Choosing the Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

For optimal side sleeping, your mattress must adapt to the shape of your body in order to reduce pressure on sensitive areas and keep hips and shoulders aligned.

Memory foam beds are known for their contouring abilities, yet can trap body heat. To combat this, opt for a hybrid model such as Helix Midnight Luxe which includes cooling layers.


An essential aspect of a mattress suitable for side sleepers is its ability to provide good support in the areas around hips and shoulders. To achieve this goal, soft to medium-soft feel should conform to body contours while relieving pressure without sinking in or misaligning spinal alignment. Foam or hybrid mattresses tend to work best for this use case but there may also be alternatives depending on personal preferences and firmness level requirements.

Memory foam mattresses tend to provide a cozy sleeping surface without exerting undue strain on hips and shoulders, such as with the original Nectar mattress, offering just enough contouring for average and heavier weight side sleepers to prevent pressure points from becoming sore or sore overnight. Unfortunately, though, memory foam may trap heat leading to sweaty nights when sleeping on it side.

Innerspring mattresses such as the Saatva Classic tend to offer better spinal alignment and pushback than foam-only options, earning perfect marks in our tests for overall support as well as edge support and ease of movement. It features a durable but breathable pillow-top layer for additional comfort while still offering some pressure relief.

Hybrid mattresses with supportive innerspring coils and soft layers of foam offer great pushback for alignment while remaining comfortable – such as the Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Hybrid mattress which boasts the ideal combination of firmness and softness, making it suitable for most side sleepers.

Latex mattresses can also make an excellent choice for side sleepers, since their firmness makes it possible to accommodate heavier-weight people without sinking too deeply into them. Our tests showed excellent edge support, bounce and motion isolation performance from this mattress – with its soft upper layer providing contouring support as well. The Douglas Foam Mattress stands out among its peers in this regard.


Many side sleepers need a mattress with sink-in and contouring features to alleviate pressure on their shoulders and hips, particularly those suffering from back pain when sleeping in this position. Memory foam or hybrid mattresses tend to be ideal choices; however, firmness should also play an integral part of this decision process as there are options available if softer comfort levels are desired.

The Purple Plus mattress is an ideal solution for side sleepers who require both support and comfort in their side sleeping position. Utilizing its proprietary Hyper-Elastic material, which flexes under pressure to deliver tailored support in key areas like hips and shoulders. In addition, its airflow promoters make for a cooler sleeping surface while its silky-soft top layer ensures optimal airflow.

DreamCloud Premier Hybrid mattress provides both support and comfort when sleeping sideways. This mattress combines an innerspring base with multiple layers of memory foam for ultimate comfort and support, featuring a lumbar support cushion and Euro pillow top for neck/shoulder discomfort relief, as well as memory foam layers designed to relieve pressure off hips/shoulders.

The Layla Dual-Sided mattress provides a range of firmness levels to meet varying user preferences and is an excellent solution for sharing beds or those experiencing mobility issues. With both soft and firm sides to suit different users, this dual-sided mattress can easily be turned over according to user preference.

The Helix Midnight Luxe mattress stood out as one of our test winners and is suitable for all sleeping positions, including side sleeping. This medium-firm bed-in-a-box features its Helix zoned support system to deliver targeted support in areas prone to sag over time and help ensure proper spinal alignment among people of different body weights.


Shoulders and hips require extra support when sleeping on your side. Finding an ideal mattress means selecting one that contours to these areas while offering enough softness to relieve pressure points. A mattress that is too firm may cause pain or numbness upon waking; for this reason, memory foam mattresses with cooling layers could provide better sleeping surfaces throughout the night.

Many online, direct-to-consumer brands now provide mattresses suitable for various sleeping positions, from side sleepers to stomach sleepers. These mattresses boast the perfect balance of firmness and softness to make them the ideal option. One such example is Saatva Classic which offers three firmness levels and a 365-night trial period; featuring medium firmness with soft foam layers to cradle your hips and shoulders without pushing them too deeply into bed.

Winkbed Plus, a latex hybrid mattress specifically tailored for heavier individuals, boasts an average customer review score of 4.7 stars out of 5, making it an excellent choice for couples sharing a bed as it features more of a bouncier feel than most options in this list; however, its bouncier feel may not suit light sleepers who feel their bodies shifting too frequently during the night.

Purple Mattress provides another excellent option for side sleepers. As a hybrid mattress with unique Gel-Flex Grid technology that flexes to provide tailored support, this medium firmness mattress has proven itself a good option for most types of sleepers.

If you prefer the durability and cloudlike comfort of memory foam models, the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid Mattress could be an excellent choice. It features an innerspring base layer for support while multiple layers of memory foam cushion and relieve pressure points for pressure relief and cushioning. Plus, there are multiple size options and lifetime warranties with this offering!

Height and Thickness

As a side sleeper, mattress height and thickness should be of particular consideration. A quality mattress will offer support to your spine when lying down while cushioning hips and shoulders if they tend to sink in during sleep. In addition, look for one thick enough that won’t sag over time.

A good mattress for side sleepers should conform to your body’s curves while providing adequate support for hips and shoulders – helping alleviate any pressure points that could otherwise cause back pain. But this doesn’t imply you require an overly firm mattress – too hard could compress spines causing further pain to those areas of your spine.

Medium-firm mattresses tend to provide sufficient support for most side sleepers, making it the go-to mattress choice among many individuals, though heavier people may find it too soft. A hybrid model may offer additional durability with its innerspring construction combined with the cushion of foam foam mattress layers.

Bear Elite Hybrid mattress is an excellent choice for side sleepers, providing the ideal blend of comfort and support. With its patented lumbar zone and high-density foam rails creating a supportive base to prevent sagging over time; as well as cool sleep technology which keeps you from overheating while sleeping; plus it comes in both soft or firm versions to meet any sleeping preference or preference.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe mattress is another hybrid option that features both foam and coils for optimal sleep comfort. Its memory foam provides just the right amount of sinkage, with a breathable cover to keep you cool throughout the night. Furthermore, this mattress comes with a 365-day risk-free trial period and free in-home delivery/setup/financing options to make it even more budget friendly.

The Saatva Classic mattress stands out as another top contender in our tests for side sleepers, thanks to its innerspring layer’s excellent durability and support, plus a 7.5-inch slab of support foam extending its lifespan. These factors allow it to perform above average in our edge support, motion isolation and temperature regulation tests; plus it has slightly higher bounce than most mattresses – something many may find acceptable.

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