Helix Mattress

Helix Mattress Review

Helix is one of the most innovative companies in the mattress-in-a-box movement. As a leader during the industry disruption in the late 2010s, they were one of the first to offer customized mattresses with tailored firmness based on body type. Over the years, they developed 6 comfort designs to choose from (and thicker, Luxe versions). On top of that, their recent merger with Brooklyn Bedding means their mattresses are now made in Arizona. Whether you want to select for yourself or use their sleep quiz, Helix really puts a focus on delivering a quality mattress for every type of sleeper.

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10

Price Value: 9.4/10

No Back Pain: 9.4/10

Price: $936-$2873

Trial Period: 100 Days

Helix's Specifics

One of the nice things about Helix is that you can either select your mattress from their offerings if you know your sleeping style and preferences, or take their proprietary mattress matchmaker sleep quiz. What we love about this is that it doesn't constrict folks that just want to buy a mattress, but also makes it really easy to find what you need if you don't know. With both standard and Luxe versions across a wide array of firmness varieties, customers have good things to say about Helix's options overall.

Quality of Materials

After merging with Brooklyn Bedding at the end of 2021, Helix mattresses are now crafted in their Arizona based factory. This means that Helix can provide extra attention to detail to ensure quality manufacturing over competitors who outsource their manufacturing. Crafting their mattresses from start to finish, Helix can also provide additional value to customers.

In terms of materials, Helix uses quality materials, including their own proprietary blend of foams, like Helix Dynamic foam and Memory Plus foams, which provide a special blend of contour and responsiveness. For support, they use pocketed coils that cut down on motion transfer. We'll go through the differences between the standard Helix options and the Luxe versions in our full deep-dive below.

To begin with the standard Helix mattresses, each has a customized Helix foam layer based on the firmness of the mattress. Here are the detailed layers of their Standard Helix Mattresses:

Layer 1: The top layer is a stretch soft-touch cover that is soft and breathable, offering airflow to keep things cool.

Layer 2: This is where things differ for each mattress -- each mattress option comes with a layer of Memory Plus or Helix Dynamic Foam, but the firmness of this layer will change based on the mattress selection. Those that like more response and less contour will do best with the options that feature Helix Dynamic foam in the top layer.

Layer 3: A transitional foam layer offers pressure point relief, but a more supportive feel than the top layer. In the soft and medium-firmness options, this will be slightly firmer and provide a balanced feel.

Layer 4: The main support layer is made of hundreds of pocketed coils that adjust to your hips, shoulders, and spine individually. This provides a luxury feel with limited motion transfer.

Layer 5: The last layer is a base support and durability layer of DuraSense Foam, keeping the mattress in the right shape.

Next, we'll go through their higher end Helix Luxe Mattresses:

Layer 1: One of the big enhancements to the Luxe versions is the breathable premium pillow top layer with Tencel® technology to increase airflow and offer additional pressure relief. For an additional cost, you can also upgrade to their cooling GlacioTex hypoallergenic cover which helps to draw heat away from the body.

Layer 2: The second layer features Memory Plus foam, Gel Visco, or Helix Dynamic foam tailored to the firmness of the mattress selected. These foams are high density for added comfort and pressure relief, with the Helix Dynamic foam being more responsive than the other more contouring options.

Layer 3: To work with the pressure relieving layers above, a layer of Helix dynamic foam, gel visco, or Memory Plus foam both cushions and supports the spine with tailored firmness, working with the layers above.

Layer 4: A poly foam layer with additional support and pressure relieving properties acts as a transitional layer, working in conjunction with the firmness properties of the mattress model selected.

Layer 5: A zoned body shape pocket spring layer works with the spine's natural curves for enhanced lumbar support, especially beneficial to back and side sleeping.

Layer 6: The last layer is a base DuraDense Foam layer, which provides base structure and longevity to the mattress shape.

Overall Comfort

One of the things that Helix does a great job at is having something for everyone in terms of comfort and selection. Most reviewers describe the Helix's offerings as providing immediate comfort and delivering a quality mattress. Those that had issues also noted that they had pleasant experiences with Helix customer service.


Helix provides a variety of firmness options and have branded them with friendly names and color coding on the mattress to make it easy to know what you are getting. As you can see from the above chart, their mattresses feature a wide range of firmness options.

Back Pain Relief

Back pain relief comes most often with a relaxed spine that is cradled and supported. These mattresses can definitely do that and Helix's sleep quiz is a great way to find out which firmness option is best. The zoned support of the Luxe versions offer enhanced middle-spine support and pressure relief for hips and shoulders.


Overall, Helix should provide an airy experience for most sleepers. Those that sleep very warm or live in a hot environment may want something that focuses completely on cooling.

Who Are Helix Mattresses Perfect For?

Helix mattresses offer a well-rounded approach that provide quality sleep to most customers. Those that are happiest are those that rely on the sleep quiz or need support finding their perfect firmness.

Frequently Asked Questions About Helix

Are Helix mattresses good?

Most customers have good things to say about Helix mattresses overall with customers liking the wide array of firmness choices. Those that had problems mentioned issues with support over time and choosing the wrong firmness.

Does Helix mattress need a box spring?

No. Actually Helix mattresses do best without a box spring. Solid foundations are best or those with slats that are less than 5 inches apart.

How long does Helix mattress last?

Hybrid mattresses with pocketed coils generally last up to 10 years with regular rotating for average sized sleepers. However, there have been some complaints about sagging over a shorter duration for some sleepers.

Does Helix Mattress come in a box?

Helix mattresses are shipped in a box with free shipping via FedEx.

Is Helix Mattress toxic?

Helix mattresses are Oeko-Tex certified, which affirms they are free of harmful chemicals. The foams are CertiPUR-US® certified which is a low VOC (volatile organic compound) standard. Those with chemical sensitivities may require those with more rigorous certification.

What is the best Helix mattress?

The Helix Midnight is the most popular for its balanced pressure point relief, ideal for side sleepers. The Luxe version is the highest rated, but it all depends on individual body types, sleep position, and preferences.