Lull Mattress Reviews

Lull Mattress Reviews
Lull Mattress Reviews
Lull Mattress reviews

Lull Mattress Reviews shopping can be an arduous endeavor. But with Lull Mattress, the experience can become less daunting by having it shipped right to your door for free!

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Memory foam comfort layers offer cooling comfort for an optimal sleeping experience, wicking away body heat while relieving pressure in both back and side sleeping positions. Furthermore, they feature strong pressure relieving properties which offer relief to back or side sleepers alike.

All-foam construction

The Lull Mattress is a high-end memory foam mattress designed to provide both traditional mattress comfort and therapeutic spinal support. Featuring three layers, its three-dimensional structure provides optimal support to help ensure optimal spinal alignment and ensure healthy spinal health.

The top layer is 1.5 inches of gel-infused memory foam that offers pressure relief and temperature regulation, as well as reduced motion transfer and enhanced comfort for couples sharing beds.

The mattress's bottom layer consists of 7 inches of high-density polyurethane foam that serves as an effective foundation and prevents it from sagging over time. CertiPUR-US certification guarantees it to be free from harmful chemicals while being soft to touch and relieving back pain. Couples who sleep nearer the edges will appreciate its good edge support; motion transfer properties make this mattress suitable for couples sharing bedrooms with pets or children as well.

Medium firm feel

The Lull mattress features a medium firm feel, making it suitable for all sleeping positions. It doesn't cause pressure point pain and doesn't sink too deeply into its foam cushion to offer adequate lumbar support. Furthermore, its bouncier surface and superior edge support distinguishes it from many other foam mattresses on the market.

Back sleepers weighing under 130 pounds should experience plenty of lumbar support from the mattress's supportive memory foam layers, while lighter side sleepers will find relief along their shoulders and hips as their bodies won't compress the top layer as much.

This mattress's 1.5 inches of gel-infused memory foam provide a cooling surface by dissipating body heat. Plus, its soft and breathable cover helps avoid heat accumulation. Furthermore, the 10-year warranty covers defects or sagging that occur within 10 years of ownership.

Strong pressure-relieving properties

The Lull Mattress features a custom blend of memory and poly foams designed to gently support the body to relieve pressure points while helping keep the spine aligned, making this bed perfect for back, side, or stomach sleepers. Furthermore, its top layer of gel keeps things cool by decreasing heat retention.

This mattress's thinner comfort layer means it doesn't sink in as far as other foam mattresses, reducing any sensation of getting trapped in the center and being trapped between partners who share beds during sleep. This may be particularly useful if one partner moves frequently during the night.

Lull mattresses arrive in a box the size of a mini-fridge and require no assembly or shipping timeframes to arrive. Customers have 100 nights free returns/exchanges policy on Lull products as well as 10-year warranties to protect themselves against defects.

Off-gassing odors

Foam mattresses often emit an odor during unboxing and initial use - this process is known as off-gassing - a normal part of their process that typically dissipates in a few hours. To maintain proper ventilation during this time and to minimize exposure to chemicals in your environment.

The Lull Mattress offers more support and comfort than many memory foam models while sleeping cooler due to its gel formulation. Furthermore, its reduced motion transfer rates make it an excellent choice for couples sharing beds as well as those who share with pets or children.

The company does not provide white-glove delivery or removal, but does offer free FedEx shipping and a 100-night sleep trial period for customers to try their mattresses out for themselves. Customers can reach customer support via phone, email or live online chat for support services.

Motion transfer

Lull Mattress features seven inches of high-density polyurethane foam for strength and durability, serving as an effective foundation against sagging over time. Furthermore, this layer offers much-needed support by relieving pressure off hips and shoulders during sleep.

This mattress boasts minimal motion transfer capabilities, making it a good option for couples. However, heavier individuals may not receive enough support. Furthermore, as pressure doesn't respond instantly with this mattress type it may not be ideal as an option as they tend to move around more in bed than desired.

Its medium firm feel makes this mattress suitable for back and stomach sleepers who weigh under 130 pounds, as its polyfoam core and transition layer should minimize sinkage near sleeper's hips, potentially improving spinal alignment. Furthermore, this gel-infused top layer helps sleepers remain cool. Odor off-gassing may occur for several days - typical of synthetic foam mattresses.


An important consideration in mattress purchase decisions is durability and performance, which is why many online mattresses provide trial periods and warranties to enable prospective buyers to explore a product risk-free.

Lull's breathable top layer draws heat away from the body and disperses it evenly throughout the mattress, keeping you cool during sleep. This feature is great for people who tend to overheat while sleeping.

A responsive mattress will also easily respond to movement, which is especially essential if sharing the bed with someone. Its transitional layer helps eliminate that "stuck-in-the-mud" sensation while supporting your back.

The company's 10-year limited warranty provides coverage for replacement or repair of your mattress for 10 years from purchase. Returns of any mattress purchased from them are free - simply arrange a courier pickup and send them back!

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