Adjustable Base Vs. Box Spring

Adjustable Base Vs. Box Spring

Many mattresses require a foundation for optimal support and to prevent sagging. Placing your mattress directly on the floor, however, reduces airflow, traps heat and moisture and may void its warranty.

Box springs are simple supports that rest atop a bed frame, making them suitable for traditional innerspring mattresses. Foundations consist of wooden slats that may provide better support for latex, hybrid or memory foam mattresses.


A box spring is a wooden box fitted with coils that sits underneath a mattress to add support and height, providing extra support and creating height. While typically associated with traditional innerspring mattresses, you can also use it with foam and hybrid mattresses for maximum support and height.

Adjustable bases offer another solution, enabling you to raise and lower your mattress to different angles and positions for sleeping or lounging. They're great for people suffering from back pain or who simply desire a more comfortable mattress; most come equipped with remotes and can store two preset positions; we recommend the Layla Adjustable Base Plus which features an array of settings while being easy to assemble.

Some mattress brands advise using a box spring or foundation while others do not; depending on which mattress type you opt for will help determine what kind of base will work best with the style and frame in your bedroom.

If you're uncertain whether your mattress needs a box spring, its warranty should make this clear. Alternatively, bunkie boards offer an alternative foundation option with more sleek styling while still fulfilling all its functionalities.


Box springs feature wooden frames encasing steel coils enclosed by fabric that provide support. Box springs are typically designed to complement innerspring mattresses by helping absorb their weight. While box spring foundations may work for most mattresses, foam or hybrid mattresses could weigh down the coils over time and damage the foundation over time.

An adjustable base is a remote-controlled bed frame that elevates both head and feet in various positions for sleepers, often to relieve back pain, snoring or other issues during the night. They typically offer various settings to manage backache, snoring or other sleep related problems such as the Layla Adjustable Base Max which offers customizable comfort zones to provide personalized fit to each sleeper while the frame itself has two preset positions for convenient storage - plus it comes ready-assembled!

Many of us question if it is necessary for our mattress to include a box spring foundation. The answer typically is no; however, this depends on your bed type and warranty information; most mattress-in-a-box companies advise against using box springs with memory foam, latex, or hybrid mattresses due to possible warranty voiding effects; read your care instructions closely when trying on new mattresses for confirmation that a foundation may be necessary.


There are various factors to take into account when selecting an ideal foundation for your mattress. Some examples are aesthetics, how much height the box spring adds to the bed and ease of entry/exit from it.

Your mattress's manufacturer often advises using a standard box spring as your foundation, however in certain situations it may not work well. For example, if your mattress is especially thick or heavy it may not fit as easily on this type of foundation; similarly if you have mobility issues finding a bed too high off the floor can make getting in and out more challenging.

Low profile box springs may be the better option in these instances, as they are shorter and lighter than their traditional counterparts, making it easier to maneuver and store. Furthermore, their breathable fabric promotes airflow throughout the night to help keep mattresses cooler for those who sleep hot - thus making this option one of the top choices for people seeking new box springs - though you will still require a frame to secure them to your mattress.


Although both box springs and foundations provide mattress support from beneath, these products differ in construction. A box spring features coil springs to offer additional support while creating a bouncier surface for the mattress - this structure may reduce sagging over time as well. In addition, box springs add height to beds which makes them an attractive option for sleepers who like more space to stretch out on.

Foundations use wooden slats to support mattresses, making them lighter in weight than box springs but only accommodating mattresses that fit them properly. Therefore, when purchasing either foundations or box springs for your mattress it is vitally important that you select the product most suited for it.

Do You Need an Adjustable Base? In general, an adjustable power base may provide an effective way of forgoing buying a separate box spring. An adjustable base allows you to elevate both head and feet independently in different positions to find your ideal sleeping position; additional features may include body massagers and under-bed lighting - you could even program in preferred sleep positions! Plus an adjustable base may make getting in and out easier than traditional box springs!

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