When Is the Best Time to Buy a New Mattress?

When Is the Best Time to Buy a New Mattress?
When Is the Best Time to Buy a New Mattress?

When Is the Best Time to Buy a New Mattress?

At certain times of year, mattress stores provide special offers. These sales typically coincide with holidays such as Black Friday and Memorial Day when people shop more heavily than usual.

Mattress sales often occur when brands launch new models or are trying to clear out older inventory, and can be found at specialty and department stores, home goods retailers and online retailers.

Black Friday

Black Friday is the ideal time for finding deals when purchasing a mattress in stores, according to NerdWallet. On that first Friday in November, retailers often mark prices up 30-50% as NerdWallet reports. Although Black Friday stands out, other holidays such as Labor Day Memorial Day and Presidents' Day also host big mattress sales events.

Many mattress companies introduce new models each spring, meaning retailers often host huge sales to clear old inventory out. That is why retailers hold significant mattress sales between April and May.

Online shoppers, on the other hand, can find great mattress deals year-round from reputable sellers. In particular, those who are less concerned with having physical contact with their mattress or needing to know its size might benefit more from buying online retailers since this enables you to easily identify which mattress type best meets your needs and set a budget before beginning shopping - it is easy to spend more than intended when looking for new mattresses; setting your budget before hand and purchasing at one of many mattress sales or overstock events held by stores will allow you to save up to 60%.

Memorial Day

Springtime marks a time for retailers to offer huge savings when new mattress models hit the market, leading to special sales events both in-person and online. Memorial Day weekend provides the ideal opportunity for finding amazing mattress deals as it marks the beginning of summertime.

Labor Day falls on the first Monday in September and offers retailers an opportunity to clear out old inventory before starting fresh in 2019. Many mattress sales take place during this three-day holiday weekend.

At other prime times of year to shop for mattresses are early fall when new stock arrives and holidays like President's Day and Christmas when there won't be as many salespeople trying to upsell you; you can browse without feeling pressured into making any purchase decisions.

Flexible shoppers can also take advantage of "going out of business" sales to find incredible discounts. When local stores close, they need to sell any remaining inventory quickly in order to mitigate losses and close. This makes an excellent opportunity for mattress shoppers as you can often negotiate lower prices from store owners for a better deal - perhaps even finding brand-new mattresses at half the cost! While this strategy works best when purchasing in physical locations, great offers on mattresses can still be found when shopping online.

Cyber Five

When purchasing a mattress, there are numerous variables to take into account when shopping for one. Size, comfort level and price all play an integral role, but many shoppers want to avoid chemically-laden foam or materials which could irritate their skin as part of the decision process. Therefore, doing research beforehand is highly advised as there are plenty of helpful resources out there which can assist with finding your ideal mattress within both budget and needs constraints.

Though mattresses should never be bought cheaply, it's worthwhile keeping an eye out for online sales events such as Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day that offer deep discounts to encourage more online purchases while helping mattress retailers clear out old stock.

Spring, particularly April and May, can be an excellent time to buy a mattress. New products enter stores at this time and older models must be cleared out to make room for the new designs; you could find some amazing discounts during this period as stores become more willing to negotiate price discounts with buyers.

Other major holidays throughout the year provide prime opportunities to shop for mattresses, particularly Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. Both events often see markdowns similar to Black Friday as well as free shipping or white glove delivery as incentives for purchasing.


Summertime is when retailers refresh their inventory with new merchandise. That means there will be numerous sales and discounts on mattresses during this season, which makes buying one an attractive proposition for many people who move during this period. Also, many people move during this season, which makes summer an excellent time to purchase one.

Alongside seasonal mattress sales, you may also take advantage of some large holiday weekend discounts when it comes to mattresses - Presidents' Day in February, Memorial Day in May, Amazon Prime Day mid-July and Labor Day are just a few examples.

Mattress sales during these holidays tend to offer incredible deals across electronics and appliances - and mattresses are no exception! After the Christmas and Thanksgiving rush has subsided, stores want to move out any remaining inventory before things pick back up again.

Mattresses don't receive major upgrades every year, so manufacturers need to sell off older models in order to make room for newer ones in showrooms and warehouses. That is why you may find excellent discounts during major holidays on the latest model of mattress.

When possible, it can also be advantageous to shop prior to major sales events like Black Friday. For instance, March and April could offer great savings when many manufacturers release new inventory.

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