What is the Biggest Mattress You Could Buy?

What is the Biggest Mattress You Could Buy? - TheSleepLoft
What is the Biggest Mattress You Could Buy? - TheSleepLoft
What is the Biggest Mattress You could buy

What is the Biggest Mattress You Could Buy?

Traditional mattress sizes include twin, full, queen, king and California king mattresses; however, sometimes one of these might not suffice - particularly for large families with kids and pets or couples who experience differing sleep needs and schedules. When this occurs, oversized mattresses can provide the solution.

An oversized mattress refers to mattresses larger than standard king or California king sizes. They are often made to order, which means you can tailor them specifically to fit your space and your personal preferences.

Selecting an oversized mattress depends on several factors, including bedroom space availability and budget constraints as well as personal comfort preferences. While larger mattresses tend to cost more, they can provide added support and comfort for those struggling with back pain or other sleep-related ailments.

Alaskan king mattresses measure 108" by 108", making it the largest available mattress. Ideal for large families that co-sleep with multiple children and pets or tall sleepers looking for extra room, these large-sized mattresses can only be found through specialty retailers and will likely cost much more than an average mattress.

Are You Searching for an Easy and More Economical Way to Upgrade to an Oversized Mattress? Consider Joining Two Small Mattresses Together Rather Than Separate Beds (Twin XL and Regular Queen). By joining them together you can create a super king mattress, which measures the same length but narrower than an Alaskan King mattress.

Wyoming king mattresses are the second-largest oversized mattresses on the market at 84 inches by 84 inches, almost equaling that of Texas king mattresses while only four inches narrower in width. Because of its perfectly symmetrical shape and large size, Wyoming kings can more easily fit in an average master bedroom than their Texas counterparts.

The Alberta king mattress stands at 96" by 96", similar to its Wyoming counterpart in that it only measures 10 inches wider and four inches shorter. Ideal for small spaces that don't offer enough floor space.

A California King mattress measures 76" by 80". This size matches up perfectly to an Alaskan King but comes in at 10 inches shorter and 8 inches narrower, making it suitable for bedrooms with limited storage but who want the benefits of an Alaskan King without needing as much room in their bedrooms for it. A california King may be purchased either online or from stores and foundations can often be custom ordered or built by companies selling these oversized mattress options if necessary. Be sure to measure your bedroom before purchasing an oversized mattress - be mindful that accessories may need to be custom ordered or even built by companies selling these oversized mattress options in order for everything to work optimally if possible!

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