What is the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers?

what is the best mattress for side sleepers

What is the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers?

Side sleepers should aim to find mattresses that cradle the hips and shoulders to facilitate neutral spine alignment, such as soft mattresses in the medium firmness range.

Consider hybrid mattresses which use soft materials on top to alleviate pressure points while pocket coils provide support from underneath, to maximize airflow while decreasing motion transfer so your partner won’t disturb your restful slumber. This combination ensures better airflow and decreases motion transfer to help promote airflow while minimising disturbance from partner movement during sleep.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses can provide pressure point relief while keeping the spine aligned properly, but it’s important to find one firm enough to support hips and shoulders without creating additional strain in these areas.

Medium-firm memory foam mattresses tend to be ideal for side sleepers as they conform closely to body contours and provide moderate support. If you’re still undecided on which firmness level to select, try out mattresses that come with in-home trial periods – that way, you can experience how each mattress feels over several weeks and months.

Are You Searching for a Memory Foam Mattress That is Both Soft and Durable? Consider The Purple Plus Mattress! It boasts one of our most comfortable features with its unique gel-like feel which provides both cooling and support while the Hyper-Elastic material promotes air flow and keeps the mattress breathable.

Some people choose to sleep on their sides to facilitate digestion and reduce acid reflux, back pain and snoring. Although sleeping this way can help with these issues, sleeping this way could cause pain or soreness if your mattress is inappropriate.

The Saatva Classic mattress is an excellent option for side sleepers, offering an all-encompassing sleeping experience. Crafted with high-density foam which supports hips and shoulders as well as plush memory foam to alleviate pressure points, it makes an excellent mattress-in-a-box choice.

Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam iCoil Hybrid Mattress is another fantastic choice. This hybrid mattress combines cooling gel memory foam with supportive base foam and individually encased coils for extra support, with sizes available to meet every need – twin, twin XL, queen, king and California king sizes are available.

If you’re on a tight budget but still need the comfort and support of a hybrid mattress, consider the Nolah Evolution Hybrid Mattress as an economical choice. Made from high-density foam rails that create a firm and stable structure while plush memory foam offers cushioning comfort for side sleepers.


Latex mattresses provide many advantages for side sleepers, and when selecting one it’s particularly essential that they consider how the material will feel against their shoulders and hips. Latex is typically firmer than memory foam and provides additional support for body weight distribution, unlike most mattresses which leave indentations behind with movement or don’t respond quickly enough when there is sudden movement – important considerations if you sleep on your side! In addition, latex has quick response times which helps ensure proper spine alignment during restful slumber – essential considerations when making such choices!

Hybrid mattresses tend to be the ideal latex mattresses for side sleepers, combining a coil base with layers of latex or memory foam on top. Hybrid beds are very popular with people who switch sleeping positions frequently and those that enjoy some bounce in their mattress; in addition, hybrid beds tend to be more breathable than solid memory foam models.

Helix Plus is one of our go-to latex mattresses. At 13″, thick and with outstanding performance levels, this hybrid mattress stands out as a top choice. Offering medium firmness that’s great for side sleepers as well as support from coils that help support heavier weights, it also comes equipped with soft memory foam layers that cushion shoulder areas to prevent any pain from pressure points.

Purple mattress offers an alternative with its distinctive Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid that offers exceptional airflow for hot sleepers. Perfect for side sleepers as well as people suffering hip or shoulder pain because its shoulders are softer than most mattresses, the Purple mattress boasts a unique style all its own.

If you prefer traditional mattress styles with classic pillow-top feel, consider the Douglas foam mattress. While its overall performance may not match other mattresses in this review, its soft feel, fast response time, and minimal motion transfer still makes this choice worth your while.


If you prefer sleeping on your side, finding an ergonomic mattress to support both hips and shoulders while relieving pressure from your spine will be key in order to reduce back pain and acid reflux. Unfortunately, sleeping on an inappropriate bed could also result in sore muscles and increased acid reflux symptoms.

Soft mattresses that offer contouring qualities will offer your shoulders and hips much-needed relief from pressure points. If you are light to average weighted side sleeper, soft memory foam or latex mattresses should work for you; otherwise hybrid or innerspring coil mattresses could be more appropriate options.

To avoid falling into a routine and developing back issues, it’s essential that we switch up our sleep positions regularly. Unfortunately, many individuals have difficulty with this aspect and remain stuck in side sleeping positions throughout their lives.

Switching up your sleep position may improve overall health and lengthen life span. Furthermore, switching positions may reduce body aches and facilitate digestion as well as help prevent snoring and mitigate effects of sleep apnea.

When purchasing a mattress, you must also take into account your individual preferences and lifestyle requirements. Consider your body weight when making this decision as to which level of support would work best; typically petite to average-weight individuals can benefit from any soft foam mattress while heavier individuals should look into hybrid or innerspring options that offer additional support.

There are plenty of mattress options to meet every preference and body type, like the Puffy Lux mattress which offers ultra soft comfort similar to sleeping on a cloud. Crafted from high-grade materials that provide durability and breathability, plus offering a risk-free trial period of 365 days as well as free home delivery and set up.


A mattress designed specifically for side sleepers must offer softness that relieves pressure points on hips and shoulders, such as those associated with hip dysplasia or shoulder joint issues. Firm mattresses may exacerbate pain in these areas of the body. Softer options like hybrid or all-foam mattresses are better suited for side sleeping positions.

The Parachute Eco Comfort Mattress is an ideal choice for anyone in search of both lasting support from an innerspring mattress and cloudlike comfort from foam. It features a layer of memory foam above its innerspring core that adds softness while helping keep spine alignment neutral.

Helix Plus Mattress stands out as another top pick, featuring superior durability and lively feel that make it suitable for heavier individuals. XL wrapped coils, DuraDense foam, and quilted materials help with cooling and moisture control to provide cooling comfort while managing moisture effectively.

Many mattresses feature an inner layer of quilted foam near the surface that adds extra cushioning and pressure relief, such as on Saatva Classic Mattress or Purple Mattress models. Such layers also enhance overall appearance and feel for greater visual appeal and feel, plus provide extra cushioning and pressure relief. Such construction features frequently among the best mattresses for side sleepers such as these two mattresses from Saatva.

Mattress contouring ability is also crucial for side sleepers. This term refers to how well a mattress cradles your curves while evenly distributing body weight across its surface – providing both excellent lumbar support and pressure relief for improved lumbar health. A mattress that does this well should help ensure neutral spinal alignment and help avoid back problems.

Foam mattresses are often the superior choice when it comes to contouring, yet not all are equally adept. One such mattress that stands out for this feature is the Nectar Premier Mattress; it boasts an advanced layer with active cooling technology that keeps you cool throughout the night.

Purple Mattress stands out as another top pick, boasting an innovative hyper-elastic polymer grid design for cooling comfort and airflow while you sleep. Not the most costly mattress we tested, yet our favorite side sleeper (esp) found it very suitable.

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