Dreamcloud Mattress Reviews

Dreamcloud Mattress Reviews
Dreamcloud Mattress Reviews

Dreamcloud Mattress reviews

Dreamcloud Mattress Reviews

Dreamcloud www.thesleeploft.com is an exceptional hybrid mattress offering maximum comfort and value with an extensive 1-year sleep trial period and lifetime warranty coverage.

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Its size makes it suitable for back and side sleeping of most sizes; heavier bodies may experience firmer feels in some spots, and it offers excellent motion transfer control.


Dreamcloud Mattress offers a medium-firm feel with its self-assessed firmness rating of 6.5 out of 10, featuring a cashmere blend cover layer that's soft to the touch and tufted with foam for additional cushioning. Below it lies cooling memory foam infused with gel to prevent heat build-up as well as transition layers designed to stop sleepers from sinking too far into their mattress.

The combination of layers creates a mattress with a subtle contouring feel that accommodates most sleeping positions, including light back sleepers who will find enough support in it for alignment and comfort. However, strict side sleepers or those preferring plusher surfaces should first test out any bed before making their purchase decision.

Heavier back and stomach sleepers will likely find the Dreamcloud Mattress comfortable, although they may require several weeks for it to fully break in. That is due to its thick coil and foam transition layers creating an initially substantial feel upon purchase, yet these materials take time to completely decompress and conform to your body shape. Furthermore, its motion isolation properties as well as firmness levels to accommodate different sleep preferences make this bed an excellent option for couples sharing beds.


DreamCloud may not be an all-out memory foam mattress, but it still offers great comfort. It features a top layer made of soft yet breathable cashmere-blend material which forms a cozy pillowtop with airy cushioning - plus its top layer is filled with gel to prevent heat retention in its memory foam core below, a common issue among these beds.

DreamCloud mattress features a middle layer of memory foam which conforms to each sleeper, dispersing their weight evenly across their body to reduce pressure points and promote better posture. Furthermore, its hybrid construction and medium firm feel make it suitable for back sleepers who may experience hip sinkage, which can lead to numbness and discomfort in back sleeping positions.

Side and stomach sleepers alike will appreciate the DreamCloud's comfort. Its medium firmness offers ample pushback against their midsection for reduced spinal strain and better alignment.

DreamCloud mattress's impressive edge support makes it an invaluable resource for couples sharing a bed. A double-row of high-gauge coils help to ensure a secure sleeping surface around the edges, which should allow most individuals to rest close or on them without fear of rolling off. It is an important aspect to look out for, particularly among hybrid models which may not always provide as good of edge support as memory foam alternatives.


Dreamcloud Mattress provides an outstanding balance of support and contouring. Its medium firm feel should meet most sleepers' preferences while the memory foam layers adapt to your body, helping reduce pressure points like hip and shoulder ache and pains. Plus, its slightly thicker than average dimensions may make getting on/off easier for some users.

Dreamcloud mattresses feature breathable covers and gel-infused memory foam layers designed to keep them cool throughout the night, while its coil layer helps disperse heat away from you during sleep, making this mattress an excellent option for hot sleepers. These temperature-regulating materials also make Dreamcloud one of the top choices among mattresses available today.

Dreamcloud combines memory foam and coil layers for exceptional motion isolation compared to many hybrid mattresses, so if your partner tosses and turns or gets in and out during the night, you should not feel their movements. However, its bouncier nature could result in some noise so if quiet sleep is your goal it might be wiser to explore other options.


Dreamcloud Mattress offers exceptional value for the money, especially considering it is both a hybrid model and premium bed-in-a-box brand. Their policies offer some of the best policies in the industry such as an extended trial period and lifetime warranty policy.

This mattress features five layers, beginning with a cashmere-blend cover crafted of soft breathable cashmere-blend fabric that's quilted into 1.5 inches of gel-infused cooling foam to cushion key pressure points and provide cooling relief. A transitional foam firmer than comfort foam helps sleepers avoid sinking too deeply into their mattress, and an 8-inch support core with individually wrapped coils provides responsive comfort while avoiding feeling dense or compacted.

The DreamCloud mattress provides strong temperature regulation and is an excellent choice for hot sleepers. The breathable cover draws heat away from sleepers while being composed of materials which wick away any excess moisture, while its memory foam infused with gel provides cooling surface temperature regulation while independent coils allow airflow through to reduce heat retention - perfect for people living in hot environments and offering spinal alignment and pressure point relief. The DreamCloud is also ideal for medium firm hybrid mattresses offering spinal alignment as well as pressure point relief, offering great spinal alignment with pressure point relief from medium firm feel hybrid mattresses - offering spinal alignment while providing spinal alignment while pressure point relief from pressure point relief compared with firmer mattresses like its competitors - providing spinal alignment along with pressure point relief from both ends compared to firmer hybrid mattresses!

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