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If you’re having trouble sleeping, an app that promotes peaceful rest could help. Many tracks how much sleep is accomplished each night while others offer relaxing sounds or meditation exercises to guide you toward dreamland.

Calm is an increasingly popular app due to its wide array of free sleep stories and music tracks narrated by recognizable narrators, plus mindfulness-related features such as breathing exercises and sleep guides.


Pzizz is a sleep app designed to promote better restful slumber through built-in soothing sounds. Similar to white noise, its built-in soothing sounds help you fall asleep more quickly and remain asleep throughout the night – it even offers a wake-up feature so that external noise doesn’t wake you up unexpectedly!

Pzizz offers guided meditation tracks designed to relax the mind. These tracks draw on clinical research as well as Indian and Tibetan traditions of meditation; one track called Stop, Breathe, Think uses breathing techniques to soothe anxiety. Furthermore, its user-friendly design offers plenty of customizable settings – duration of sleep or power nap sessions; music volume adjustments; even adding 3D effects!

Use headphones or earbuds when listening to the Pzizz app, but your phone’s built-in speaker will do. Customize track length and set an alarm timer – 20 minutes should do it! – for best results.

Pzizz offers more than just sleep and nap apps; their audio-based focus app can help users concentrate while working. Available for iOS and Android users alike, there is also a free trial available, while paid subscription provides full access to features.

Pzizz is an advanced mobile application for sleep and power naps that uses effective psychoacoustic principles to quickly induce restful restful slumber, including its “dreamscapes”, which combine music, variable voiceover narration and sound effects to quickly help users unwind before falling asleep quickly and staying asleep throughout the night or power nap – its users include NBA stars Roy Hibbert and JK Rowling among many more.

Pzizz is one of over 325 sleep and wellness tech companies featured in CB Insights’ Expert Collections, providing buyers with an easy way to access information on specific vendors within a vertical. These analyst-curated collections make identifying vendors easy!


This sleep app uses machine learning to automatically track your sleeping patterns, from detecting snoring and breathing interruptions, analyzing your environment for potential sources of poor quality rest, as well as giving an in-depth overview of light and deep sleep stages, heart rate during restful rest and environmental exposures.

Sleep Health Monitor can be an excellent solution for people experiencing health problems associated with their sleeping patterns and is easy to use and navigate, offering plenty of features such as recording scary noises or playing music to wake you up during the night. Compatible with all Apple Watch models (though some advanced features require a subscription).

AutoSleep, another top sleep app for Apple Watch owners, is an essential addition. This app monitors your activity during the night and alerts you if your battery runs low as bedtime approaches so that you can charge it before going to sleep. Furthermore, AutoSleep includes a bedtime consistency score which measures how often and quickly it takes you to fall asleep and wake up each night.

AutoSleep allows you to set your preferred wake-up time and can remind you when to go to bed at specific times, with countdown clock. Unlike many sleep tracking apps, AutoSleep doesn’t require additional hardware or software for functioning; however, its user interface could stand a bit of streamlining.

This free automatic sleep tracking app can be found on the App Store and has become one of the most popular choices for iOS and Apple Watch users alike. Utilizing motion and heart rate sensors on devices to track your sleeping cycle, this app gives a detailed view of resting heart rate, duration, light/deep phases as well as alerts when someone snores or experiences irregular heartbeat. In its most recent update it now supports Today widget on iPhone as well as sleep minutes trend with insights.

Sleep Reset

Finding adequate rest can benefit your health, mood and performance in numerous ways. Unfortunately, however, getting enough shuteye can be challenging for many of us. A good sleep app can help track and develop healthier sleeping habits and routines; such as relaxing music/soundscapes/bedtime stories/meditation exercises/mindfulness practices etc – not forgetting personalized coaching/advice.

Sleep Reset, the first digital, personalized sleep clinic and using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help users overcome insomnia without using pills or melatonin, has recently been launched by the company behind Simple Habit meditation app and available for both iOS and Android devices.

This sleep app includes a sleep cycle analyzer which measures your light, deep and REM stages of sleep as well as recording heart rate and breathing while you rest. With this information at hand, the app can predict when it’s time for you to fall asleep or wake up, setting an alarm when needed or set an alert that will go off at the appropriate moment in your cycle. Furthermore, this tool keeps track of your overall sleeping patterns over time by comparing them against a healthy average for your age group.

Headspace provides guided meditations designed for mindfulness, relaxation and sleep. These meditations may reduce heart rate while encouraging slower, deeper breaths to increase sleep quality. Furthermore, Headspace activates your parasympathetic nervous system – responsible for soothing the body and encouraging sleep – helping you fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

There are various sleep apps, some more comprehensive than others. Some provide tools for improving your restful slumber while others specialize in treating specific sleep issues such as anxiety or sleep apnea. Some apps even help pinpoint the source of any troubles sleeping while connecting you with certified coaches to address these issues directly.

Sleep is essential to overall well-being and using a sleep app can make creating and adhering to an effective routine easier. Please consult with a healthcare provider if you have any queries about your current sleeping habits, or need help developing strategies to enhance them.

Stella Sleep

If sleep deprivation is keeping you up at night, there are various apps to help enhance the quality of rest. Sleep apps can help you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer to ensure your body gets what it needs to function at its optimal levels.

Establishing a sleeping routine can be challenging, but apps provide an easy way to establish healthy sleeping patterns that will lead to improved restful nights. Many are free, while some require one-time purchases or subscription fees.

Stella Sleep is a popular sleep app that utilizes mindfulness meditation techniques designed to help users fall and remain asleep. This advanced sleep-based brain training (SGB) protocol works by reseting the parasympathetic nervous system and inducing calmness through SGB sessions, helping users fight stress and anxiety more easily while helping you learn to relax more during the day so as to improve night-time restful slumber.

The app offers both a free version and premium subscription that provides access to sleep coaching sessions and additional content that can help supplement existing treatment plans. SGB protocols have been shown to reduce arousal while increasing time spent in deeper stages of restful slumber; iOS and Android users alike can utilize it with scientific research supporting it.

SleepScore app, another free solution, allows users to track sleep patterns and get advice for making adjustments to their bedtime routine. With its sonar-like feature detecting ambient noise in the room and offering more accurate analyses than traditional trackers.

Other sleep apps include Pzizz, which offers a comprehensive catalog of soothing sounds to lull people to sleep. From white noise and crackling fires, to airplanes swooshing overhead – and with fade-out timers to ensure they don’t continue playing throughout the night and wake you up! Relax Melodies provides users with various combinations of sounds tailored specifically to their sleeping state for an optimal restful slumber experience.

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