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Well you could just risk your next night sleep, and buy your new mattress online. But if you are serious about getting a good night rest, please come and try it before you buy it!
Helix is one of the most innovative companies in the mattress-in-a-box movement. As a leader during the industry disruption in the late 2010s, they were one of the first to offer customized mattresses with tailored firmness based on body type. Over the years, they developed 6 comfort designs to choose from (and thicker, Luxe versions).
Whether you want to select for yourself or use their sleep quiz, Helix really puts a focus on delivering a quality mattress for every type of sleeper.
The Sleep Loft Showroom in New York City is ready for you to try your favorite online beds before you buy. Conveniently located in NYC & NJ. Our mattress store offers a large, comfortable space with ample parking and an easy to find, convenient location.


We believe that all mattresses feel differently to different people . This is why we recommend trying out the top rated Helix mattress brand in person at our mattress showrooms, conveniently located near you. Now, you never second-guess whether you made the right investment in your sleep — Try It Before You Buy It Online!

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About Helix Sleep Mattress Brand

Helix Sleep offers an array of online mattresses. Focused on hybrid style beds that offer a large array of comfort levels to ensure every sleeper’s needs are met. Between their classic Helix mattress, their upgraded Helix Luxe and their natural option, the Birch, they have everyone covered. As well as bedding accessories to compliment each mattress and outfit your bedroom from top to bottom.

What are the different mattresses that Helix offers?

Helix Sleep offers three mattress models:
Original Helix Mattress — Classic 12″ Hybrid Mattress (6 Comfort Options)
Helix Luxe Mattress — Upgraded 14″ Hybrid Mattress (6 Comfort Options)
Helix Elite Mattress — Premium 15″ Hybrid Mattress (6 Comfort Options)

How is Helix Sleep difference from other online mattress brands?

Helix mattress doesn’t think that their is one universal mattress that is best for everyone. They see the benefit in offering a variety of options to find a bed that best suites your needs. This has been their distinguishing factor since day 1. They want every Helix mattress shopper to feel like their bed was made just for them.

Are the Helix beds cool mattresses?

When it comes to the benefits of the Helix mattresses you’ll surely be happy to hear that all three Helix beds do a good job of offering a cool bed. Each mattress not only has a coil system that is great for heat reduction, but the foams and materials that comprise each mattress offer other cooling benefits too. If you are a truly hot sleeper we suggest looking into the Helix Luxe or Birch for the coolest mattress by Helix.

How many mattress comfort options does Helix offer?

Both the Helix original and Helix Luxe mattress offer 6 comfort levels. Though the mattresses are slightly different in build and materials, the comfort levels will fall around the same place on a firmness scale. They also have the same names.

Helix Standard, Helix Luxe & Helix Elite Comfort Options:

Sunset – Soft Feel for Side Sleepers
Moonlight – Soft Feel for Back & Stomach Sleepers
Midnight Luxe & Original – Medium Feel for Side Sleepers
Dusk – Medium Feel for Back & Stomach Sleepers
Dawn – Firm Feel for Side Sleepers
Twilight – Firm Feel for Back & Stomach Sleepers

How much do the Helix mattresses cost?

The Helix mattresses range in price. With the least expensive option being the original Helix. The next expensive is the Birch and the premium Helix Luxe is the most expensive. All of these mattresses offer a great value and are worth every penny.

The Helix Delivery Process
If I try the Helix mattresses in store will I still get a 100 night sleep trial and free delivery?

Absolutely! Even if you try a mattress at Our Sleep Guide you will still get the full Helix Sleep trial period, warranty and free delivery that comes with each of their mattresses.

What is the delivery policy for Helix Sleep?

Helix mattresses are shipped from different warehouses across the US. They will arrive at your doorstep via Fed-Ex Ground with free shipping roughly 3-10 business days after placing your order. They will arrive in a 16″ x 16″ x 48″ box that will range between 50lbs – 130lbs.

Does this mattress brand offer Mattress Removal services?

Currently Helix does not offer white glove delivery or old mattress removal services.

Does Helix offer financing?
Yes. Helix offers you convenient financing options on your new mattress purchase.

What is Helix Sleep’s return and refund policy?

Helix offers you a full refund on the cost of your mattress. This request must be made between the 30th and 100th day of your sleep trial. Once your refund is processed you will see the full amount show up between 5-7 days to your original form of payment.

Helix Mattress Stores In NYC & NJ

Looking for a Helix mattress store in NYC & NJ? Then you’re in luck! The Sleep Loft Mattress Store in NYC and NJ carries a full line up of Helix and Helix Luxe mattresses.

Helix Sleep and The Sleep Loft have partnered together to bring you an ideal showroom space that allows you to try your favorite online brands before you buy. Come into The Best mattress store for Helix mattresses.

At The Sleep Loft we love the large variety of mattresses Helix offers. Finding the perfect fit for every budget, need and sleeper. Though Helix does a great job of offering something for everyone. Even to the point of helping you navigate choices with their sleep quiz, it still sure would be nice to try one first hand. Knowing whether or not the original Helix, Helix Luxe or premium Helix Elite is more ideal for you is even a great start.

Which is why Helix has partnered with The Sleep Loft to make this idea a possibility. By allowing you to try out a large array of Helix mattresses yourself will give you that much more buying power. And assurance that you are choosing the right bed. Which means years of better sleep. Not only that but The Sleep Loft Experts are trained to help you find the best fit and make sure you get the best price. With exclusive coupons and savings. As well as the best customer experience from start to finish.

Helix Sleep and The Sleep Loft are excited to to showcase both the original Helix, Helix Luxe mattresses and even the Birch by Helix for in-store testing.