What Is a Wyoming King Mattress?

What Is a Wyoming King Mattress?
What Is a Wyoming King Mattress?
what is a wyoming king

What Is a Wyoming King Mattress?

When purchasing a king bed, it is essential to understand all your available options. There are various oversized mattresses such as Wyoming king, Alaskan king and Texas king that could suit you perfectly.

Wyoming king beds are among the smallest options, yet still large enough for most families and co-sleeping situations.


Wyoming king beds measure 84 inches wide by 7 feet long, making them an excellent option for families with large bedrooms. Furthermore, Wyoming king mattresses can also provide couples with additional sleeping surface area; specialty www.thesleeploft.com retailers such as The Big Mattress Co often sell these oversized models at higher costs than regular king-size models but offer greater comfort and space.

Oversized king-size mattresses come in various styles, from memory foam to latex to hybrid. Some models even include integrated temperature controls that respond to your natural body temperature during sleep. It is essential that you select a mattress suitable for both your lifestyle and budget; medium-firm and firm mattresses tend to offer sufficient pressure point relief.

The Big Mattress Co offers several oversized mattress sizes, such as Wyoming king, Alaskan king, Texas king and family bed XL. Alongside these mattresses is a bed frame produced by Kingship Comfort that's built right here in America.

Wyoming king mattresses are considered custom sizes and most store retailers don't carry them; however, you may be able to find one online if you are willing to pay more. Furthermore, these beds can come in various colors that complement your room decor perfectly.


The 10" Classic Memory Foam Wyoming King mattress is a highly comfortable, supportive and durable mattress certified by CertiPUR-US to be free from heavy metals, flame retardants and other potentially harmful substances. Additionally, its foam is enhanced with cooling properties for an enjoyable sleeping experience and reasonable pricing makes this an excellent option for people seeking a great night's rest without breaking the bank.

The Wyoming King mattress is the smallest of three oversized mattresses and measures 84 inches wide by 84 inches long - 4 inches longer and 8 inches wider than its standard king counterpart. Unfortunately, this unique size cannot be easily found in stores and requires spacious master bedrooms to fit it comfortably.

Big Mattress Co offers more than the Wyoming King mattress; Alaskan King, Vermont King, Texas King and Family Bed XL beds may also be found here. These large family mattresses provide additional sleeping space than traditional queen or king mattresses do and may feature hybrid or all-foam materials to meet various specifications.

Alaskan and Texas king mattresses offer extra length and width compared to standard king mattresses, making them suitable for tall people or those requiring extra legroom while sleeping comfortably. Alaskan and Texas king beds also make great additions for couples needing plenty of room to stretch out and relax during bedtime.


The Big Mattress Co offers two Wyoming king mattress frames from its Wyoming series; both can be ordered as one-piece options to reduce any potential for splits or creases to be felt when sleeping on them. Both frames are constructed of solid wood with upholstered slats complemented by wooden legs. Furthermore, there are footboards and side rails included that enable users to attach headboards if desired - perfect for upgrading an existing king-size mattress!

The Wyoming king mattress is the smallest oversized mattress option, yet still wider than a California king and longer than standard king sizes - ideal for large bedrooms with little floor space to spare and easier than its larger cousins to move around easily.

The Wyoming king mattress is ideal for tall people as it measures 4 inches longer than California king and 12 inches wider than standard king. Additionally, this size makes a good choice if you share your bed with pets or small children; Alaskan or Vermont king mattresses may provide larger mattresses; while Wyoming king mattress is less costly making it an excellent choice for budget conscious buyers.


The Wyoming king mattress is one of the more compact options in oversized mattress offerings. At only a few inches longer than California king and not as wide as Texas or Alaskan kings, it still provides plenty of room for couples or families.

Price for Wyoming king beds can vary significantly, depending on size and quality of frame as well as accessories such as box foundation, headboard, and footboards. A one-piece frame is generally recommended because multiple pieces leave splits or creases in fabric that could tear over time; three piece frames may also be available but they're less durable.

Many people opt for a Wyoming king bed as it provides extra space compared to regular mattress sizes, helping reduce nighttime wake-ups and snores, as well as providing increased storage space.

Big Mattress Co offers Wyoming king mattresses as a more spacious sleeping surface option, featuring breathable cotton that helps maintain a comfortable temperature, hypoallergenic materials free of harmful chemicals, 100-night trial period and 10-year warranty coverage - making these convenient mattresses suitable for any budget.

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