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Honest Green Sleep Bliss Mattress - 2" Pure Latex

Honest Green Sleep Bliss Mattress - 2" Pure Latex

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  • 100% Organic Cotton Sleep Surface:100% Organic Cotton sleep surface helps regulate temperature with constant airflow.

  • 100% Natural - 2" Pure LatexEco friendly Latex: non toxic, hypoallergenic, inherently antibacterial, mold and mildew resistant, dust mite resistant, breathable.

  • GOTS Certified Wool Comfort Layer – Organic Wool Layer Provides Unparalleled Comfort & Temperature Regulation

  • OEKO TEX ® Certified Latex

  • Made in the USA

  • 15 Year Non Pro-rated Warranty

  • Adjustable Base Friendly

Soft & Breathable Organic Cotton Cover

  • Hand-tufted design for comfort and durability.
  • Cover made with Organic cotton which is naturally breathable, hypoallergenic.
  • Treated with our proprietary botanical antimicrobial treatment which is 100% natural and inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

GOTS Certified Organic Natural Wool:

  • Naturally wicks away moisture
  • Regulates body temperature for extra breathability
  • Acts as a natural flame retardant
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Naturally antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites

Pressure-Free Support

  • 5” layer of 5-zones of natural latex offers enhanced support in the lumbar region
  • Supreme pressure-point relief
  • Aired pin holes that go through the entire latex for extreme breathability
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, inherently antibacterial, mold and mildew resistant and doesn’t off-gas
  • NATURALLY BETTER.The Honest Green Sleep mattress collection is made with 100% Eco-Friendly Natural latex –Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, inherently antibacterial, mold and mildew resistant, dust mite resistant and super breathable & doesn’t off-gaslatex breathes up to seven times better than foams or other forms of latex to create a mattress that sleeps temperature neutral.


    No memory foam, synthetic foam, chemical adhesives or chemical fire retardants.  

    Make Sleep Better.


    The Honest Green Sleep is built from the finest natural materials the world has to offer. 100% Natural Latex, Organic Wool and Organic Cotton create a luxurious firm but not rigid feel that appeals to a wide variety of sleep preferences. While most companies glue each comfort layer together, the bed is hand tufted top to bottom. Hand tufting compresses the mattress and lessens excess bounce that sometimes is present in latex mattresses. It also prevents foam and fabric from shifting and bunching. Additionally, not using epoxies to bond these layers together creates an even more natural sleep environment. 

    Couples will enjoy little to no motion transfer. This greatly limits sleep partner disturbance. The mattress is also built with superior temperature regulation in mind. Latex and breathable Organic Cotton naturally sleep cooler than any other foams and fabrics.

    If you've shopped similar high end Latex mattresses, you may already have seen beds costing $10,000 or more. Experience Honest Green Sleep Luxury today for 1/3 to 1/2 the price! There are simply no better built Natural Latex mattresses on the market. Why pay ridiculous prices for the same or better quality? 

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