What is a Platform Bed?

What is a Platform Bed? - TheSleepLoft
What is a Platform Bed? - TheSleepLoft

What is a Platform Bed?

Platform beds are bed frames that do not require foundations or box springs for support, supporting the mattress directly on one plane without foundations or box springs. Their solid or slat frame may be constructed of wood, metal, plastic or any combination thereof - making this type of mattress bed unique among its counterparts.

While these beds provide many advantages, they should not be considered suitable for individuals suffering from debilitating physical conditions or who need help getting in and out of bed. Here's why:


Platform beds are sturdy enough to support any mattress without needing a box spring. Their foundation consists of either wood or metal slats that will support innerspring, memory foam and latex mattresses with equal ease.

Traditional beds require three components to assemble: frame, mattress, and box spring. However, platform beds differ by being constructed from fewer parts and offering an easier setup process; many don't even require tools - making them an excellent option for anyone short on time or space in their home.

Some platform beds come equipped with the ability to accommodate headboards or footboards for customizing their appearance and creating more storage space under. When purchasing such beds, be sure to select one which can support both your mattress and other bedroom furniture.


Platform beds offer sleek and modern styling in any bedroom design. Since they do not require a box spring, platform beds tend to take up less space than other bed frames and weigh significantly less as a result. There's sure to be one out there that fits your aesthetic--whether its wood, metal, or even an upholstered option!

If you are considering purchasing a platform bed, make sure that it features spaced-apart slats to provide support to your mattress. This will prevent it from pressing against too closely against them and restricting airflow between mattress and base of bed. A bunky board (bunkie board or bunky board) may offer added support as well as allow more airflow through it; these boards are easily found and often made out of recycled or repurposed wood material.

Easy to Assemble

Platform beds feature solid or slatted base designs that eliminate the need for box springs, making them an excellent choice for most mattresses and space constraints. Some models even include extra legs or support rails in the center to add stability and prevent sagging.

No matter the frame material, a platform bed can look modern or rustic chic depending on its style and aesthetics. Wood frames feature heavy-duty construction that fits well with most aesthetics while metal beds boast austere styles that work well with minimalist or industrial designs. You may even find upholstered frames featuring tufted details and rich-grained textures for an elegant, traditional vibe.

Many online stores provide platform bed ideas as a source of guidance, helping to form a detailed construction plan and ensure your completed bed matches both its aesthetics and functionality in your room. This is especially important if you intend to add decorative elements like headboards or footboards into the design of your build.


Platform beds may be more cost-effective than their traditional counterparts when it comes to affordability, comfort and aesthetic appeal. Many feature headboard and footboard options which add character and enhance functionality in the bedroom while increasing aesthetic value and providing added storage space under bed - ideal for rooms with limited floorspace.

Wood is the go-to material for creating platform beds, offering durability and visual appeal while being easy to keep clean and maintain. Metal platform bed frames also tend to be popular as minimalistic contemporary pieces.

Plastics and composite materials can also be used to craft platform beds, though they typically don't offer the same longevity or structural integrity of wood or metal platforms beds. Furthermore, aesthetic flexibility may also be limited with plastic platform beds. However, those on tight budgets can craft their own DIY platform beds using recycled or otherwise unwanted plastic materials and save money through making these projects themselves.

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