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The Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa is a popular mattress company that started with its flagship Leesa mattress with three layers of foam. Over the years, they have expanded to serve those looking for superior support and comfort. Their Leesa Sapira Hybrid, Leesa Legend, and their newest Original Hybrid mattresses offer a combination of both supportive foam and pocket springs. They also offer a budget option, Studio by Leesa, which offers a sleek all-foam design. Their mattresses are well loved by many customers and they have a positive company mission, donating 1 out of 10 mattresses to non-profits who help the disadvantaged.
 +1.5x back support
 +1.4x love it
 +/- firmness
Mattress Scores
Overall Score: 9.1/10
Customer Satisfaction: 9.1/10
Price Value: 9/10
No Back Pain: 9.1/10
Price: $549-$2699
Trial Period: 100 Nights
Leesa's Specifics
Leesa is a socially conscious company on a mission to bring better sleep to the world. As a trendsetter in the mattress-in-a-box revolution, they have kept innovating on their original success with new mattress designs and product offerings. Their all-foam Leesa mattress offers a cooling, contouring sleep, while their Leesa Original Hybrid and Leesa Sapira Hybrid offer more supportive feels with pocketed coils. Their luxury Leesa Legend mattress features micro-coils and more luscious comfort layers for those looking for a contouring, cloud-like surface. Lastly, their Studio by Leesa is an all foam option offered at a lower price.
Quality of Materials
Leesa has always focused on providing competitively priced mattress offerings versus the name-brand competition. With an eye for design and by investing in durable foams, their vigorous testing ensures well-rounded mattresses that most customers love.
Below, we'll go through each of Leesa's mattresses, discussing the ins and outs of their designs.
First, here is what's inside their Leesa Original Mattress:
Layer 1: The woven polyester/lycra (a high quality material commonly used in sports clothing) blend cover is one high quality piece of material that is soft, moisture wicking, and stretchy. It is thicker than most, but still offers plenty of airflow.
Layer 2: 2'' of cooling foam that is highly breathable and cooling. It is more responsive than memory foam and doesn't trap heat.
Layer 3: 2'' of contouring memory foam that relieves pressure points and contours around the body doesn't trap you. This layer helps cradle the spine and transition the support below.
Layer 4: The bottom layer is 6'' of core support base foam that gives the mattress shape and also support for the spine.
The newest offering offers a firmer and more supportive feel. Learn what's inside their Original Hybrid:
Layer 1: The Original Hybrid starts with their stretch knit cover that provides a soft touch and a moisture wicking barrier.
Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a high density memory foam layer with a slight contour. This layer provides some slow response, but isn't too soft for sleepers to sink in.
Layer 3: The second comfort layer is a high airflow foam that offers a responsive feel for a subtle bounce. This layer works with the layer above for a balanced and supportive feel.
Layer 4: The last layer is a matrix of 789+ active response pocketed coils that is reinforced with firmer coils along the edge of the mattress. These coils independently react to the body's curves for extra support.
For those that are looking for a higher end feel with a bit more pressure relief than the Original Hybrid, learn what's inside their Leesa Sapira Hybrid:
Layer 1: The Sapira Hybrid cover is a stretch soft knit that offers a luxurious and moisture wicking top layer.
Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a perforated responsive, but pressure relieving foam. This is similar to a softer latex layer in its responsiveness, though it is synthetic.
Layer 3: The memory foam comfort layer beneath provides added contour and pressure relief. The mattress will subtly adjust to the body's curves while still feeling perfectly supported.
Layer 4: The last layer is 1000+ pocketed coils that are encased on the top and bottom by a slim layer of high density foam, which keeps the coils in place. The coils themselves provide independent response and support for the spine without aggravating pressure points. This even support is well-rounded according to customers, but is quite firmer versus the Leesa Original.
Those that find the Leesa Hybrid too firm, but want something more luxurious than the original Leesa will do well with this next offering. Here is what's inside the Leesa Legend Mattress:
Layer 1: The Legend cover is completely different than the other two offerings, with hypoallergenic organic cotton and merino wool. This cover is made from recycled material for a sustainable and luxurious top layer.
Layer 2: The first comfort layer is perforated foam that offers a subtle bounce and responsive hug to the body. With the layers below, these top layers feel significantly softer than the Leesa Hybrid
Layer 3: The following comfort layer is a memory foam layer that melts away pressure points while contouring to the body.
Layer 4: For added cloud-like fluffiness that works to relieve pressure while also reinforcing the body's natural alignment, there is a micro-pocket spring and foam layer that provides targeted relief to the hips and shoulders and eliminates motion transfer for a sounder sleep.
Layer 5: The support layer is 1000+ pocket springs that provide solid support to the spine while also reacting to the body to relief tension.
For shoppers who want a Leesa mattress at a low price, the new Studio by Leesa mattress may be what they're looking for -- here's what's inside:
Layer 1: Their signature, breathable, stretch knit cover is offered in blue color for the Studio by Leesa mattress.
Layer 2: 1.5'' of contouring memory foam that's responsive to the body and yet remains breathable. This memory foam layer differs from their Original Leesa mattress in that it's slightly less dense and less thick.
Layer 3: 1.5'' of transitional foam helps to relieve pressure. Again, this layer differs from the Original Leesa Mattress in that it's a bit less dense and less thick.
Layer 4: The bottom layer is 7'' of the same core support foam base that's offered in the Original Leesa mattress.
Overall Comfort
The Leesa mattresses are very comfortable overall with a good blend of firmness options. That said, there are some legacy complaints about heat retention for some sleepers and also firmness disagreements. Overall, however, these are mostly one-off and this brand gets very solid customer service reviews.
While the Original Leesa Mattress, Studio by Leesa, and the Leesa Legend mattresses are softer to the touch, the Leesa Original Hybrid and Sapira Hybrid are firmer and more supportive. Most customers like their Leesa mattresses, but they are best suited for slimmer and average sized sleepers (especially the Original and Legend).
Back Pain Relief
These mattresses do well to compliment the body and relieve common discomfort associated with a poor mattress. However, be conscious of the firmness options to select a mattress that works with your body.
Leesa has listened to its customers and adjusted its top layers to have even more cooling. Most customers will feel that these mattresses sleep plenty cool for them. Folks in warm climates or sleep very warm may desire something more specialized.
Who Are Leesa Mattresses Right For?
These mattresses are great all-around mattresses for those that are medium-sized and side or back sleepers. While most find what they are looking for, prices for some options may be a bit beyond the everyday budget shopper.
Frequently Asked Questions About Leesa
Is Leesa mattress worth it?
It depends. The Leesa offerings are less expensive than in-store name-brands, but pricier than discount online brands. In terms of experiences, most customers have good things to say about their purchases with some disagreements about heat retention and firmness in some cases.
Do you need a box spring for a Leesa mattress?
No. Leesa mattresses do best with solid foundations with slats that are 5 inches or less apart.
Is Leesa mattress toxic?
All foams in Leesa's mattresses are CertiPUR-US® approved, which is a low VOC (volatile organic compound) standard. Those with severe chemical sensitivities may require those with more rigorous certification.
How long does the Leesa mattress last?
Most all foam mattresses last between 5 to 7 years and coil mattresses generally last 7 to 12 years. While these numbers are averages and are dependent on time spent on the mattress and body weight, most Leesa customers have good things to say about longevity.


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