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Helix Sunset Elite

Helix Sunset Elite

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5 High-Density Foam Layers
We've taken luxury to the next level with the Helix Elite Collection. Treat yourself to 5 distinct foam layers, each coming together to provide a firm feel while cradling your hips and shoulders in side sleeping positions.  

Microcoil Comfort Layers
Enjoy two individually wrapped microcoil layers, designed for incredible cushioning comfort, reduced back pressure, and a truly restorative sleep experience.

A Superior Support System
Every Elite mattress harnesses the support of hundreds of individually wrapped steel coils, features zoned lumbar support, and provides a full perimeter reinforcement for a sturdy, supportive feel night after night.

Advanced GlacioTex™ Elite Technology
Treat yourself with our most advanced cooling feature. This phase change fabric optimizes your sleep temperature from the minute you lie down providing you with all-night cooling comfort. 

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