How to Find the Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

How to Find the Best Mattress For Side Sleepers
How to Find the Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

best mattress for side sleepers

How to Find the Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

When sleeping on your side, finding the ideal requires finding one that can cradle both hips and shoulders to relieve pressure. While firm is sometimes necessary, medium soft or soft mattresses usually are best.

Mattress toppers can make firm mattresses softer for side sleepers. Consider the following factors when shopping for one:


Firmness of mattresses is especially crucial for side sleepers as it helps to ensure proper alignment of their spine throughout the night. Too-soft mattresses may allow hips and shoulders to sag, placing additional pressure on your lower back; while firmer ones provide proper spine support and decrease back pain. If you are a side sleeper, we suggest investing in a medium-firm mattress.

When selecting a mattress for side sleeping, it is essential to take your weight and sleep position into consideration when selecting one. Firmer mattresses provide adequate support for heavier individuals while softer mattresses are best suited to lighter ones. Furthermore, edge support will prevent the edges of your mattress from collapsing over time.

Mattress firmness should also be taken into consideration for people suffering from medical conditions, including shoulder or arthritis pain. People in such instances should opt for a mattress firm enough to keep the spine aligned while still offering sufficient pressure relief.

The Nolah Hybrid mattress is an ideal choice for those with shoulder and hip issues as its moderate firmness yet soft surface cradle the shoulders and hips without feeling like they're falling out of bed. Plus, its dense foam offers enough bounce so you can change positions without fearing you are falling out! Additionally, its excellent motion isolation properties may come in handy when sharing a bed with another person or pets.


Side sleepers must find the appropriate mattress material in order to find relief from back pain. Since your weight will be concentrated in one area, the bed must conform to your body and provide enough support to maintain an aligned spine - something which helps avoid pressure points from developing and helps alleviate back discomfort.

Firmer mattresses can also help ensure long-term health benefits. A firmer mattress prevents your spine from bending too far backward, which isn't healthy for your back. While firm doesn't necessarily mean hard, the mattress must still be strong enough to prevent excessive bending.

Sleepers on their side can find the ideal mattress by exploring various materials, such as memory foam and hybrid mattresses. Some even include natural and organic components which could prove particularly helpful for side sleepers who care about environmental sustainability.

Memory foam mattresses provide excellent body contouring for side sleepers who weigh between 130 and 230 lbs. Their cooling layer, Tencel fabric cover and two inches of gel memory foam combine to offer just the right balance between body support and contouring for this sleep position.


if you prefer sleeping on your side, opt for a mattress with breathable foam layers to provide air circulation and keep you cool. Or select a hybrid model, which features soft materials on top with pocket coil sections below for additional support against overheating.

If your neck and shoulders ache when you wake up, this could be an indicator that your mattress is too soft for your weight range, or has too high of a firmness level for your weight range. Try searching for mattresses rated 6/10 on the firmness scale or higher; memory foam mattresses often fall towards the lower end of this scale but still provide adequate support.

If you prefer firm mattresses that will conform to your body, check out the Nolah Evolution hybrid mattress. Crafted using memory foam and adaptive polyfoam layers, it creates a balanced feel suitable for most side sleepers regardless of weight. Furthermore, its memory foam layers encourage healthy spinal alignment as well as cushion pressure-prone areas of your spine like hips and shoulders - as well as having an impressive motion isolation score which means that they won't be disturbed by partner or pet movement.

Pressure relief

Shoulders and hips tend to press deeper into a mattress when sleeping on your side, making it crucial for your bed to contour to these areas for maximum comfort and spinal alignment. A mattress that contours will relieve pressure from these pressure points as well as prevent them from sagging which can lead to back pain or poor alignment of spinal bones. Memory foam mattresses are particularly well known for this capability while hybrid styles that combine innerspring coils with memory foam may even offer more dramatic contouring than traditional spring-coil beds; natural latex also features well when it comes to contouring qualities albeit slightly less dramatically than memory foam does when sleeping on one's side!

Selecting the ideal mattress type is key for side sleepers, as this will determine which features to prioritize when searching for their new mattress. For instance, if overheating at night is a concern, perhaps opting for something like a hybrid could be more suitable while, if sharing with another, motion isolation should likely take priority.

DreamCloud mattress brand stands out as our go-to choice for side sleepers, providing luxurious bed-in-a-box options with free delivery and setup throughout the contiguous US. Their DreamCloud Premier mattress combines comfort with support perfectly, featuring two inches of gel memory foam to alleviate pressure points, GhostBounce foam to contour to your body, and 7.5" slabs of high density support foam to maximize longevity - available with three firmness levels and lifetime warranties that give you plenty of time to try it before making a decision! Available 365 night sleep trials give them time for you to try them before making up their minds about choosing this dreamcloud Premier mattress!

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