Casper Mattress Reviews

Casper Mattress Reviews
Casper Mattress Reviews

Casper mattress reviews

Casper Mattress Reviews

The middle layer features Zoned Support memory foam with custom firmness levels for optimal support. Softer under your hips helps prevent too much sinkage in your lower back while firmer levels provide pressure relief around shoulders and arms.

However, it may be too soft for back sleepers who prefer firmer surfaces. Lightweight side sleepers seeking additional sinkage to provide pressure relief may also find this unsatisfactory.


The Casper mattress provides a medium firm feel, which makes it suitable for most sleepers. Furthermore, its cover is simple yet durable while all foam layers have been certified as CertiPUR-US compliant, meaning that they do not contain ozone depleting chemicals and have low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

The first layer is comprised of proprietary latex-like foam which gently cradles your body for excellent pressure relief, and provides exceptional support and pressure relief. Additionally, memory foam contours to your body to provide additional support while amplifying pressure relief from the first layer.

Back sleepers typically favor firmer mattresses than other sleeping positions, and Casper offers them exactly the firmness they're seeking. Its memory foam layer features an innovative zoned transition design which creates firmer edges in the hip area while remaining soft around shoulders - helping prevent sinkage around hips while simultaneously supporting healthy spinal alignment.

Casper's medium-firm feel makes it an excellent option for side sleepers and combo sleepers, as its comfort layers cradle the body to relieve shoulder pain as well as numbness or tingling in arms or hands. However, lightweight side sleepers under 150 pounds may find the bed too soft for their needs, leading their spines to sink too deeply into it and potentially distorting spinal alignment.


Casper Mattress Company has built its name as one of the pioneer bed-in-a-box mattress providers by providing excellent products at affordable prices. Customers can take advantage of a 100-night risk-free trial and warranty, along with several showrooms and Target stores where customers can test out mattresses firsthand.

The Casper Original mattress offers an innovative combination of 1.5 inches of perforated memory foam for extra cooling comfort, soft bounce, weight redistribution and pressure relief for aches and pains. Following that are 2 inches of zoned support foam featuring tailor firmness levels to support hips and shoulders.

Although the Casper Original mattress is suitable for most individuals, those weighing more than 230 pounds may benefit from choosing a firmer bed to prevent excessive sinkage and spinal misalignment. With its sturdy base layer of high-density foam adding sturdy construction and providing durability. As with many bed-in-a-box mattresses, however, the Casper does produce an initial slight odor upon unboxing that should dissipate quickly through proper ventilation.


Casper mattresses are proudly manufactured in America, which will please many consumers. Great care was taken in selecting non-allergenic versions of latex for comfort, while employing fire barriers instead of toxic chemical fire retardants is another significant plus point.

This foam bed sleeps comfortably thanks to layers of open-cell AirScape foam that promote airflow. This should help alleviate heat retention issues associated with memory foam mattresses, while also mitigating motion transfer effectively for couples sharing beds together and those suffering from joint or back ache and pains.

This memory foam mattress offers plenty of bounce for its price and feels firmer than more traditional options on the market. While unboxing may take some time and may produce what is known as off-gassing smell, which should dissipate within several hours as long as your room is ventilated well enough. Plus, this CertiPUR-US certified mattress is free from VOC emissions, formaldehydes and ozone depleters!

Motion Transfer

Like most bed-in-a-box mattresses, this one arrives compressed in its box. Once placed into your bedroom, it needs at least an hour or so to expand fully and may emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As the VOCs start releasing into the air, a faint smell may also arise from them.

This mattress provides adequate edge support when sleeping on its side, though foam mattresses will always lack the bounce offered by hybrid or innerspring models. Its special feature of isolating motion makes this an excellent option for couples sharing one bed.

Back sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds usually require firmer mattresses in order to prevent their hips from sinking too deeply, creating pressure points and disrupting spinal alignment. While zoned transition layers may help, some mattresses may still feel too soft for them.

Stomach sleepers require firm mattresses in order to prevent their midsections from sinking too deeply and placing unnecessary strain on their spines. Unfortunately, Casper has a medium feel which could make it too soft for stomach sleepers; its foundation layer features high-density polyurethane foam for increased durability in its design.


Casper mattresses use multiple foams to deliver a supportive and stable sleeping surface, creating a luxuriously soft yet firm experience for maximum comfort and support. Ideal for anyone searching for an innovative hybrid memory foam bed.

The initial layer of polyfoam conforms to your body, while the second has a zoned transition layer for targeted support. The zoned layer offers soft pressure relief at the head and shoulders and firmer support in the middle to maintain spinal alignment.

Heavier individuals may find the Casper mattress too soft for them as their weight can more easily penetrate its softer comfort and support layers. Of course, firmness is subjective so your experience may differ.

Couples sharing a small mattress will appreciate that Casper offers excellent edge support, meaning no roll-off feeling when sleeping close to the edge. Furthermore, its 100% USA production also makes this mattress eco-friendly and makes an impressive statement about their commitment.

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