How to Select the Best Memory Foam Mattress

best memory foam mattress

Memory foam beds offer the ideal blend of support for back sleepers while conforming to their bodies.

Mattresses that utilize memory foam provide excellent pressure relief and an indulging body-hug feel, but can sometimes become hot to sleep on or permit too much sink for some sleepers. Manufacturers address this by poking holes or infusing the foam with heat-dissipating materials to combat this issue.


Memory foam mattresses require careful consideration when selecting their firmness level; some people prefer soft mattresses while others need firmer ones that offer sufficient pressure relief. Furthermore, it’s essential to select one made of quality materials to ensure lasting performance and ensure durability.

The Saatva Loom & Leaf memory foam mattress offers two firmness levels to meet the needs of all types and body sizes. It starts with an organic cotton cover quilted with gel-infused memory foam, conforming to your body while being supported by a lumbar pad for additional support. A layer of higher-density memory foam balances contouring with support, while its high-density polyfoam core provides stability.

Firmness Rating between 6- 8; This mattress provides optimal sleeping comfort in most sleeping positions and boasts high breathability and American manufacturing. Tens of thousands of customers have reviewed it positively on Amazon; you can have one shipped right to your door within days!

If budget is an issue, consider purchasing the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam mattress. Boasting thick layers of gel-infused memory foam for a cloudlike feeling and support for your back, neck, and shoulders, it has a medium firmness rating with multiple sizes available and comes backed with a lifetime warranty as well as exceptional edge support with minimal motion transfer.

Sleeperly Cool Memory Foam Mattress offers another budget-friendly option with its plush pillow top and high-density memory foam construction, designed to ensure maximum comfort. Its open cell structure helps draw heat away from the body while its ventilated foam helps increase airflow throughout the night – all features that are essential when looking for affordable options on mattresses. Customers have provided highly positive customer reviews of this mattress; making it a solid investment choice!

Memory foam mattresses are well-known for providing excellent pressure relief, relieving joint pain by cushioning it. Furthermore, memory foam beds can reduce motion disturbances for couples sharing beds – but may not be ideal for heavier sleepers due to sinkage into too deeply into the foam, potentially placing extra strain on hips and shoulders. Furthermore, certain memory foam beds tend to trap heat too efficiently which may make sleeping too hot for some people.


Memory foam mattresses provide unparalleled contouring support and minimal motion transfer, as well as sleeping hot. Unfortunately, some individuals may find them too sink-y. To address these concerns, innovative materials and design features can be utilized.

Memory foam has come a long way since its early days of heat retention, with manufacturers now employing various techniques to promote its breathability such as poking holes in the mattress or adding heat dissipation materials. Therefore, it’s crucial that potential buyers carefully evaluate a mattress’s construction prior to making a purchase decision.

A good memory foam mattress starts with an organic cotton cover quilted to a layer of gel-infused foam, followed by a lumbar pad to provide additional lower back support, and finally high density polyfoam for contouring and support.

Firmness of mattress feels is also of the utmost importance when selecting a new mattress. While you can get an indication of its firmness by looking at its foam ILD (insulation loss density), keep in mind that individual layers play an integral part in how the bed performs; generally speaking, higher ILD values generally translate to firmer mattresses; however, different brands often utilize proprietary formulas which may not accurately represent ILD values.

As part of your search for the ideal mattress, other factors should also be taken into account such as price, warranty and delivery time. A great mattress must provide comfortable support while being easy to keep clean and maintain; additionally it should help prevent backache as well as joint pain.

To get optimal results from your mattress purchase, it is also important to select an appropriate frame and bedding set. These items will increase its performance while prolonging its life expectancy. Many brands also provide generous risk-free trial periods of up to one year before making your final decision.

Though memory foam mattresses can be costly, there are also more budget-friendly options available such as The Cocoon by Sealy Chill which has been recognized by various consumer publications as one of the top memory foam options. It features a unique zoning system that helps move heat away from hotter parts of the mattress for added cooling, making this mattress an excellent option for people experiencing joint pain or other ailments.


Memory foam mattresses are an investment worth making; however, how long yours lasts will depend on how well you treat it. You can increase its longevity by avoiding common mistakes like using an inexpensive bed frame, not vacuuming regularly enough, and permitting pets to sleep on it.

Make sure your memory foam mattress is vacuumed regularly so as to eliminate dead skin cells, dirt, dust and mildew which could otherwise form and create allergenic situations in its foam layer. Vacuuming regularly will also prevent allergies caused by mold growth in its material layers. To avoid such mistakes it’s wise to follow some basic rules: vacuum weekly in order to eliminate dead skin cells, dirt and dust as well as mold or mildew growth that could otherwise form which could harm its comfort level and possibly void its warranty.

When purchasing a memory foam mattress, ensure it features a machine-washable cover to safeguard against stains, dust mites and bacteria build-up. In addition, using a mattress protector is recommended to protect it from spills or other accidents; one can usually be found at most retailers and will help prolong its life.

Make sure that the mattress you purchase features a natural latex core; this material provides more bounce and won’t sink as easily than memory foam, while not off-gassing like many new mattresses do. Also look for one that features high-density foam layers; these are more resilient than low-density options.

Dependence on memory foam mattresses depends on multiple factors, including density and type of foam used during construction. While higher-density foam can be more costly, it provides superior support. For instance, the AS3 model from Tempur-Pedic features innovative Bio-Pur foam made partially with plant oil; this allows more flexible conforming that responds more readily to body movements while alleviating pressure points.

As part of your evaluation of memory foam mattresses, consider looking for those that offer trial periods and warranties of at least 10 years. Also, purchase pillows to promote spinal alignment for restful night’s rest.


Price should always be a primary concern when shopping for a memory foam mattress, but this price can change depending on its material, thickness, number of layers, etc. In general, thicker mattresses with more layers tend to cost more; however some manufacturers provide discounts or promotions which help offset this initial expense.

Memory foam mattresses tend to come at affordable prices due to mass production and retail outlets or online. Furthermore, these models don’t incur as many taxes and charges than traditional innerspring models so consumers can save significantly by choosing them over traditional innerspring options.

Memory foam mattresses provide excellent pressure relief, support your spine, and isolate motion between partners. In addition, many are designed to encourage good posture and sleep alignment to alleviate back pain; some models may even be hypoallergenic and help decrease allergens such as dust mites.

Keep this in mind when shopping for a memory foam mattress: they may be susceptible to overheating due to their contoured design and can trap heat under your body, leading to uncomfortable sleep temperatures. But with advances in foam technology comes better temperature regulation; some models even feature breathable materials like gel, copper and graphite which may help you sleep cooler.

The Puffy mattress is an affordable memory foam solution made in the US that includes three unique kinds of foam designed to cradle your body. Perfect for those experiencing back or neck pain as well as joint conditions.

Puffy mattresses tend to retail for an extremely high MRSP; however, the company often runs sales that bring this price closer to mid-range. If you’re in search of something similar that can also cool you down affordably but is also budget friendly, consider the Cocoon Chill (#6) on our list; its cooling powers may not match those of GhostBed Luxe (#5) but are great alternatives for hot sleepers on a budget.

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