Winkbeds Mattress

Winkbeds Mattress Review

WinkBeds got its start manufacturing factory-direct luxury hybrid mattresses made in the US to compete with the luxury showroom market. They have innovated through the years and now include both a luxury-style all-foam and latex hybrid mattress in addition to their classic hybrid. With both reviewers and customers appreciating the quality of their mattresses, WinkBeds is a top brand to consider on your mattress search.


 +2x side sleeping
 +2x soft support
 +1.7x better comfort

Mattress Scores

Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.4/10

Price Value: 9.4/10

No Back Pain: 9.3/10

Price: $1149-$2399

Trial Period: 101 Days

Winkbeds's Specifics

WinkBeds started their business crafting one high-end hybrid mattress in a box, which won wide acclaim from mattress reviewers and customers alike. Since then, they have expanded their offerings to include the Eco-Cloud hybrid featuring Talalay latex as well as the all-foam GravityLux.

We'll go through each of their offerings below to discuss what's inside and what customers really say about their comfort.

Quality of Materials

WinkBeds has three different mattresses, their original WinkBed, the GravityLux, and the EcoCloud.

First, we'll go through the most popular option, which is the 13.5'' tall original WinkBed:

Their hybrid mattress is made with their proprietary blend of foams and array of luxury pocket coils. They also have 4 firmness options for sleepers including a Plus option for those that weigh over 300lbs. Here is what's hiding inside:

Layer 1: The Tencel cover keeps things cool and wicks away moisture.

Layer 2: Next are two layers of gel infused memory foam that provide softness and a pillow top feel to the bed while helping to ease muscle tension. (The soft version gets another 1'' of super soft foam.)

Layer 3: Small micro-pocketed coils provide superior edge support and response across the mattress.

Layer 4: Another layer of memory foam that provides additional support and separates the two coil systems.

Layer 5: Larger pocket coils to add support. (The firm version has firmer tempered coils for added support for those that need it).

Layer 6: All of this is wrapped with WinkBeds perimeter support that provides extra edge support to the bed.

Next, we'll go through what's inside the 11'' GravityLux Mattress, which comes in 3 different firmness options:

Layer 1: Similar to the original WinkBed, the GravityLux comes with Tencel® cover. This cover is tufted with 2'' of premium cooling gel foam for extra pressure relief. Depending on the firmness selected, this layer is either 2 layers thick or 3 layers thick.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is a generous layer of AirCell™ memory foam that provides pressure relief, cooling, shock absorption, and eliminates partner disturbance.

Layer 3: Beneath, there is a zoned progression foam layer that provides firmer support for the middle spine and pressure relief for the hips / shoulders. This is a high end feature that is commonly found only in higher end foam mattresses.

Layer 4: Lastly, a layer of Atlas Core™ Foam is customized for the firmness level of the mattress selected to increase durability and lasting comfort.

Lastly, here is what's inside the 12.5'' EcoCloud Latex Hybrid Mattress:

Unlike the other two mattress options by WinkBeds, the EcoCloud option only features one firmness option, which offers a medium-firm profile.

Layer 1: The top cover is made of organic cotton and sustainable New Zealand wool which helps to regulate temperature and keeps the surface cool to the touch.

Layer 2: The first comfort layer is 4'' of Talalay latex, which has been zoned for more support for the lumbar region, and more pressure relief for the hips and shoulders.

Layer 3: The pocketed spring system below is also zoned for extra firmness for the middle spine and better pressure relief for the tender areas.

Layer 4: These springs are also reinforced along the sides by the Extra-Edge™ anti-sag support system, which is the innerspring support core that is firmer along the sides.

Overall Comfort

When it comes to popularity, most WinkBeds customers prefer the original WinkBeds hybrid mattress. However, for those that prefer the all-natural take of the EcoCloud or the all-foam design of the GravityLux, most customers have great things to say about these mattresses initial and long-term comfort. Overall, these mattresses seem to do particularly well for side sleepers, with WinkBeds reviewers 2x more likely to mention a positive experience with side sleeping* versus the average comparable mattress.


The original WinkBed has four different firmness options (including their 'Plus' option for plus-sized folks), while the GravityLux has 3 options, and the EcoCloud has 1 firmness variety. Most customers can find something that is suitable for them -- with the soft version being ideal for slimmer side-sleepers, while the firmer options are ideal for stomach sleepers and larger body types. When compared to the average mattress, WinkBeds reviewers are 2x more likely to mention being happy with the softness of their mattress.

Back Pain Relief

WinkBeds gets many positive reviews about back pain alleviation with the biggest complaint being those that made a mistake of which firmness they purchased.


Overall, most customers found the WinkBeds mattresses to provide a good amount of cooling. Some who live in a very warm climate and sleep especially warm may need something more specialized.

Who Are WinkBeds Mattresses Right For?

WinkBeds mattresses are ideal for those that are looking for a more value-driven luxury mattress feel. With reports of great customer service experiences and easy returns, WinkBeds are a top brand to consider.