Crystals That Might Help You Sleep Better

Crystals That Might Help You Sleep Better - TheSleepLoft
Crystals That Might Help You Sleep Better - TheSleepLoft

Crystals That Might Help You Sleep Better

Crystals that may help improve your sleep are more than just an attractive addition to any bedroom; they can also aid relaxation and help promote restful slumber. We at The Sleep Loft think anything that makes sleep better is good. Here are a few options you should consider adding into your evening time routine:

Lepidolite is an excellent stone to soothe an overstimulated mind and to rediscover more subtle emotions.


Amethyst is an amulet that brings serenity, peace, and emotional balance into any space it inhabits. It can help calm an overactive mind and relax the nervous system to reduce insomnia and headaches; additionally, amethyst promotes spiritual growth while purifying its environment by absorbing negative energies and clearing away toxins; its high vibrational frequency also fosters humility, devotion to divine, selflessness spiritual wisdom as well as opening intuition for psychic experiences such as lucid dreams or astral travel.

Amethyst is widely believed to help alleviate anxiety and stress while detoxifying the body by stimulating bile flow, decreasing fevers, inflammations, indigestion insomnia diseases of the brain head amethyst is used for treating ear infections respiratory ailments sexual problems in men while increasing hormone production while healing their lungs skin and digestive tracts.

Place an amethyst under your pillow or near your bed to help aid sleep; or rub it on wrists, temples and behind knees to stimulate specific pressure points known for relaxation. Or hold or rub a stone against your face to release tension headaches and tension headaches. Start slowly when selecting crystals to see which have an effect on sleep; some crystals such as moldavite created from meteorite impacts should not be kept too close as its powerful energy may prevent restful restful restful slumber.


Celestite is one of the best crystals for sleep, as it helps soothe an overly active mind and promote tranquility. Additionally, celestite can connect you with your spirit guides through Active Dreaming practice to receive answers to burning questions that have plagued you; making it an excellent option if you are facing relationship difficulties, career obstacles or any other challenging situations that keep appearing in recurring dreams.

This relaxing crystal emits soothing energy that encourages us to embrace our inner beauty and spiritual strength. Askinosie describes its ice-like quality as helping pierce dense energy fields, providing a great tool for finding balance and tranquility in life. Furthermore, this stone's great ability to release negative emotions like anger or resentment as well as any bad moods may prevent sleeping peacefully at night.

Winquist recommends placing a piece of Lepidolite near your bed to harness its soothing and nurturing energy for emotional healing while you sleep. She suggests placing one underneath your pillow or using it in a crystal grid to promote a sense of safety and security during the nighttime hours. Just be sure to experiment with where and how close to place it each time; be mindful of how you feel after using Lepidolite each time!


Selenite is an exquisite crystal that brings peace, light, and clarity into both your energy field and bedroom. By clearing away any dark energies that have built up throughout the day and replacing them with pure light rays, Selenite allows you to fall asleep feeling rejuvenated allowing more quality sleep at night.

An amethyst crystal can also help you connect with your Guardian Angel during meditation, depending on the date of your birth. One or more of Auriel, Gabriel, Metatron Sandalphon Seraphiel or Tzaphkiel could be your protectors depending on which you select as your Angelic Protectors.

Finally, rose quartz crystal is an invaluable tool for scrying and visualizing the future or past events. It has the capacity to unify shattered pieces of divine light into whole again; thus helping one discover what lies ahead in life.

Be mindful that too many crystals in your bedroom could actually have the opposite of their intended effect; too many crystals can amp up and magnify energy instead of helping reduce it. Therefore, it is always advisable to test various arrangements until finding one that best meets your needs.

As much as possible, I suggest eliminating mirrors, TV's, and computers from your bedroom (these items tend to double the energy in your space). When it comes to crystals in the bedroom, less is usually more. Begin with just a few crystals at first and gradually add more for bedtime routine.


Moonstone is a stone with soothing beauty, said to bring you the energy of lunar cycles and promote spiritual regrowth, especially at new moon. Additionally, Gemini and Cancer birthstones believe moonstone can also aid menstruation as it offers support during menstruation periods and eases menstrual discomfort during menstruation periods. Moonstone also represents feminine energy and fertility and healing your heart while helping ease uterine pain during gestation, increasing intuition and supporting dreams.

Crystals for sleeping have long been used to help soothe anxiety before bed. Many also believe it can promote a deeper spiritual connection and provide protection throughout sleep.

Fluoride crystals may also help with sleep by purging any negative energies from your aura, according to Winquist. They're believed to provide clarity into what might be holding back both professionally and personally.

At night, it's recommended to keep a cleansed crystal in your room near your pillow for better sleep. Crystals can also help induce relaxation before bed or set up a crystal grid with specific intentions in mind, like dreaming more vividly. Winquist recommends adding stones into bathwater so that healing properties will infuse it as you soak.

The Sleep Loft says go for it, get a new mattress and add some crystals and sleep away.

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