What is the Best Pillow For Side Sleepers?

What is the Best Pillow For Side Sleepers?
What is the Best Pillow For Side Sleepers?

what is the best pillow for side sleepers

What is the Best Pillow For Side Sleepers?

Experts advise side sleepers that the ideal pillow should have a generous loft that aligns your head and neck in proper alignment, is breathable enough, and comfortable enough to sleep on.

The Brooklinen Down Pillow fits this description. With its ventilated outer gel layer and inner latex core to keep you cool while its moisture-wicking polyester-spandex cover remains soft after every wash cycle.


Latex pillows provide cooling comfort that’s breathable, supportive and non-sinking; these features combine to give optimal head and neck alignment with resistance against sinkage – however, latex-filled pillows tend to be pricier than other options available on the market.

The Purple Harmony Pillow is an ideal option for side sleepers. Constructed with flexible honeycomb gel on its outer layer and Talalay latex as its inner core material – known for being lighter, softer, and better ventilated than other varieties – its design prevents overheating making it perfect for hot sleepers and machine-washable to easily conform to body size requirements.

Memory foam pillows provide a refreshing, breathable, and supportive surface, bouncing up for relieving pressure in your neck and back. However, memory foam may retain heat more easily than other fill materials.

Down and down-alternative pillows offer a soft and fluffy experience that many people appreciate. These pillows often boast higher loft than other pillow types and can help keep your spine aligned with other components of the mattress. In addition, their lower cost makes them attractive alternatives while they may even be hypoallergenic!

Other fills for pillows include polyester, buckwheat and Kapok – natural or synthetic materials can be used to craft these pillows which feature medium to firm firmness and can be adjusted using drawstring or zipper adjustment. Polyester pillows tend to last shorter but are less costly; other natural materials used as pillow filling include organic cotton and wool which provide durability, eco-friendliness and provide good ventilation for hot sleepers.

Memory foam

Memory foam pillows are an ideal choice for side sleepers, as they conform to your head and neck shape to maintain spine alignment and offer substantial support to alleviate neck and head pain. Unfortunately, many memory foam models can trap heat and restrict airflow; to ensure optimal cooling when selecting one for side sleeping consider opting for models featuring open-cell foam or shredded fill.

The Coop Adjustable Loft, Layla Kapok, Honeydew Sleep Scrumptious, and Nectar Resident pillows offer excellent choices for side sleeping pillows that promote healthy posture. This allows you to align hips, knees and back while keeping spine in neutral alignment while sleeping on either side of your body. In addition, each model comes equipped with additional fill bags so you can further tailor height and firmness settings as necessary.

If you prefer a soft feel, consider the Lagoon Hippo Pillow from Tempurpedic or their Classic Memory Foam models as these models have more malleability than dense memory foam pillows we’ve tested. They still make excellent side sleeping options, although for some may be too soft.

Buckwheat pillows offer firm support to side sleepers who require firm pillows. As natural material that won’t sag over time, buckwheat pillows help your spine remain aligned for longer than other materials can do.

Purple Hex Grid Gel Support offers an ideal hybrid pillow made of latex and memory foam, offering medium to high loft for side sleepers and featuring a gel layer to keep it cool in bed. If memory foam isn’t your thing, consider switching things up by choosing a down-filled hybrid with cotton cover instead like the Tempurpedic Adaptive Edge Memory Foam and Classic Down Blend instead.


While many sleep experts advise sleeping on one’s back, many people prefer side sleeping. If this describes you, a good pillow can make all the difference for neck and spine alignment if chosen appropriately in terms of height, firmness, certifications and price range. We have put together this list of nine of our top picks for pillows designed for side sleepers; each comes equipped with natural and synthetic fill materials along with important details like certifications and price range.

Our testers loved the Coop Home Goods Adjustable Pillow, as it offers multiple adjustments to find your ideal comfort level. Its medium-firm feel and high loft allow it to cradle the head while relieving shoulder pressure while its ethically sourced wool material keeps thermoregulation at a comfortable level.

For something more traditional, check out the Brooklinen Down Pillow. Filled with down and microfiber fill for maximum softness while providing more supportive density layers, its cover features soft brushed cotton material for ultimate comfort and breathability.

Latex pillows are ideal for side sleepers as their springy surface makes it less likely to sink than foam cushions, keeping your head and neck aligned all through the night. While you could find natural latex alternatives, we prefer Parachute’s eco-friendly version which features both recycled rubber content as well as being hypoallergenic.

Buckwheat pillows provide the ideal firmness for side sleepers, as their compressibility is lower than memory foam. Adjusting to its dense yet soft feel may take some time; otherwise it may prove too firm or hard for some individuals.


Investment in the right pillow to fit your sleeping posture is vital for good health, helping prevent neck and head pain as well as lower back sinkage into bed. Side sleepers should choose one with a higher loft for neutral spine alignment – while others can find something more suitable based on personal preference. While many manufacturers claim their pillows suit all sleeping positions, different kinds of pillows might work better with certain sleepers than others.

Sleepers often make the mistake of selecting pillows that are either too soft or too firm, causing an unnatural angle in their neck that leads to discomfort and potential long-term damage. Conversely, pillows that are too firm can lead to stiffness in both your neck and shoulders – if you experience neck pain it may be wiser to consult a chiropractor first before purchasing any new pillow.

One of the most comfortable pillows for side sleepers is a crescent-shaped model like Sleep Artisan or Honeydew Scrumptious, which provide enough room for shoulders while still cradling your face comfortably. We also suggest other models like Eli & Elm Cotton Side-Sleeper Pillow which features adjustable loft and springy shredded foam fill.

Lagoon Hippo Pillow offers another great solution for side sleepers: its customizable support allows for you to choose a medium to firm support level – ideal for people experiencing mild neck pain. Plus, its special design fits between knees to help ensure spine alignment while sleeping!


Side sleepers require a medium-firm pillow to properly align their heads with their shoulders and spines, as soft pillows can often be too malleable and fail to provide sufficient support or loft. The best options typically feature a firm core and fluffier outer layer which can be adjusted according to personal preference; such as Purple Harmony’s three different levels of firmness and loft, or Brooklinen Down Pillow which lets users customize fill levels from overstuffed to almost empty sphere.

The ideal pillows for side sleepers have features to ensure comfortable, healthy rest. Memory foam conforms to the shape of one’s head for better neck alignment and spinal alignment, is breathable, may reduce temperature fluctuations, and offers protection from temperature changes. Some models even feature a U-shaped design which wraps around shoulders to relieve tension on necks.

Natural fibers such as down or polyester are fluffy and comfortable, providing hypoallergenic solutions for those suffering from allergies; however, these natural materials don’t match up to latex’s bounce or memory foam’s comfort levels.

If you prefer the luxurious feel of down or polyester pillows, consider an alternative filled with hypoallergenic, USDA certified organic cotton instead. Parachute Pillow’s option has a 100% cotton sateen shell which will feel soft yet durable after multiple nights of use; additionally, their free trial period allows you to return it if it doesn’t suit. Finding your ideal side-sleeping pillow might take time and experimentation but will be well worth it in the end!

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