Drake Sleeps on a Mattress That Takes 600 Hours to Make

Drake Sleeps on a Mattress That Takes 600 Hours to Make
Drake Sleeps on a Mattress That Takes 600 Hours to Make

Drake Sleeps on a Mattress That Takes 600 Hours to Make

Drake recently opened up his 10 billion home for Architectural Digest's feature and astounded fans with its luxurious amenities; particularly his mattress! Drake sleeps on an extravagant Grand Vividus from Swedish luxury manufacturer Hastens that costs more than most houses! This left many scratching their heads.

Ferris Rafauli x Hastens

World-renowned designer Ron Arad, best known for his innovative projects and luxury home creations for elite clients, recently collaborated with Swedish furniture brand Hastens to design the Grand Vividus bed that takes nine people more than 320 hours to construct. Comprising fine leather, polished wood with suede and brass embellishments as well as horsehair padding crafted from horsehair stingray skin and bronze-accented compressed leather materials - and finished off by bronze accented compressed leather accents - it features nine people working over 320 hours to produce.

Ferris Rafauli took inspiration from Hastens' legacy and long history of producing saddle and bed mattress makers when designing the Grand Vividus bed, creating a continental bed which blends timeless, classic design with Ferris Rafauli's distinctive flair to form something truly luxurious; quality, design and art all in one beautiful bed that serves any bedroom beautifully.

The Grand Vividus features luxurious materials, yet is extremely comfortable. Its headboard is covered in custom fabric designed by Ferris Rafauli to reflect Hastens' horse monogram while its base combines horsehair, cotton, and flax weaving techniques for optimal support.

Hastens' Grand Vividus mattress stands apart from mass-produced mattresses by being handcrafted out of slow-growing Swedish pine by skilled craftspeople in Koping, Sweden. Each one takes nine people and requires over half a ton of raw materials such as horsetail hair, wool, cotton and flax from Hastens itself - as well as their signature horsetail hair!

The Grand Vividus

Drake sleeps on an extravagant $390,000. Designed in collaboration with Ferris Rafauli - who designed Drake's $100 million Toronto mansion - The Grand Vividus costs an eye-popping $390,000. Constructed of horsehair, stingray skin and bronze-accented compressed leather; assembly takes at least 600 hours per mattress and trunk-inspired base.

The Grand Vividus mattress is a handmade mattress created through six generations of heritage and expertise, combined with natural fibers such as vegetable-tanned burnished leather reinforced by gold brass rivets - dyed in four distinct colors to complement most interior color palettes. This company prides themselves on their craft. They strive to offer customers only quality sleep possible and use both natural fibers and expert craftsmanship when crafting these luxury mattresses.

Ferris Rafauli was chosen by Hastens to design The Grand Vividus due to his reputation for innovative projects and luxury home builds for elite clients worldwide. For his design he took inspiration from Hastens' heritage as bed and saddle-makers when creating this bed.

Beds come in four distinct colors - Black Shadow, Phantom Charcoal, Traditional Blue and Natural Shale - each one is finished off with vegetable-tanned leather trim and brass embellishments to complete its look. Furthermore, each bed includes its own matching headboard.


Drake is known to live lavishly, and isn't shy about showing his wealth through all aspects of life, including his bed. Recently he shared photos of an extravagant mattress worth more than half a million dollars that boasts features including stingray skin, horsehair, compressed leather, and compressed foam layers that took 600 hours of laborious crafting to construct. It's known as The Grand Vividus.

Ferris Rafauli, who worked on Drake's 50,000-square-foot mansion in Toronto, designed this bed. Swedish firm Hastens has been making luxury mattresses for five generations - the Grand Vividus is particularly expensive due to having more horse hair, wool, cotton, and flax than typical mattresses as well as its gold hardware and shagreen leather corners.

Hastens has unveiled its most luxurious mattress ever: the Grand Vividus is only available through special order and has a waiting list in Los Angeles and New York. Anyone interested can reserve theirs by calling their local office. Hastens anticipates selling these this week, offering both black or white versions. Customers who purchase one will also have them come directly to their homes three-five times annually to flip and massage the mattress!


Last month, multi-platinum star Drake unveiled a music video for his hit single "Toosie Slide." The clip took viewers inside his 50,000 square foot Toronto mansion which boasts everything from an NBA-sized basketball court to a 20,000 piece Swarovski crystal chandelier and more. Of particular note was Drake's master bedroom designed by Ferris Rafauli with its Grand Vividus mattress made up of stingray skin, horsehair, and compressed leather called Grand Vividus - just some of its many highlights.

The luxurious mattress costs nearly $400,000 and requires around 600 hours to handcraft by hand. According to Forbes, its craftsmanship takes advantage of stingray leather which is 25 times stronger than cowhide for warmth and softness; horsehair provides breathability; while compressed leather absorbs vibrations for stability in bed.

VRt Ventures and Hastens stores co-founder, Peter Miller told Complex that the mattress should last between 50 and 100 years and their team will visit customers three to five times annually to flip and massage their mattress free of charge.

Though more expensive than others available on the market, this mattress remains more budget-friendly than many. When searching for a new mattress, take advantage of holiday sales to compare prices from various companies to find an investment-grade mattress at an attractive price point that meets all your health and comfort needs.

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