What Dimensions Is Queens Mattress Size?

What Dimensions Is Queens Mattress Size?
What Dimensions Is Queens Mattress Size?
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What Dimensions Is Queens Mattress Size?

Queen mattresses are among the most widely sought-after www.thesleeploft.com sizes, popularly used by those of all sizes in bedrooms of every shape and size. Their space-efficient dimensions offer more room than twin or twin XL beds while being less bulky than California king beds.

King sizes provide additional space for couples who tend to starfish during sleep or toss and turn. Physically larger couples may consider opting for California king sizes instead.


A queen bed measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, making it 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a full bed (53"x75"). As this size falls into the Golden Mean zone for many, queen mattresses offer couples extra room without taking up too much of their living space with an enormous king mattress.

Ideal for single sleepers, children who have outgrown their cribs and those living in smaller homes or apartments. There are other non-standard queen mattress sizes such as California queens or Olympic queens; however when shopping for mattresses or beds most people refer to the 60 x 80 size as their preferred choice.

A US queen mattress measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long; however, an alternative size called the king mattress provides more room than its counterpart and is therefore perfect for couples, tall individuals and anyone else who likes to spread out while sleeping.

Short queen mattresses offer another alternative, measuring the same length but narrower by six inches than their traditional queen counterparts. This mattress type is most frequently found in campers, tiny homes or other tight quarters where square footage may be limited. Understanding these and other mattress dimensions will allow you to select the one most suited to your sleeping needs and bedroom space.


Selecting the ideal mattress size is essential to getting a restful night's rest and fitting perfectly into any given room. While various bed sizes exist, queen-sized beds tend to be popular among couples and singles as they provide additional space without taking up too much floor space.

Even though 30 inches may seem inconsequential, having extra space on a queen mattress can make all the difference for couples sharing one bed. Allowing more room for stretching out and becoming comfortable without fear of accidentally kicking or elbowing each other while sleeping can have profound benefits for all parties involved.

Queen-size beds provide several inches more length than double beds, which may benefit those who find they often protrude off of a full bed's edge. King beds typically require more floor space and won't fit in standard bedroom spaces.

While a typical queen mattress measures 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, some beds sold as California or Olympic queen (also called extended queen) mattresses offer six inch wider and five longer than regular queen mattress size. Most mattress manufacturers only sell standard 60x80 queen sizes and it would likely be safest for you to assume any queen-sized items you see are likely the standard version of them.


Height can differ depending on your frame, headboard and pillows; however, most standard queen bed frames sit between 60.5-70 inches from the floor. When pairing your queen mattress with a storage ottoman, make sure it reaches that minimum height so it can rest against its footboard.

Though twin and twin XL mattresses may work for individuals sleeping alone, couples often prefer the extra space provided by a queen size mattress. Couples who tend to toss and turn or share the bed with pets may also find this extra room more accommodating.

A standard queen-size mattress measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. A queen bed measures 5 inches longer than its full bed counterpart (also called double), as well as being 21 inches wider than twin beds.

Some mattress manufacturers also sell non-standard queen sizes, such as an extended or short queen mattress. An extended queen measures 66 inches wide by 80 inches long - six inches longer than its regular queen counterpart - while short queens tend to be five inches shorter, often used in campers and tiny homes. Because these alternative queen sizes are less widely distributed than standard queens, finding these options may prove challenging.


Queen beds are one of the most widely sought after mattress sizes in America, as it provides ample room to comfortably accommodate two people and provides an affordable alternative to king sizes. As such, this makes them an attractive option for many consumers seeking optimal restful slumber. A classic queen size measures 60 inches by 80 inches while there may also be variations like California queen or Olympic queen which have slightly different measurements.

Queen mattresses may seem smaller than double beds at first glance, yet they offer 6 inches more width and 5 inches more length compared to their double counterparts. Although this might not seem like much extra space, those who have ever shared a bed know it can make all the difference when sharing.

The standard queen mattress is one of the most popular choices in the US for both couples and single adults alike, and offers plenty of room to move freely while accommodating more furniture in large rooms.

The next size up from a queen bed is the king bed, which provides couples with additional space to stretch out in bed together and enjoy quality time together.

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