Big Fig Mattress Reviews

Big Fig Mattress Reviews
Big Fig Mattress Reviews

Big fig mattress reviews

Big Fig Mattress Reviews

Big fig mattresses are specifically designed to meet the needs of plus-size folks. Their thick, durable construction provides extra support for back sleepers who slumber on their backside.

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This can accommodate most average weight side sleepers but may feel too firm for light stomach sleepers, so it's wise to test it for several weeks prior to making any decisions.


Big fig mattresses can be an excellent option for individuals who prefer firm mattresses. Their thick constructions and sturdy foam layers allow for greater weight support without sinking or sagging, but this may be detrimental for those who prefer plusher pillow top mattresses.

The company's mattresses are tufted, meaning that fasteners have been placed through them vertically in 16 different locations to keep the mattress materials from shifting over time, increasing durability and longevity.

This mattress is an excellent option for back sleepers over 130 pounds who need adequate lumbar support, and also excels at supporting side sleepers' spines with its soft upper comfort layers and high-density polyfoam support layer. However, light or average-weight side sleepers may find the mattress too firm and experience discomfort in their hips or shoulders.

The Big Fig's responsive mattress feel makes it simple and effortless to move around in bed and change positions. Its bouncy coils and sturdy foam support layers facilitate getting in and out of bed quickly, while not producing that quicksand effect that some memory foam mattresses may. Furthermore, this mattress offers excellent edge support which enables sleeping near its edges without fear of falling off!

Edge Support

Sleepers near the edge of their bed often worry that they're falling off, but Big Fig offers excellent edge support thanks to reinforced edges and high-density foam that gives it strength. This feature is especially important for couples sharing a small-sized mattress; it helps prevent one partner from dominating all available space at the center and leaving only narrow strips for others to sleep in peace.

Taller and heavier individuals require firmer mattresses to properly support their body weight without sagging over time, which is why the Big Fig mattress was specifically created with them in mind. Its combination of poly and latex foam with coils provides optimal support and comfort, and helps prevent hips from sinking too far into the mattress for healthy spine alignment.

It may also be suitable for average-weight back sleepers who prefer firmer mattresses. Unfortunately, however, this option will not meet the needs of average-weight side sleepers or lighter individuals with hip pain, since its pillow top layer will not offer sufficient sinkage to relieve pressure off shoulders, hips, and knees.

The Big Fig mattress provides exceptional cooling technology with its gel-infused perforated latex foam, ThermoGel fabric, and gel infused gel perforated latex foam layers - materials which promote airflow throughout the mattress to help you sleep cool at night.

Motion Isolation

If you are heavy or share a bed with a partner who moves frequently during the night, a firm mattress is essential to staying comfortable and supported by both of you. Big Fig offers strong edge support as well as extra heavy-duty foundation and frame options should they be required. Their mattress boasts above-average foam densities for added cushioning along with button tufting for enhanced support, pocketed coil system durability and an exceptional tuft system to give a premium sleep experience.

They use breathable, cooling foams and gels to prevent you from sweating too much or feeling too hot, with ThermoGel used on top to turn sweat into refrigerant to cool you down further. At its core lies an individually wrapped pocketed coil system for reduced motion transfer - ideal for couples sharing beds as well as anyone wanting to stop their partner from rolling off during the night.

The only drawback with this mattress is that it was intended for heavier individuals, making it too firm for lighter sleepers. But if you suffer from back or shoulder pain while sleeping on your side, this could be just the solution for you! Plus, they offer a 120-night trial period so you can give it a go and see if it works for you.


This mattress boasts a balanced hybrid feel, with top layers providing bounce and responsiveness for easy moving around and changing positions - ideal for couples sharing one bed as it avoids that roll-off feeling when one partner changes positions.

The initial layer is comprised of quilted foam infused with Thermogel cooling technology. This innovative solution uses sweat as a coolant, keeping the surface cool while also providing support and preventing it from sinking under heavier weights.

Next are three high-density poly foam comfort layers. The first of them measures 1.8 PCF while its two lower layers, both 2.5 PCF, provide enough cushion for heavy sleepers while remaining durable enough to prevent sagging over time.

The support layer of the Big Fig mattress features 1,600 individually wrapped pocketed coils encased in dense poly foam - an innovative material with increased strength and resilience compared to traditional innersprings. Specifically tailored for heavier sleepers, its coil layer can support individuals up to 550 pounds or couples up to 1,100 pounds; further reinforced by 80 ILD high density poly foam surrounding each coil for durability purposes and an 13-inch base layer that prevents sagging while adding some strength along the edges of the mattress.

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