Leesa Mattress Reviews

Leesa Mattress Reviews
Leesa Mattress Reviews
leesa mattress reviews

Leesa Mattress Reviews

Leesa Bed-in-a-Box relies on its 100-night Sleep Trial, free shipping and returns, and outstanding customer support to deliver its bed-in-a-box mattresses.

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The Leesa www.thesleeploft.com excels on all fronts, particularly when it comes to cooling, pressure relief and motion isolation. Plus it's very affordable!


The Leesa mattress offers medium-firm support that should suit most sleepers. The top layer of foam is soft yet supportive enough to quickly rebound after being compressed; thus making this ideal for side and back sleeping positions, and should maintain healthy neutral spinal alignment throughout your restful night's rest.

Memory foam contours to your body to relieve pressure points in hips and shoulders, while HD polyfoam provides sturdy foundational support that will hopefully prevent sagging over time.

As Leesa boasts a thicker foam base, it does not require traditional boxsprings and works well with most platform beds or bed frames with slatted platforms. However, heavier individuals or those looking for traditional innerspring comfort may not find this mattress suitable.

While many confuse firmness with support, the primary factors affecting firmness are typically your body weight and sleeping position. The Leesa mattress is ideal for lightweight to average-weight side sleepers looking for enough support and cushioning in the hips and shoulders; back and stomach sleepers also should experience great support; however larger individuals might find that its fill might not cover enough of their lower back area.


Cooling gel in the middle of a mattress helps draw heat away from your body to help you remain cool. A top layer of breathable foam promotes bounce, fast response time and better cooling without sacrificing hug, contour or pressure relief. Finally, there is six inches of sturdy and supportive foam foundation layer which keeps everything steady.

The Leesa Original mattress strikes an ideal balance between soft and firm, making it suitable for back sleepers of average-weight side sleepers as well as lighter stomach sleepers. Due to its all-foam construction, however, heavier people may prefer other mattress options instead due to less bounce compared to latex foam models - and might be less suitable as an option for people who like rolling around while sleeping.

This mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, guaranteeing it to be free from ozone depleters and hazardous chemicals. Furthermore, its soft yet breathable cover has subtle diagonal line embossing for an enhanced feel and added support.

The Leesa mattress excels at isolating motion, a key consideration for couples sharing one mattress. You should not feel disturbed by your partner's tosses and turns during the night; additionally, its responsive top layer may provide sexually active couples with some bounce that they'll appreciate. In addition, its edge support remains very solid so as not to compress over time.


Leesa mattresses are all extremely resilient and hold up well against wear and tear, featuring foams with great rebound characteristics that provide ample bounce, as well as hybrid models with added coil support for extra support and motion isolation. If you share your mattress, these models provide great motion isolation; great if sleeping with someone.

Memory foam beds are great at relieving pressure points. Their memory foam conforms around your body to help relieve hip and lower back pain - ideal for back and side sleepers alike - as well as supporting spine alignment while you rest.

Leesa mattresses are suitable for all sleeping positions, including stomach slumbers. Their memory foam helps cradle them comfortably in bed while alleviating pressure points that cause discomfort - this feature is especially helpful for heavier individuals who frequently experience discomfort in these areas.

The Original Leesa mattress offers a medium-firm firmness to meet most people's sleeping needs, and should accommodate all sleeping positions. Though firmer than some might expect, light and average-weight sleepers should find it comfortable; those weighing closer to 230 pounds might need other solutions from our best mattress for heavy people roundups.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation should be one of the main considerations when purchasing a new mattress, as a good-performing mattress will reduce movement between sleepers when their partner shifts position during the night. Leesa offers exceptional motion isolation thanks to their all-foam mattress construction - helping ensure a more peaceful night's rest!

The Leesa's top layer is composed of LSA200 foam, which provides soft yet responsive and more breathable cushioning than memory foam. When pressing into this layer, your hand quickly bounces back out again without trapping heat; below this layer lies 2-inches of slow-moving memory foam for pressure relief and contouring purposes.

After this comfort layer is placed a six-inch foundation layer of dense polyfoam that adds support and durability, creating a combination that allows Leesa mattresses to retain their shape over time and resist sagging.

The Leesa mattress is an excellent option for back and stomach sleepers, offering ample support for the spine while offering good contouring features to alleviate hip pressure on side sleepers. Heavyweight back/tummy sleepers weighing closer than 230 pounds may not receive sufficient support with this mattress; hybrid models like Leesa Legend or Hybrid may offer better support options instead.

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