Best Mattress For People Who Sleep on Their Side

Best Mattress For People Who Sleep on Their Side
Best Mattress For People Who Sleep on Their Side

best mattress for people who sleep on their side

Best Mattress For People Who Sleep on Their Side

Sleeping on your side can not only be comfortable but can also help relieve heartburn and promote healthy digestion. Furthermore, this position makes an excellent pregnancy choice because it allows the inferior vena cava to flow freely - essential in the third trimester of gestation.

The best mattresses for side sleepers are designed to cradle key pressure points such as knees, hips and shoulders while supporting proper spinal alignment. There are some excellent options at every price point available today.

1. Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress is a medium-firm mattress designed for back and side sleepers alike. As a bed-in-a-box product, it ships compressed in its box before taking up to 24 hours for full expansion in your home.

Purple's primary comfort layer features a two-inch layer of their proprietary hyper-elastic polymer grid material that remains firm until enough pressure is applied, then collapses to provide support and pressure relief. This makes this mattress stand out from competitors by feeling both soft and firm at once.

Purple Mattress features a transitional support layer of high-density poly foam at 3.5 inches to act as an intermediary layer between its top and bottom layers, along with its proprietary SoftFlex cover, which features thin yet stretchable foam that's comfortable against your body while remaining light enough not to interfere with the gel grid beneath it.

Another key factor when shopping for mattresses is motion isolation. This measure evaluates how effectively each side of the bed isolates movement transference across it - something which the Purple Mattress excels at with an excellent score of 7.5/10 in this category.

2. Nectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress stands out from other foam mattresses (like Casper) with its more prominent memory foam profile and medium firmness rating. Additionally, its top layer features three inches of cooling gel-infused memory foam that channels away heat away from your body to keep you sleeping cool at night.

Nectar Mattress also boasts a transitional layer and support core that work in unison to keep the surface flat and increase pressure relief for all sleeping positions. Back and stomach sleepers up to 230 pounds should find it comfortable; those weighing more may experience excess sinkage around their midsection; for such instances we suggest the more supportive hybrid options such as Casper or Avocado mattresses as an alternative solution.

Nectar Mattress provides a generous 365-night trial period to test out their mattress. If it doesn't suit, Nectar will arrange for a charity or recycling center near you to pick it up and refund you fully - typically this takes just 2-4 business days!

3. Sealy Posturepedic

The Sealy Posturepedic is an orthopedic hybrid mattress that combines pressure relief with support, making it an excellent option for side sleepers. The top layer features soft yet slow-reacting gel memory foam to alleviate shoulder and hip pressure, while an innerspring core adds bounce for added support - something many side sleepers appreciate - while providing adequate airflow, which helps cool sleepers.

Though this mattress receives generally positive reviews, some users have noted its poor durability and rapid sagging after only short use. Sealy offers a 10-year warranty for mattresses thicker than 8 inches.

The Sealy Posturepedic is an all-foam mattress packaged and delivered right to your door in a compressed box, boasting various firmness levels and supported by numerous retailers. Like Cocoon mattresses, its least expensive model does not incorporate Posturepedic technology but does include an all-knit cover designed to prevent moisture build-up while remaining hypoallergenic; more costly versions use hybrid designs with both foam and springs for ultimate support.

4. Serta iComfort

Serta's iComfort line features both plush and firm options, making it an excellent option for side sleepers. This hybrid mattress utilizes multiple foam layers to provide different comfort feels. In addition, Serta has engineered their cooling technology to promote airflow while keeping you comfortable through the night; their Max Cool cover uses high performance fibers that create a cool touch-feel feel, while carbon fiber memory foam channels heat away from your body to keep you cozy throughout the night.

If you prefer sleeping on your side and prefer soft, pillowy cushions for your shoulders and hips, the plush iComfort Blue 300 might be ideal for you. But for additional contouring or pressure relief needs, firmer models like the CF4000 might provide more relief.

Although most mattresses listed here can be found through online retailers with hundreds of customer reviews, Serta stands out as an industry pioneer by designing and producing its own beds. As one of America's oldest and largest mattress brands, their track record proves they can be trusted to offer quality mattresses.

5. Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic mattresses are known for providing contoured support that relieves pressure on joints and muscles while supporting spinal alignment. Their memory foam mattresses are revered as superior sleep solutions.

The Tempur-Cloud mattress from Tempur-Pedic is one of the more economical models in its line and still provides quality construction. Its base layer of foam and two additional cushion layers are specifically designed to support body curves while offering cushiony support, making this model suitable for side sleeping.

Three inches of slow-responding gel memory foam cradles the hips and shoulders while relieving pressure points, offering eco-friendly relief from pressure points. Certified as both CERTIPUR-US Certified and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1, Class 1 certified mattresses make an eco-friendly option for better rest. Available sizes include twin XL, queen, king California King size as well as split California King sizes; furthermore this mattress can also be paired with the Tempur-Ergo Extend adjustable power base which features several preset positions including Zero Gravity which mimic weightlessness to help relieve pressure off of back and knees.

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