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Find the Best Sleep Coach in NYC - TheSleepLoft
Find the Best Sleep Coach in NYC - TheSleepLoft

Find the Best Sleep Coach in NYC

If you are struggling to sleep soundly, consulting with a sleep coach could be of great assistance. They will teach you techniques for relaxing and getting restful night's rest; in addition they may offer services like hypnotherapy, mindfulness meditation or other services designed to improve it.

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An expensive sleep coach may cost thousands, yet its benefits can be immense.


Individuals who share the name Annika often take an empathic approach to social causes and are known for having strong moral convictions, making them excellent teachers or mentors. Furthermore, Annikas tend to be extremely reliable and trustworthy individuals. Yet some may struggle with setting limits and saying no when confronted by others.

Christina is a certified sleep coach who was trained by Kim West, better known as "The Sleep Lady." Christina uses a gentle coaching style which works effectively with infants, toddlers and children of all ages - helping many families develop healthy sleeping habits with consistent nighttime routines.

Carolina is a certified Child and Family Sleep Institute sleep consultant and behavior specialist who helps parents worldwide create personalized sleep plans for their child. Carolina provides one-on-one support, Sessions and Your Child Sleep Manual packages as part of her services.

Seven Oaks Sleep Science

New York City infant & toddler sleep specialist Dr Natalie Barnett offers customized solutions based on your circumstances for you and your baby's naps. Her methods are backed by published sleep research. In addition, she offers various NYC baby sleep training packages tailored specifically for each unique situation.

Sleep is more essential than ever in our 24/7 city, as lack of rest has long-term implications on both health and quality of life. If your slumber issues are disrupting daily activities, consult a qualified sleep specialist immediately for support.

When selecting a sleep clinic, make sure the physician and technicians are accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine as well as certified in sleep disorders. In addition, patient rooms must be as comfortable as possible and located close to either your home or work so you can visit often.

Happy Sleeper Consultants

Your baby needs adequate restful restful to thrive physically, emotionally and cognitively. Working with a professional sleep coach to teach them to fall asleep on their own can help ensure a full night's rest; additionally they may offer advice about improving parenting techniques and strategies.

Kyle offers gentle sleep coaching to help parents develop healthy sleeping habits for themselves and their families. With personalized packages such as one-on-one phone/Skype consultations or group classes available, she takes an individualized approach in her work.

She is a Certified Sleep Consultant through the Family Sleep Institute and her clients describe her as knowledgeable and supportive; many have seen significant improvements in their children's sleeping and quality of life thanks to her services. Furthermore, she offers a money-back guarantee, which is often offered by sleep training companies to attract customers.


Natalie Nevares, founder of Mommywise, has trained sleep consultants across the nation with her proven methods for turning fussy babies into sleep champions. Clients report feeling more rested while their babies make developmental gains through Natalie's sleep training sessions.

She offers a complete package of services that includes six sessions and three months support, earning rave reviews from clients as compassionate, knowledgeable and responsive. Her Manhattan office also provides in-person consultations for those unable to afford home visits.

Mommywise coaches are well-known for their personalized, hands-on approach to mentoring new parents. They offer peace of mind, humor, and a wealth of knowledge specific to your family situation - not to mention four weeks' remote support after passing over sleep coaching reins to you! Their packages are affordable and often covered by FSA or HSA plans.


Kylee is known for her strong work ethic and determination to pursue her goals. Currently employed as a nurse in a postpartum unit, she hopes one day to start her own family and has made no secret about it on social media. Furthermore, Kylee describes herself as hopelessly romantic - something Zach agrees with publicly on his Instagram profile.

She provides online and in-home sleep coaching services for infants, toddlers, and young children. With a gentle approach to sleep shaping and the belief that rested families make for happy ones, she believes rested families make for happy homes. Trained by Kim West (The Sleep Lady), she is certified gentle sleep coach.

She offers consultation by phone and has several packages tailored to different situations: her Daytime House-Call package offers consultation and two follow-up phone calls; while the Nighttime House-Call package can help guide the bedtime process with additional support and energy. Clients have raved about her responsiveness and enthusiasm!


Mother of four and expert sleep consultant, she understands the individual and family sleep needs vary widely. To assist your child in learning to sleep she uses an age-appropriate approach and customizes each plan to your schedule and lifestyle - as well as offering both online and in-home consultations.

Her clients appreciate her energy and responsiveness, she being a Certified Child Sleep Consultant and Behavior Specialist who works closely with families of babies and toddlers. In addition, she holds both a BA in Social Work as well as a Certificate in Palliative Care Counseling.

Mylee is a certified Child Sleep and Behavior Specialist from both The Early Years and Family Sleep Institute, helping numerous families enjoy more restful nights and deeper connections with their children. Sleep plays an integral part in family life and health; she offers consultations via phone, email or Skype.

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