Puffy Mattress Reviews

Puffy Mattress Reviews
Puffy Mattress Reviews

Puffy mattress reviews

Puffy Mattress Reviews

Puffy mattresses have an exceptional reputation for offering quality memory foam beds, making it the ideal solution for side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers who seek pressure relief and increased lumbar support.

It also boasts excellent motion isolation properties, meaning your partner's movements should not interfere with a restful night's sleep. Furthermore, edge support for an all-foam bed is above average.

Cooling Cloud Foam

The first layer of Puffy features a 2 inch Cooling Cloud foam surface that cradles and contours to your body to help alleviate pressure sensitive areas, while providing cooling technology with 8x more air flow than standard memory foam www.thesleeploft.com brands.

Back sleepers should enjoy a firm mattress with enough support and spine alignment, while side sleepers will find this mattress offers good hip and shoulder support. Stomach sleepers should avoid these mattresses as they could cause overextension of the spine.

This bed's top foam layers promote motion isolation, making it an excellent option for sharing rooms with restless partners. All materials used have been certified as CertiPUR-US to ensure they don't contain ozone depleters, PBDEs, heavy metals or phthalates that could potentially compromise air quality in the room.

This medium-plush mattress should suit most sleepers well; however, heavier individuals and those with mobility issues who require firmer mattresses may find this too soft for them. Furthermore, eco-conscious shoppers may be disappointed to see no natural materials used to craft this mattress.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Gel-infused memory foam acts much like an ice pack in that it absorbs and dissipates body heat while sleeping, helping any individual avoid overheating during restful restful rest. This feature can assist those of all sleeping styles avoid overheating during their restful slumber.

The Puffy mattress includes a transition layer of responsive poly foam to ease sleepers gently onto its Firm Core Support high-density foam base below. This layer can also add rigidity for those who require lumbar support when sleeping on their back or stomach.

The Puffy mattress boasts a medium firmness rating, making it suitable for most sleep positions and sleepers of various weight categories. This may include light and moderate sleepers who favor classic memory foam sensation, couples sharing beds as it reduces motion transfer for deeper, more restful restful sleep, as well as heavy sleepers who may find too soft of a surface and experience "bottoming out", prompting them to consider alternative solutions like hybrid mattresses designed specifically for heavier frames.

Pressure Relief Foam

Waking up with aches and pains can be a huge deterrent to getting quality rest, particularly if you suffer from back issues, arthritis, fibromyalgia or multiple sclerosis. Mattresses designed with pressure relief feature bouncy materials which adapt to body weight for an even more comfortable sleeping position - they may even be beneficial to people who are overweight! Mattresses designed with pressure relief offer relief to relieve muscle tension allowing your spine to maintain proper alignment during restful slumber. Pressure relief beds also can assist those suffering from back problems by relieving muscle tension allowing your spine to maintain proper alignment throughout sleep allowing proper alignment during restful restful slumber.

Memory foam, latex and hybrid mattresses all offer this level of support. Their medium to medium-firm firmness levels make them suitable for many sleeping positions - side sleepers will find adequate hip and shoulder support while back sleepers will benefit from excellent lumbar support.

Pressure point-reducing mattresses are beneficial to anyone, but especially chronic pain sufferers and athletes. Furthermore, these models don't sag over time like innerspring or latex models and are resistant to mold growth, odors and dust mites making them great options for allergy sufferers as well.

Edge Support Foam

Puffy offers a blend of cooling technologies and contouring memory foam layers for an incredibly comfortable mattress experience. Ideal for side sleepers looking to balance pressure relief with support, as well as back sleepers suffering from hip or shoulder pain, Puffy comes complete with an impressive 101 night trial period to see how it suits their specific needs before making their purchase.

Foam mattresses can make great choices for couples because of their superior motion isolation capabilities, which reduce the chance of disrupting one another during the night. If you tend to wake easily during sleep cycles, this feature could prevent being disturbed by your partner rearranging themselves on the mattress or coming and going from bed during your rest time.

Stomach sleepers may find the Puffy mattress too soft and lacking sufficient lumbar support, and should opt for something firmer instead. If they weigh under 130 pounds however, then this mattress should provide sufficient support; otherwise heavier stomach sleepers should opt for one designed specifically for this sleeping position.


No matter if you sleep on your back or side, the Puffy mattress is designed to hug and support the entire body, providing lumbar support as well as pain relief in hips and shoulders. Plush foam construction gives enough support for most back sleepers as well as average-weight side sleepers.

Heavy back sleepers (230 lb or greater) may find the mattress inadequate, due to its softness and conforming design. To provide additional support and stability, its bottom layer has 6 inches of firm core support foam to minimize sinkage and ensure stability.

Puffy mattresses come packaged in a box for easy transportation from your front door to your bedroom. While it may be heavy, having someone help move it onto its foundation may make it easier. Their 101 night trial, lifetime warranty, and free shipping make the Puffy an attractive proposition; and for any inquiries about them or their products they provide an online contact form where their representatives are ready to address any inquiries that arise.

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