Top 10 Mattress Technology to Help You Sleep Better

Top 10 Mattress Technology to Help You Sleep Better - TheSleepLoft
Top 10 Mattress Technology to Help You Sleep Better - TheSleepLoft

Top 10 Mattress Technology to Help You Sleep Better


No matter your sleep needs or back discomfort, mattress innovations offer solutions. Here are the top ten technologies you should keep an eye out for when searching for a new bed.

Cooling phase change materials provide relief to hot sleepers by drawing away heat and sweat that causes discomfort during their restful slumber. They're especially helpful if they tend to sweat a lot while sleeping.

1. Cooling Phase Change Materials

Cooling phase change materials might sound high-tech, but they're an effective solution to combating overheating at night. Mattresses containing cooling phase change materials can absorb and disperse body heat more effectively than their non-equipped counterparts.

These materials can be found woven into fabrics to produce thermo-regulating mattresses and bedding, changing from solid to liquid as temperatures shift, while remaining solid at all other times.

2. Celliant

CELLIANT is a proprietary synthetic fiber created by Hologenix LLC and composed of 13 thermo-reactive minerals and 88 trace elements designed to absorb your body's natural heat and transform it into far infrared radiation.

Find Celliant fabric in gloves, ski boots, sheets, blankets and mattresses for optimal support of circadian rhythm and muscle recovery. Mattresses that feature this special material help support regular circadian rhythm and help increase muscle recovery.

3. Individually Pocketed Coils

Individually pocketed coils (sometimes referred to as Marshall coils or encased coils) are individually wrapped in fabric and independent from one another, enabling them to respond individually to pressure while minimising motion transfer from side to side of the mattress.

This type of innerspring system offers reliable lumbar support; however, its coils tend to wear out faster.

4. Plant-Based Foams

Plant-based mattresses use polyols derived from renewable plants instead of petroleum; typically soy, castor beans or canola oil is used in their foam components.

These mattresses are cooler than traditional memory foams and feature faster response times. Furthermore, their reduced heat retention means less sweat accumulation during sleep - something many sleepers struggle with. Amerisleep uses bio-based foams which are temperature neutral for superior softness and firmness stability.

5. Smart Mattresses

The smart mattress features an array of air tubes which monitor body pressure. This enables the bed to adapt its firmness based on your sleeping position and posture on an ongoing basis.

The Smart Mattress is also compatible with smart home devices, like virtual assistants and thermostats, enabling you to manage its settings with just the click of a button or voice command. Available in either king or queen sizes with a 90-night trial period for testing purposes.

6. Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is an integral component of mattress comfort. A mattress that relieves pressure buildup while supporting spinal alignment will likely be preferred by most sleepers. Foam and hybrid mattresses with thick comfort systems offer cushioned support that conforms perfectly to contour the body for maximum pressure relief.

Smart air mattresses like the ReST Pump-in-Bed provide extended periods of restful rest for hospital patients and people living with chronic illnesses requiring extended bed rest. Smart mattresses like this one automatically adjust firmness according to body weight and sleep position for maximum comfort and support.

7. Temperature Regulation

No matter your sleeping environment, temperature regulation can make a world of difference to your sleep quality. Many new mattresses -- particularly smart beds -- feature heating and cooling technology to help manage it for you.

If you appreciate the bounciness of innerspring mattresses but want something cooler without too much heat build-up, this hybrid mattress could be just what you've been searching for. It features patented layer technology which minimizes motion while helping keep things comfortable and cool.

8. Motion Isolation

Recent mattresses offer sleepers excellent motion isolation, helping them avoid disturbances that could result in daytime fatigue and poor work performance. This feature is especially valuable for couples that sleep and wake at different times each night.

For maximum motion isolation, the best mattresses feature individually-encased pocketed coils. This technology offers several advantages over traditional Bonnell coils which are wired together to reduce movement transference.

9. Pressure Point Reduction

Mattresses designed to reduce pressure points are especially helpful for sleepers suffering from back and stomach discomfort. These mattresses tend to be firm with thick comfort systems that conform to body contours for relief at common pressure points.

Foam and latex mattresses can help to reduce pressure points while hybrid models offer targeted support, leading to less tossing and turning and more restful restful slumber.

10. Durability

Your mattress plays an enormous role in how well you sleep, so selecting one with durable materials is vitally important.

Durable mattresses are defined as mattresses which resist body impressions, sags, and premature softening due to body impressions or improper sleeping positions. Their longevity ultimately depends on its material makeup, sleeping position considerations, and proper care of your mattress.

An affordable memory foam mattress featuring cooling phase change material may help improve sleep by minimizing heat retention.

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