Plushbeds Mattress

Plushbeds Mattress Review

PlushBeds is a manufacturer & retailer of luxury organic mattresses. They are certified organic, going through the rigorous process of having their source materials, factory and products certified GOTS and GOLS organic. Also, their mattresses are GreenGuard Gold certifiedpassing strict tests against offgassing harmful compounds or allergens, ideal for those with chemical sensitivities. Their luxury organic mattresses include the luxury Organic Latex Mattress, organic Hybrid Latex Mattress, a Vegan Mattress, competitively priced Eco Mattress, and their new organic Pillowtop Mattress.


 +2x back pain relief
 +1.8x price value
 +1.8x better allergies



Mattress Scores


Overall Score: 9.4/10

Customer Satisfaction: 9.3/10

Price Value: 9.2/10

No Back Pain: 9.4/10

Price: $2149-$4598

Trial Period: 100 Days

Plushbeds's Specifics

PlushBeds is one of the online leaders in selling latex and natural mattresses. Their most popular mattresses are latex foam and latex hybrid mattresses. Their latex Botanical Bliss, Natural Bliss, Luxury Bliss, and Eco Bliss mattresses have won accolades from customers that look for high quality natural mattresses.


Quality of Materials

PlushBeds claim to fame is their latex line of mattresses that feature GOLS, GOTS, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and GreenGuard Gold certifications. These standards are essential for those that have chemical sensitivities and are looking for the highest quality in textiles and latex materials.

In addition to the high quality latex mattresses, they also have certified memory foam varieties to choose from too. These mattresses are also competitive with available memory foam options and some include high quality latex foams as well.


Highest Rated Mattresses

PlushBeds sells a variety of mattress models on their online storefront, but we are going to go through their most popular, highest-rated latex varieties.

Here is what's inside their Botanical Bliss® - Organic Latex Mattress:

Layer 1: The top layer is GOTS certified organic cotton cover. It is all natural and breathable to help promote air flow.

Layer 2: Next up, a layer of GOTS certified organic wool keeps things breathable while also regulating temperature and providing a pillowy support. A GOTS certified organic cotton panel helps keep this wool layer in place.

Layer 3: GOTS certified organic Dunlop latex is customized to the height and firmness level selected at checkout. The options range from medium to firm, with mattress thickness options being 9'', 10'' and 12''. These layers provide superior support while also helping relieve pressure points.

Layer 4: For enhanced durability, the base of the mattress is made of an extra dense organic latex core. This talalay latex helps to provide back support while also relieving pressure.

Their next mattress is animal-free and vegan and available in 8'', 10'', and 12'' thickness options. Here are the details for the Natural Bliss® - Natural Latex Mattress:

Layer 1: The top layer is GOTS certified organic cotton cover. It is all natural, has stretch, and does well breathing.

Layer 2: A layer of natural talalay latex provides sleepers with a bouncey, well-balanced sleep surface. The natural latex helps gently relieves pressure while remaining comfortable and supportive.

Layer 3: Depending on the selected thickness of mattress, differing layers of GOLS certified Arpico organic latex make up the main core and base of the Natural Bliss mattress, offering sleepers support and proper spinal alignment.

Next up is their high-end latex hybrid that features pocketed coils and additional support. Here are the details for the 12'' Luxury Bliss® - Organic Hybrid Latex Mattress:

Layer 1: The top layer is GOTS certified organic cotton cover that is stretched, not woven. It breathes well and is soft.

Layer 2: New Zealand organic wool fire barrier also provides a pillowy and temperature regulating top layer.

Layer 3: The GOTS certified latex layer is pressure relieving and responsive. It works great for both back and side sleeping.

Layer 4: The last layer is fabric-encased coils that provide superior independent support for the spine while reducing motion transfer.

Their last latex mattress is their budget-friendly latex hybrid that offers a streamlined latex and foam experience. With options from 8" through 12", here are the details for the Eco Bliss® - Hybrid Latex Mattress:

Layer 1: The top layer is a super stretch cotton cover, which is soft to the touch and keeps things airy.

Layer 2: 100% natural latex provides a bouncy, response for the surface layer. Its height is dependent on the mattress height selected.

Layer 3: The last layer is a PlushFoam Core, which is CertiPUR® certified. It is firm, sturdy, and supportive for a lasting feel.


Overall Comfort

PlushBeds gets great responses from customers when it comes to their natural mattresses. The fact that they have customizable firmness options, a 100 night trial, and certified mattress materials means peace of mind for even the most selective shopper.



PlushBeds has a variety of firmness options in both their latex and memory foam mattresses. This means that most customers will find what they are looking for. As a general rule, those that are lighter and side sleepers will prefer a softer mattress, while those that are stomach sleepers or heavier will prefer firmer options.


Back Pain

For those that are looking for relief from a sagging mattress, PlushBeds medium-firm and firm mattresses will do well here. When compared to average mattress, PlushBeds reviewers are 2x more likely to mention a positive experience with pain relief*. Their Luxury Bliss provides extra stability and spine support with pocketed coils.



Latex is naturally cooling and Plushbeds latex mattresses should do very well with staying cool. Those in very warm climates should steer towards the latex varieties to ensure cooling.


Who Are PlushBeds Mattresses Right For?

PlushBeds are wonderful mattresses for selective shoppers looking for all-natural and certified mattresses. With customers over +1.8x more likely to mention being satisfied with the price value versus the average comparable mattress, coupled with their selection of firmness and high quality mattresses, most sleepers can find what they are looking for.