10 New Apps Available to Help Your Sleep

10 New Apps Available to Help Your Sleep - TheSleepLoft
10 New Apps Available to Help Your Sleep - TheSleepLoft

10 New Apps Available to Help Your Sleep

Be it guided meditation or soothing sounds, these 10 new apps were recently reviewed and approved by Olivia Lipski and Rachel Rothman from the Good Housekeeping Institute Nutrition Lab.

Calm offers an expansive library of bedtime stories read aloud by soothing voices (such as Matthew McConaughey). Plus, its subscription includes audio sessions specifically for napping and focus.

1. Sleep Reset

Sleep Reset, under the banner of Simple Habit, made its debut today, offering free access for seven days; thereafter it costs $75 for three months of access.

Find peace is hard in 2021, between dire pandemic news, family obligations and constant online chatter; it can often be challenging to stick to a regular sleep routine.

Sleep Reset app aims to address insomnia and sleep anxiety using expert-designed methods from top-tier clinics, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I). All within an easy to use mobile application.

2. Stella Sleep

Many sleep apps feature libraries of soothing music, white noise, ambient sounds and narration designed to aid your relaxation and help you fall asleep quicker. Others provide meditation instruction or guided breathing as additional content that can assist with this goal.

Stella Sleep stands out, providing bedtime stories with social and emotional learning elements to engage kids while improving sleep quality. The app's content reflects research into children and sleep, offering free trials of accessing its full library via subscription - new stories are added regularly! Children can follow characters such as Sonia the Owl and Max the Magic Boy through their sleepy adventures!

3. Slumber

Sleep is essential to both our physical and emotional well-being, yet it can often prove elusive. Luckily, modern technology is here to assist us!

Apollo Neuro is a wearable designed to improve sleep through neuroscience. Vibrating vibrations on your wrist balance your nervous system and help you sleep through the night.

Slumber is a multi award-winning sleep aid, proven to ease anxiety and guarantee restful slumber without any morning grogginess. Packed full of natural & vegan friendly ingredients for optimal restful restful slumber.

4. White Noise Lite

White noise is one of the most effective apps to help you sleep through unwanted sounds, masking unwanted stimuli while masking other unwanted noises such as car alarms. With over 200 soothing and realistic sleep sounds like blowing wind, thunderstorms, raindrops on a car roof, crashing waves and instrumental lullabies it provides a soothing environment in which to rest.

This app features an intuitive user experience with an easily navigable home screen widget for quick access. In addition to quality looping noises and various sound color settings, calibrated noises can even be tailored specifically to match your hearing allowing for the best sleep possible.

5. Pzizz

Pzizz uses psychoacoustics to create dreamscapes designed to calm your mind, assist in falling and staying asleep through its psychoacoustic methods, and wake you up feeling rejuvenated - both iOS and Android devices can access this app!

Users can select their own bedtime stories with narration provided by Matthew McConaughey and Jerome Flynn, highly customisable sleep stories featuring their voices as narrators. The app provides options to adjust sleep duration, sound volume and voice gender as well as focus mode for tuning attention-tuning; you can listen via your phone's built-in speaker or headphones/earbuds - the latter option provides more features - with both versions offering free access with limited features or full subscription access available as paid options.

6. Headspace

Headspace provides an abundance of content designed to help you relax and sleep more soundly. Each day begins with Wake Up stories and videos in Wake Up section; Move Mode offers mini workouts and mindful cardio runs; while Rest Day meditations round off each day's journey.

Sleep Hub of this app offers longer "Sleepcasts," or grown-up bedtime stories, while Sleep Soundscapes contain hours of relaxing nature sounds and chords designed to send you off into dreamland. There's also an SOS feature should you wake up feeling unrested during the night.

Subscription fees may seem pricey, but many users say it is worth their while to have access to such an extensive meditation and sleep library.

7. Sleepzy

Sleepzy may not have the most creative name or user interface, but it does an outstanding job at monitoring and analyzing sleep. With clear charts showing indicators for how many hours and type of REM stages sleep was obtained per night.

As well as measuring lifestyle impacts and tracking daily activities such as meals or workouts, Lifesum also analyzes lifestyle impacts to reveal correlations. While downloading is free, upgrading to Premium unlocks more comprehensive stats as well as an ad-free experience.

8. Loona

Sleep can often be one of the hardest aspects of daily life. There are various apps designed to aid sleeping - from white noise generators and meditation coaches to Loona -- but some might prefer taking an entirely different approach.

Sleepscapes from this app combine interactive coloring with soothing music, sound effects and storytelling for an immersive and relaxing experience that helps users relax from daily life and reset their minds. Users can complete one session for free six-minute trial or subscribe for monthly or yearly subscriptions to stay calm while they reset.

9. SleepScore

SleepScore uses your phone's speakers and microphone to track movement, sound, snoring and body movements - gathering this data against scientifically established ideal sleep averages before providing customized solutions, insights and recommendations to address sleeplessness.

Apple Health can also assist in reaching your goals by offering tips and simple challenges, syncing with any iPhone running iOS 6 or later and certain Android phones running certain versions. There's even an optional $4 monthly subscription that lets you maintain a sleep history for doctors; then format records to send directly.

10. Somryst

Pear Therapeutics created Somryst as the first digital therapeutic to address chronic insomnia. Utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I), combined with telemedicine visits and an immersive digital experience.

Somryst's self-guided program features six core lessons with exercises designed to improve sleep quality. Furthermore, you can share your data with your physician. Unfortunately, however, Somryst is not suitable for patients suffering from disorders exacerbated by reduced sleep (eg bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders), untreated obstructive sleep apnea or epilepsy.

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