Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review

Brooklyn Bedding is a quality-focused mattress maker that produces a variety of mattresses with different firmness options. Manufacturing all of their mattresses in their own Arizona based factory, Brooklyn Bedding is able to pass on competitive prices and value to their customers. Also, read about their specialty brands: ultra-firm Plank Mattress, plus-size friendly Titan Mattress, latex Bloom Mattress, and eco-friendly Ecosleep.


 +3.4x back pain relief
 +2x side sleeping
 +1.5x soft comfort

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10

Price Value: 9.5/10

No Back Pain: 9.5/10

Price: $274-$2899

Trial Period: 120 days

Brooklyn Bedding's Specifics

Brooklyn Bedding is one of the most interesting online mattress brands. They have built an end-to-end mattress solution that includes their own factory, multiple brands, and options that fit the needs of most everyone. Watching how much they have innovated over the years to bring customers more of what they like, we think they are a major contender in the space!

Quality of Materials

Want to see what quality manufacturing looks like? Brooklyn Bedding has its own beautiful factory (shown above) and builds its own mattresses end to end using their years of industry experience. This is revolutionary in the mattress in the box industry where most outsource their manufacturing to other companies. It means that Brooklyn Bedding provides more value and attention to detail to their mattresses than others. You'll expect higher quality out of their mattresses.

Brooklyn Bedding makes a variety of different mattresses that they either sell directly on their site or through subsidiary brands. Using their own brand, they sell: the affordable Dreamfoam Essential, the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid - #BestMattressEver, the higher end Brooklyn Aurora Luxe Cooling, the luxury Brooklyn Sedona Elite, the natural and eco-friendly Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid, and the athlete focused Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid.

We'll go through each in detail to give you an idea what might work for your budget and your unique body. Here is what's in their low-priced Dreamfoam Essential:

The Dreamfoam Essential comes in a 6'', 8'', 10'', 12'' and 14'' thick models. Here, it's important to keep in mind that the thicker models will be increasingly softer and more expensive, while the thinner options will be much firmer and lower priced. Here is what's inside the different Dreamfoam Essential mattress models.

6'' and 8'' models: These mattresses both feature 2 layers. At the top is a 2'' thick layer of gel swirl memory foam which provides added cooling benefits. Next is the base layer of either 4'' or 6'' of high-density foundation foam which helps to stabilize the mattress. Due to their thin profile, these mattresses sleep firm.

10'' model: The slightly thicker 10'' model also features 2 layers -- 2.5'' of gel swirl memory foam with a 7.5'' base of high-density foundation foam. This mattress will feel more medium-firm, especially when compared to the firm, thinner profile mattresses.

12'' and 14'' models: The 12'' and 14'' models both feature 3 layers, with a top layer of gel swirl memory foam and a base layer of high-density foundation foam. What sets the 12'' and 14'' models apart is the thickness in the top and middle layer of premium VariFlex™ transition foam, which adds additional contouring and a gentler transition between the top and base layers. The 12'' and 14'' models sleep medium to soft-medium.

The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid was Brooklyn Bedding's original mattress, which has won acclaim from sleepers. With an updated design that now has pocketed coils and 3 firmness options, this mattress is sure to excite the most discerning sleepers. Here is what's inside their all-around comfortable Brooklyn Signature Hybrid (also known under the hashtag #BestMattressEver):

Layer 1: A premium quilted top cover layer provides breathability on the surface.

Layer 2: Depending on the firmness level, 1'' or 1.5'' of premium hyper-elastic memory foam contours to your body while remaining responsive.

Layer 3: Next is a layer of VariFlex™ transition foam which will provide deeper support and compression for the soft and medium firm mattresses and a traditional firm feel for the firmer mattress option.

Layer 4: 8'' of Ascension® pocketed coils independently react seamlessly to movement, keeping you well supported in any position. This layer also includes high-caliber Ascension® perimeter coils that contributes to greater edge support.

Layer 5: At the bottom is a layer of high-density base foam which adds to the mattress durability.

Here is what makes up their higher-end Brooklyn Aurora Luxe Cooling, which also comes with 3 firmness choices and an added pillow top option:

Layer 1: The first layer is the knit cover that is infused with GlacioTex™ cooling material, which is made for hot sleepers in mind.

Layer 2: 1.5'' of patented CopperFlex™ foam helps to draw away excess heat from the body while also promoting an antibacterial sleep environment.

Layer 3: Depending on the firmness level, either a soft/medium/firm layer of premium memory foam provides responsive support.

Layer 4: For the soft/medium options, this layer contains 1'' of gel swirl memory foam for additional pressure point relief. The firm version has 1.5'' of VariFlex™ transitional foam which helps to ensure a traditional firm feel.

Layer 5: 8'' of Ascension® pocketed coils (over 1,000 coils in all) provide even support to your hips, shoulders, and spine while being gentle on pressure points and decreasing partner disturbance.

Layer 6: .75'' of base foam finishes things off to keep the bottom of the mattress supported.

Next, let's look inside their luxurious Brooklyn Sedona Elite:

Layer 1: The top cover is made of a knitted fabric woven with advanced Glaciotex+ cooling yarns that draw heat away from the body.

Layer 2: 1.5'' of patented copper infused foam further cools while seamlessly adapting to the body and soothing pressure points.

Layer 3: 2.5'' of micro-pocketed coils further adapt to the body while alleviating partner disturbance completely. With over 6,000 coils, this layer also facilitates airflow through the mattress for better temperature regulation.

Layer 4: 1.5'' of hyper-dense, transitional foam provides the deepest level of compression support.

Layer 5: 8'' of Ascension® pocketed coils (over 1,000 coils in all) support the spine, while working with the layers above for supreme pressure point relief and motion isolation.

Layer 6: The last layer is 1'' of high density foam that provides a base support layer to the mattress.

Next, here is what's inside their eco-conscious 11" or 14" Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid:

Layer 1: 1.25'' or 2'' plush cover layer is quilted, sustainably sourced Joma Wool™ and organic cotton that makes for a moisture wicking and breathable Eurotop cover.

Layer 2: 1.5'' or 3'' of Talalay latex provides a responsive lift while still melting away pressure points, hips, and shoulders. It is Oeko-Tex class 1 certified so it is high grade and safe.

Layer 3: For the 11'' design, there is a 1'' transitional foam layer followed by 6'' of individually encased Ascension X® pocketed coils. Alternatively, the 14'' version offers 8'' Ascenscion® individually wrapped coils that offer superior support throughout the body, while cutting down on motion transfer.

Layer 4: 1'' of high-density base foam at the bottom of the mattress adds to its durability.

Lastly, we'll look at what's inside the muscle and joint relaxing Brooklyn Spartan Hybrid, which comes with 3 firmness options:

Layer 1: The top cover layer is made of an elite performance fabric that utilizes Far Infrared Rays (FIR) technology to transform your body's heat into energy that is reflected back to you to enhance faster recovery and promote quality sleep.

Layer 2: 1.5'' of patented CopperFlex™ foam helps to draw away excess heat from the body while also promoting an antibacterial sleep environment.

Layer 3: 1.5'' or 2'' of hyper-elastic premium memory foam, which is customized to the firmness option chosen, provides responsive support that adjusts to your body.

Layer 4: For the soft/medium options, this layer contains 1'' of gel swirl memory foam for additional pressure point relief. The firm version has 1.5'' of VariFlex™ transitional foam which helps to ensure a traditional firm feel.

Layer 5: 8'' of Ascension® individually encased coils deliver spine support, pressure point relief, and dissolve away motion transfer so you stay asleep longer.

Layer 6: The last layer is a .75'' high-density foam layer that helps with base durability and structure.

Overall Comfort

Brooklyn Bedding has taken comfort seriously and this is shown in their devotion to their customers by testing and launching new products. Since they own the end-to-end mattress making process, they have been able to adjust products based on the feedback received by customers. This has meant more happy customers!


Brooklyn Bedding provides multiple different firmness options. Take a look at the scale above. For those that are stomach sleepers, you'll likely want to aim for something firmer. Those that are smaller may want a softer mattress, while larger sleepers will want something firmer. For those that are back or side sleepers, average sized folks should look for something medium firm. Specifically when it comes to side sleeping, Brooklyn Bedding reviewers are actually 2x more likely to mention a positive experience side sleeping* versus the average comparable mattress.

Back Pain

There are numerous reports from customers that Brooklyn Bedding products help with back pain. Our own review analysis shows that Brooklyn Bedding reviewers are over +3x more likely to mention pain relief than the average comparable mattress. For those that suffer from pain from working out, the Spartan mattress is a great option due to the specialty materials that are contained.


Brooklyn Bedding has taken cooling seriously in all their mattresses. The Spartan and Aurora Luxe Cooling have added specialty materials that focus on cooling specifically for those that sleep very hot.

Who Are Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses Right For?

Because of the wealth of options and high customer satisfaction scores, Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are great mattresses for just about anyone. If you don't know which to get, chat with one of their helpful service people!