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Awara Mattress Review

Meet Awara, maker of 2 pressure relieving latex hybrid mattresses, featuring a GreenGuard Gold certified design and a sustainable mission for a price point that comparatively carries much more value for its 10'' and 12'' thick mattresses than many other latex mattress companies. Whether you are sensitive to chemicals or enjoy the invigorating feel of latex, you can rest easy that your purchase is eco-conscious since Awara holds a certification with the Rainforest Alliance and a partnership with Trees For The Future that plants trees for every mattress purchased. With one firmer and one responsive soft feel, Awara brings a comfy sigh of relief to sleepers.


 +2.3x love it
 +1.7x quality feel
 3.1x energizing



Mattress Scores


Overall Score: 9.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.5/10

Price Value: 9.6/10

No Back Pain: 9.5/10

Price: $1099-$2099

Trial Period: 365 nights

Awara's Specifics

Awara offers 2 latex focused, hybrid mattresses that use natural dunlop latex. Latex is an all-natural foam material that is made from the rubber tree. With its naturally bouncy properties, it has a much more responsive feel versus memory foam. When it comes to overcoming chemical sensitivities and allergens, latex is much superior to synthetic foams, which is a big win for those who have sensitivities themselves or worry about the health of family members.

Awara has also focused on sustainability, a breath of fresh air to many consumers. With a partnership with Trees For The Future, trees are planted with the purchase of every mattress to support climate protection.


Quality of Materials

Awara uses high quality natural Dunlop latex in their mattresses, organic cotton, zoned coil systems, and other naturally sourced materials. We'll walk through each of their mattresses so that you can learn how each will work with your body.


First, here is what's inside the Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress:

New Zealand Wool Cover Layer: The first layer is a luxurious cover with New Zealand Wool. It features organic cotton and New Zealand wool in a quilted design for a cozy, soft touch that keeps things cool on the top layer. Naturally sourced cotton and organic wool together wick moisture, reduce bacteria and promote airflow.

Natural Dunlop Latex Layer: The first comfort layer is 2'' of breathable 100% natural dunlop latex. This Rainforest-certified latex layer is medium-firmness and contours to your curves while supporting pressure points and joints. Its feel is more responsive and firmer than memory foam, ideal for stomach and back sleeping.

Premium Coil Support Core: 8'' premium individually wrapped coils provide additional support for the spine. Also, this layer facilitates cooling breathability with plenty of airflow and helps with isolating motion, even if your partner tosses and turns.

Easy-Move Base Layer: This base layer is wrapped with a cotton blend cover. Also, there are 4 reinforced handles for easy moving, rotating, and lifting.


Next, the Awara Premier features more pressure relief with a sumptuous, pressure-relieving euro top. Here's is what's inside the Awara Premier Latex Hybrid:

Euro Top Layer: The plush euro top layer offers smooth organic cotton and cozy 100% organic New Zealand wool so you stay cool and dry as you sleep. This layer relieves pressure to the hips and shoulders, ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers.

Natural Dunlop Latex Layer: 4'' of rainforest alliance certified natural Dunlop latex offers a gentle, supportive feel that contours to your curves and supports pressure points and joints.

Premium Coil Support Core: Similar to the Luxury Hybrid, the Premier comes with 8'' premium individually wrapped coils that independently react to the spine, improve breathability, and reduce motion transfer, even if your partner tosses and turns.

Easy-Move Base Layer: Similar to the Luxury Hybrid, the base layer offers a cotton blend wrapped cover. Also, there are 4 reinforced handles for easy moving, rotating, and lifting.


Overall Comfort

Customers find the Awara mattresses exceptionally comfortable, with the Natural Luxury Hybrid being best for stomach and heavier sleepers that need more support. Side sleepers will do best with the pressure relieving euro-top. Happy customers describe a good mix of support and pressure relief, leading to longer sleep. With 10'' and 12'' heights and affordable entry prices, it offers high value for the money versus many other popular standard latex hybrid mattresses. What's more, when compared to the average mattress, Awara reviewers are +2.3x more likely to mention that they love their mattress*.



Awara mattresses are firmer than medium with the Luxury Hybrid being firmer and ideal for stomach sleepers. Side sleepers will do best with the Premier, which offers more contour while still having that subtle bounce that latex mattress sleepers love. For those used to memory foam, latex has a slightly different feel in its response and most would enjoy the pressure relief of the Premier.


Back Pain Relief

From the premium pocketed coils to the thick latex comfort layers, the Awara mattresses are great for sleepers in all positions with greater pressure relief in the Premier. The support coils increase support for the middle spine and facilitate greater pressure relief as the body shifts into different sleeping positions.



Latex naturally sleeps quite cool, and together with the airy coils and temperature regulating wool cover, most customers shouldn't have any issues with heat retention at night.


Who Are Awara Mattresses Right For?

With its high value for the price, universal comfort, thoughtful mission, and 365 night trial, Awara is a brand that anyone can get excited about: budget-conscious, environmentally-friendly, healthy, and cozy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Awara


Are Awara mattresses good?


The Awara mattress brand make highly rated natural mattresses with an eco-conscious mission. With natural Dunlop latex paired with contouring pocket coils, most customers love the firm yet gentle bounce back the Awara provides. Our review analysis finds that Awara customers are 2.3x more likely to mention that they love their mattress versus the average comparable mattress.


How firm is the Awara mattress?


The Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid has a firmer feel with a slight contour, ideal for stomach sleepers. The Awara Premier Latex Hybrid offers is closer to a medium in firmness with a balanced, supportive feel. Some sleepers may notice that natural latex in the Awara mattress provides a more supportive feel compared to synthetic memory foam which might feel softer.


Does the Awara mattress need a box spring?


No. The Awara mattresses work on almost all solid bed frames, which includes box springs, adjustable frames, slatted platforms and more.