Top 5 Sleep Shops in NYC

Top 5 Sleep Shops in NYC
Top 5 Sleep Shops in NYC

Top 5 Sleep Shops in NYC

Sleep quality depends heavily on having an appropriate mattress, so if yours doesn't meet expectations it might be time for an upgrade.

Casper Mattress now has physical stores. They feature their full lineup of mattresses, pillows and bed frames available through their website as well as offering generous return/exchange/trial policies.


After years of selling their mattresses exclusively online, Casper recently opened its first permanent retail store in New York's Noho neighborhood. This 3,000 square-foot space features testing stations and sleeping pods reminiscent of an elaborate science fair rather than traditional mattress store shelves.

Casper Sleep Shop joins an ever-increasing number of digitally native companies who are branching out into brick-and-mortar retail. While these brands already enjoy strong online brands, having physical locations allows them to capture demand from shoppers who prefer testing mattresses directly - as well as building brand identity through such stores.

Casper was founded with the purpose of making mattress shopping simpler, realizing shoppers weren't used to purchasing beds without seeing them first. Therefore, they initiated a trial period so customers could sleep on it before returning it and so that customers had ample opportunity to experience how comfortable and supportive its bed might be before returning it.

At first, the company even created an artificial one-bedroom apartment to give potential buyers hands-on experience with its mattresses. This proved effective, and soon enough there was an increasing stream of shoppers visiting its offices.

Casper Sleep Shop carries more than just mattresses; in addition to their mattress selections they carry bedding and other products as well as customization options, including home delivery for Casper Mattresses. Customers can select an ideal delivery date and get their Casper Mattress delivered right to their door!

The Clean Bedroom

Are You Committed to Living a Healthy Lifestyle? If you are, chances are good that you are already eating organic and natural food and using nontoxic household cleaners. Now it is time to step it up by creating a healthier environment in the room where you spend a third of your life: your bedroom. You will certainly appreciate doing this when sleeping on pillows made with naturally soothing materials such as goose down, cotton wool and natural latex mattresses or covers!

The Blu Dot Nook Bed is an attractive contemporary choice with six stylish colors (we like Edward's Tomato) that's easy to maintain and clean. Each wing forms an alcove that effectively blocks noise and light from entering your bedroom - perfect for light sleepers who rely on alcove sleeping environments. Furthermore, its durable textile upholstery is free from chemical flame retardants for optimal sleeping comfort.

An untidy bedroom can add stress and prevent sleep. So ensure your sacred space is tidy. Start by clearing away items that do not belong in your bedroom, such as toys. Wipe down surfaces such as tables tops and legs of chairs as well as dressers/nightstands/headboards before starting with this process.

Craig’s Beds

The Craig Bed is a padded enclosure designed to offer a safe sleeping environment for those suffering from traumatic brain injuries, Huntington's Disease, Cerebral Palsy or Angelman Syndrome. Consisting of four connected padded walls connected by straps which form an enclosure around an individual and help reduce injuries from flailing and thrashing, it is easily transportable and can be utilized across various settings.

The mattress store offers an impressive selection of mattresses from top manufacturers. Their mattresses span firmness levels and styles including memory foam and hybrid models. Their website even allows customers to take a quiz that matches them with the perfect mattress based on their specific needs, and offers an exchange and return policy on all products sold there.

Manhattan, the City that Never Sleeps, boasts many great mattress stores - each of which means different things for different shoppers. Some prioritize price, convenience or quality while others primarily consider customer experience when making their decision. Whatever your priorities may be there's bound to be a store in Manhattan with what suits you perfectly; here are a few tips for selecting one of them.

Sleep Number

Sleep Number is your one-stop shop for mattresses, pillows and accessories. Their classic, performance and innovation series feature various options; in addition they sell memory foam and adjustable beds as well. Their family-owned business provides exceptional customer service.

Sleep Number beds are designed to meet individual preferences and support needs, including their SleepIQ technology introduced in 2014. Users can easily track their sleeping habits to get personalized insights. All Sleep Number beds feature this technology as can pair it with an optional Flexfit adjustable base which raises and lowers head/foot sections, provides massage features, under-bed lighting options or can even add features like massage.

Sleep Number offers an excellent 100-night trial period to evaluate their mattresses for fit and comfort, but customers will incur shipping and handling fees should they wish to return it if it doesn't suit them. Their warranty will cover repairs during its first year but then requires them to pay a percentage of any repairs or replacement costs; before purchasing one it's wise to read their policy and warranty carefully in order to make an informed decision.

The Sleep Loft Mattress Store & Showroom

Naturally, we like to think that The Sleep Loft is the best place to buy a mattress in NYC. However, where else can you find the best online mattresses, test them in person before buying them and get the best price? Not only does The Sleep Loft stock the best mattress brands, usually only available online, at our stores, you will also pay the lowest price possible for the same product you can find online.

NYC The Sleep Loft store front

The Sleep Loft specializes in training our employees to know the inventory inside and out. This allows them to go above and beyond when it comes to assisting customers. Our employees are not only knowledgeable about the mattresses in The Sleep Loft stores, they can also use that knowledge to assist customers in finding the perfect mattress based on their sleep position, body type, and more.

As an added bonus, The Sleep Loft makes replacing your mattress in the Big Apple simple by offering free delivery alternatives and white glove delivery services.

Inventory variety
At The Sleep Loft, you’ll find a variety of the most popular and best-selling mattresses that are usually only available online. Customers can test out popular mattresses in person before purchasing. The Sleep Loft’s innovative model combines both in-store and online shopping for a unique shopping experience. The Sleep Loft only stocks the best! Our inventory includes only the best-quality mattresses and other bedding products from the best brands. When you visit the best place to buy a mattress in NYC, you can ensure the selection of inventory will be satisfactory. At our NYC store, you will find brands like Nectar, Puffy, WinkBeds, and more to both test out and buy.

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