in place. The hybrid version features individually encased pocket coils with a Spirited Edge™ reinforced perimeter.

Layer 5: The hybrid mattress includes one last layer of high density base foam to provide additional support and durability.

Overall Comfort

Most find GhostBed's offerings to be comfortable with those who love them the best being back and stomach sleepers. For side sleepers, the best options are the Luxe and the newer 3D Matrix option.


GhostBed describes their offerings as being medium-firm with some finding the Original to be on the firmer side. This means that it is best for back and stomach sleepers. Most side sleepers find more comfort with the Luxe mattress and the 3D Matrix offering, which are closer to medium in feel.

Back Pain Relief

GhostBed's firmnesses are definitely in the range of back pain alleviating mattresses. There are some sleepers that describe alleviated back pain symptoms.


GhostBed's offerings were made with cooling in mind! Most sleepers should sleep cool on all of GhostBed's mattresses. For very warm sleepers, the 3D Matrix offering provides patented cooling tech that is perfect for those warm nights.

Who Are Ghostbed's Mattresses Right For?

The Original and the Flex are ideal for those that want plenty of support out of their mattress and are of average in body size. The Luxe and the Matrix are pricier options, but are softer and comparable to other high-end mattresses -- definitely worth a second look!