Can Your Mattress Help Sleep Apnea?

Can Your Mattress Help Sleep Apnea? - TheSleepLoft
Can Your Mattress Help Sleep Apnea? - TheSleepLoft

Can Your Mattress Help Sleep Apnea?

An optimal mattress is essential to getting a restful night's rest. For those living with sleep apnea, finding an optimal mattress will support your sleeping position and minimize symptoms like snoring or airway compression.

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Memory foam mattresses like the Nectar Classic can provide great pressure relief across hips and shoulders when sleeping on their side, but some people may prefer an adjustable bed for sleep apnea that enables them to raise their mattress at an ideal angle.

Soft Mattresses

Google "best mattress for sleep apnea" and you are likely to come up with unsourced claims without scientific backing, many of them suggesting certain mattresses could help by encouraging sleeping on one's side rather than back.

Though changing sleep positions can help mitigate apnea symptoms, many still find this difficult due to physical or anatomical reasons. Sleeping on their back may exacerbate apnea symptoms further due to pressure placed upon soft tissues in their throat that collapse and block airways.

To address these problems, the ideal mattress should encourage side-sleeping and provide a supportive surface suitable for use with CPAP machines to alleviate symptoms. Memory foam, latex and hybrid mattresses are excellent choices that offer conforming surfaces that promote healthy spinal alignment while being durable enough to avoid sagging over time.

The Helix Midnight mattress was specifically created with side sleepers in mind and offers a medium firmness that cradles hips and shoulders for alignment, providing healthy breathing patterns and adequate air flow - perfect for those suffering from sleep apnea or other respiratory conditions. Additionally, its layer of breathable material may allow plenty of ventilation - making this an excellent option if breathing is an issue for you.

Adjustable Bed Frames

Adjustable bed bases are great tools to reduce back pain and symptoms of acid reflux, but they can also help mitigate sleep apnea. By raising both head and foot of bed to various positions, adjustable bases help those suffering from snoring, acid reflux, or both to breathe more easily by relieving pressure off their necks and throats. They may even prevent tongue from falling back into airways during sleep - which often leads to snoring!

Adjustable bed frames offer various ergonomic settings to meet the sleeping position needs of individuals with sleep apnea, making it easier to find the optimal sleeping posture for you. Most are compatible with most modern mattresses so you can select one to best fit your preferences. Snoring can occur due to windpipe obstruction during sleep due to being overweight or having loose tissue in their throat; most snorers can benefit from using an adjustable base as this keeps their head elevated while they rest.

If you want to ensure that your new adjustable bed meets all your sleep apnea needs, select a hybrid foam mattress such as Polysleep's Polysleep mattress which conforms well to an adjustable base and features hypoallergenic material, providing relief if allergies or acid reflux aggravate sleep apnea and snoring symptoms. This mattress also comes with adjustable bases.


Sleep apnea symptoms can be relieved with the aid of a wedge pillow, which elevates the head and promotes a healthier sleeping position. Wedge pillows come in different shapes, sizes, and slopes; it's important to find one that best meets your needs and sleeping habits. Wedge pillows typically feature triangular designs made with soft yet supportive foam material that elevates 6-8 inches above the head to help alleviate snoring while clearing airways for those living with obstructive sleep apnea; their gentle incline also promotes healthy spine alignment while helping with respiratory conditions, back pain relief, or leg discomfort reduction.

A wedge pillow can help alleviate acid reflux and other gastrointestinal issues by relieving pressure from the lower esophageal sphincter - often found when sleeping on your stomach - in those sleeping on their side or stomach. Furthermore, using such an item may also ease sinus congestion caused by colds or allergies, by encouraging mucus drainage rather than building up in nasal passages. People living with glaucoma may use such wedge pillows to elevate their eyes at night so as to lower intraocular pressure and possibly prevent vision loss over time.

This memory foam wedge pillow offers a premium blend of certified memory foam with a cozy knit cover that's machine-washable, ideal for all body types and sleeping positions. Available in two height options to meet individual sleeper requirements - the 12-inch version features an ergonomic gentle slope designed for back and side sleepers alike while its shorter 7.5-inch model elevates head and neck for improved respiratory comfort and obstructive sleep apnea relief.

Fanny Packs

If a loved one is suffering from frequent and loud snoring, it could be time for them to undergo a sleep study. Snoring may be an indicator of serious health problems like Obstructive Sleep Apnea; sleep studies will help assess this.

Sleep Apnea can often be treated using a continuous positive airway pressure machine (CPAP). But even simple adjustments to mattress firmness or sleeping posture may have dramatic results.

Studies have demonstrated that sleeping on your side is the best way to curb snoring and improve sleep apnea. This is because sleep apnea is typically caused by airway collapse during breathing, something which can be reduced significantly through changing sleeping posture.

Sleep experts often suggest positional therapy devices as an aid to help patients sleep on their side through the night - one such device, called Sleep Noodle, looks similar to a large fanny pack but has scientifically been proven effective at reducing episodes caused by sleeping on one's back.

Alternately, other products vibrate gently when someone rolls onto their back, awakening them so they can switch sides more easily. These products are available online without a prescription and tend to be fairly economical.

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