West Elm Organic Cotton Percale Sheet Set Bedding

west elm organic cotton percale sheet set bedding

West Elm offers an assortment of organic cotton percale sheet sets certified as GOTS certified and fair trade, meaning their production has contributed towards improving lives for everyone involved in its creation and manufacture.

Percale weave sheets provide a cool, airy experience while remaining highly breathable, while their natural texture grows softer with each wash cycle.

GOTS Certified

Organic cotton bedding is both hypoallergenic and highly breathable, making it the ideal material to help regulate temperature during the night and protect against pesticide exposure. Plus, with these GOTS certified sets featuring organic percale sheets you’re ensured of getting only high-quality eco-friendly bedding for your home!

If you’re searching for organic sheets, opt for ones certified GOTS as they adhere to stringent standards from fiber through production and workers safety. West Elm offers two GOTS certified sheets: Pact Room Service set and Favorite Tee set; the former features silky smooth sateen weave while Favorite Tee feels more like your favorite t-shirt – both come in classic colors such as blush, natural and sea foam while Pact set features lavender scarlet pine hues.

Coyuchi Organic Linen Chambray Sheet Set from GOTS-certified Coyuchi is another excellent option, and comes prewashed for ultra soft touch at first use and gets even softer with every wash cycle – providing comfort in summer as well as warmth during winter nights! Breathable material helps regulate body temperature throughout the nighttime hours for ultimate restful slumber.

West Elm offers a GOTS-certified organic cotton percale sheet set that comes in white or platinum (gray) to complement their non-organic version, but at slightly more than twice the cost, is healthier and more sustainable choice for your bedroom. Plus, being Fair Trade Certified helps support artisans who made your sheets!

West elm’s GOTS-certified organic sheets can add an exceptional experience to your sleeping experience. Although more costly than some options, their reputation speaks for itself and they plan on only using GOTS certified organic cotton by 2020. Furthermore, their commitment to social justice shines through in their collection which features international artisans groups; plus there’s their LOCAL program which supports local communities while creating more jobs!

Fair Trade Certified

West Elm offers an entire line of Fair Trade Certified sheets, meaning the materials were sourced and produced using fair labor practices. Furthermore, they use organic cotton that has been certified GOTS organic so as to reduce water and soil pollution caused by synthetic fertilizers and pesticides while simultaneously safeguarding farmers and workers who grow it.

From this retailer, you can obtain organic percale sheets that will serve you for years. Not only are these breathable sheets lightweight and soft – perfect for summer nights – they come in multiple colors so that you can find one to complement the decor of your bedroom!

These sheets are Fair Trade Certified, meaning their manufacturers were paid fairly for their labor without employing child labor in production. Furthermore, these sheets are both GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100 certified so you know they’re free from harmful chemicals or dyes that might irritate the skin – plus there’s plenty of variety when it comes to colors and sizes!

Pact sheets are made of organic cotton that has been certified GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100, providing incredibly soft yet comfortable sleep experience and making an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin. Although more costly than some options on this list, Pact sheets are worth every penny.

Coyuchi offers certified organic sheets that meet both GOTS and Oeko-Tex certification standards, constructed of long staple cotton with a percale weave to provide breathability similar to four-star hotel sheets. Furthermore, this company also has other forms of bedding from relaxed linen sheets to organic flannel sheets – perfect for any environment!

If you’re in the market for organic sheets, be sure to investigate their warranty and return policy carefully. Many companies provide trial periods so you can experience how the sheets feel before making a final decision on purchasing them; this ensures you will find ones you love before investing money into them – saving yourself both time and money in the process.

30-Day Return Policy

Sheets are an individual choice, and selecting the ideal ones can have a dramatic impact on your sleep experience. Organic cotton sheets offer soft yet breathable comfort for any home and are produced using eco-friendly methods from ethical sources. Plus, unlike some fabrics which may require special instructions to care for properly, organic cotton does not need special washing instructions and can simply be put through your regular washer/dryer cycle; making this option convenient and effortless when life gets busy!

Organic sheets may be more costly than their conventional counterparts, but they’re still worth investing in as the quality of organic cotton makes these sheets far superior in durability and lifespan than regular options. Plus, organic sheets don’t contain harmful pesticides or other chemicals which could pose health hazards.

West Elm has an excellent selection of Global Organic Textile Standard-certified organic cotton sheets at very competitive prices, available in twin, full, queen and California king sizes and can even be monogrammed! Their GOTS certification ensures they’re free from harmful pesticides and chemicals and produced in facilities which follow these standards.

West elm’s organic cotton percale sheets are soft yet durable, as well as lightweight and breathable, helping keep you cool during the night. Available in white or platinum hues to complement any bedroom decor perfectly; plus their generous 30-day return policy offers additional peace of mind.

Crane & Canopy Bright White Percale Sheet Set is ideal for those who appreciate crisp, smooth sheets. Made of extra-long staple Egyptian cotton for softness and durability. Although these sheets carry a higher price point than many organic sheets available today, they remain fairly reasonable with a convenient wash/dry cycle and low maintenance needs compared to most organic sheets available today. Plus they’re certified as both GOTS and Fair Trade so your purchase helps support local artisans!


West Elm offers some of the finest organic cotton percale sheets available. Their high-quality sheets are GOTS Certified to ensure they were produced under fair and environmentally responsible conditions; additionally they’re pesticide and chemical free – eliminating your exposure to any potential harmful toxins which could negatively impact both you and the environment. Their silky-soft sateen weave adds an luxurious feel when sleeping under them!

Your organic cotton sheet set bedding options include three weave types to select. Each will affect how soft and breathable the sheets will feel; typically 400 or higher thread counts are best as this balances softness with breathability; higher counts may make sheets feel rough depending on how they’re woven.

West Elm’s organic cotton percale sheets are crafted using premium American-grown Supima cotton that has been carefully combed before being tightly woven together for an elegant and crisp feel that makes these sheets suitable for hot summer nights. Plus, they have earned OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification to assure both humans and the environment remain safe from harmful dyeing chemicals!

Another alternative for your organic cotton sheets from West Elm is purchasing sets crafted with sustainable and GOTS-certified French flax linen, woven in Fair Trade factories that use renewable energy sources, while using fibers that have also been certified OEKO-TEX Certified. As with other organic cotton options from this store, these sheets boast soft yet smooth finishes suitable for hot sleepers.

West Elm offers organic cotton sateen sheets with the buttery drape of sateen weave that are both GOTS certified and use non-toxic dyes, pre-washed for an aged appearance and with naturally crisp textures that soften with each wash – great for warm summer nights when percale might feel too restrictive! These organic sheets still breathable enough to help keep you cool during their nightly slumber.

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