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New Sleep Technology - TheSleepLoft
New Sleep Technology - TheSleepLoft

New Sleep Technology

New Sleep technology enhances sleeping patterns through innovative innovations that make it easier to fall and remain asleep. Pharma, medtech, and wellness companies can take advantage of nearable and airable technologies by creating value for their patients through these emerging nearable technologies.

AASM's Emerging Technology Committee has produced resources designed to introduce clinicians to consumer sleep technology and apps. Learn more!


Cove is an all-in-one device that aims to reduce stress, improve sleep quality and resilience to stress. The small neckband emits vibrations behind your ears to activate natural biological pathways between skin and brain. You can use Cove during either daytime work sessions or before sleeping; its track record has shown its success at significantly reducing stress and improving restful nights' rest.

Cove offers comprehensive scientific support through their website and provides customer care through email and phone. They boast a high satisfaction rate as well as offering seasonal promotions throughout the year.

Cove can be worn throughout the day while working, relaxing or exercising - although its developers recommend not wearing it while sleeping. They recommend spreading out its use throughout your day so as to not exceed 20 minutes per session for optimal results according to research done by Cove's developers.

Feelmore Labs created Cove as an elegant wearable technology designed to effortlessly reduce stress and sleep better. This simple neckband hooks over your ears and quietly applies gentle vibrations behind them for long-term relaxation, creating lasting calm.


Terraillon, established in France since 1908 and internationally acclaimed for their innovation and sleek designs, will showcase its smart wellness devices such as HOMNI (an intelligent sleep solution), R-Link (world's thinnest connected impedance meter), NutriSmart (nutritional scale that recognises food), at Exclusively Housewares in June.

At this year's show, Homni will unveil its connected Homni lamp designed to promote healthy sleeping habits. Equipped with four sensors that analyze temperature, light, and sound levels of your sleeping environment for easier falling asleep and awakening feeling refreshed. Users can access this data using Wellness Coach Sleep app which helps optimize and understand individual environments where sleep occurs.

Soundly App provides clinically-proven breathing exercises to combat snoring. Furthermore, this tool also works towards prevention by analysing sleeping positions and offering tips to lessen it.

Zmax from this sleep tech brand is another low-cost home EEG (brain activity) monitor designed for easy, clinical-grade brain scanning from the comfort of your own bed. With its user-friendly interface and sleek design, recording results takes only seconds with this great choice for better sleep.

White Noise Wall Plug

White noise can be used effectively at most volume levels, though too loud could hinder sleep. This machine includes white noise as well as other natural sounds designed to induce calm such as ocean, summer night and brook - designed to induce relaxation and help you drift off faster. In addition, this device includes an on/off soft glow light switch as well as the option of setting 15, 30 or 60-minute sleep timers; compact enough for bedside tables but equally at home on dressers or other surfaces in a room - plus even comes equipped with wired headphone jack for use during daytime!


Modern smart watches and fitness trackers typically include sleep tracking as one of their health functions, usually recording when you fall asleep and wake up, along with how long you spent in each stage of sleep (deep, REM and light). Most offer an app-based summary of your night's rest while some provide more in-depth details such as heart rate variability or blood oxygen saturation levels to detect sleep apnea.

Apple Watch Series 8's sleep tracker can help monitor how long you spend in deep or light sleep and the total REM time that has occurred, while Oura Ring tracks your movements, respiration, and heart rate while sleeping to provide insights. Both products can be worn comfortably throughout the night for complete insights into how well your sleeping has gone - providing full data sets that you can interpret with an easy-to-read smartphone-compatible app.

Sleep-tracking wristbands may be helpful, but they may be inaccurate for those suffering from insomnia or with difficult sleeping patterns that are difficult to assess. Furthermore, research has demonstrated that they are less effective at detecting abnormalities than more traditional monitors like portable ECG machines and one-lead electrocardiograms - though still worth giving a try if you want to keep track of your sleeping patterns.

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