West Elm Belgian Flax Linen Sheet Set Review

west elm belgian flax linen sheet set bedding

West Elm offers an attractive selection of organic cotton and flax linen sheets at more affordable prices than Coyuchi and Rawganique, while providing more color choices.

We conducted several tests and discovered these sheets to be extremely durable, both out of the package and after being washed many times. Their appearance remained pleasant while remaining soft even after extensive use.

Product Description

West Elm Belgian Flax Linen Sheet Set is an excellent way to try linen sheets at an accessible price point. Available in queen and king sizes and available in white or ivory hues, these sheets feature a blend of 60 percent linen and 40 percent bamboo which lends it an airier feel than most pure-linen options (though still significantly softer than cotton). Furthermore, these eco-friendly sheets boast natural antimicrobial qualities as flax and bamboo require less water for cultivation; soften considerably after several washes too. These sheets may appear stiff initially; however after several washings however.

These pure linen sets may be more costly than some we’ve tested – such as Parachute’s Linen Venice Sheet Set which costs over $460 for a full bedding set – but that price shouldn’t come as a shock when considering they are produced in Belgium, and overall quality compares favorably with similar high-end sheets.

While the high-quality linen used to craft this set may not come with an official thread count listing like cotton sheets do, its superior breathability helps you remain cool throughout the night. In addition, this Fair Trade Certified set aims to be fully GOTS organic by 2020 as part of its longstanding eco-friendly practices.

These sheets feature double-needle stitched hems finished with a mercerized finish to resist pilling and shrinkage, helping the sheets retain their shape and texture over time without fading or unraveling. Each set comes complete with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases; monogramming can also be added for an additional fee if desired – providing the perfect finishing touch!

These sheets are stunning in design. Not only are they quite thick compared to other linen sheet sets we’ve tried, making them comfortable and easy to sleep on, but there isn’t as many color and size options for them as with some brands we’ve tested and they tend to wrinkle more frequently than some sets we tested.

Product Care

While linen sheets may tempt you with their comfort and breathability, you’ll likely also appreciate their longevity. Crafted with pure flax fibers that start out crisp yet cool to the touch but soften after every wash cycle; their fibers are 30% stronger than cotton’s to prevent shrinkage and wear and tear more efficiently – as well as resistance against stains longer term allowing you to enjoy these sheets for years longer!

As with other bedding, sheets should be washed regularly to remove dirt and stains. You can wash your sheets either cold or warm water, depending on their label; and use a gentle detergent without fabric softeners for best results. Tumble drying sheets on low heat may cause them to wrinkle more than air drying or hanging them to air dry; so for best results fluff them after each washing or before placing them into the dryer to minimize wrinkles.

As well as washing your linen sheets regularly, it is recommended that you also take steps such as taking a bath prior to bedtime and vacuuming the bedroom floor regularly to reduce dirt build-up and increase air quality in your room. Avoiding sweat and oil while sleeping may reduce frequency of laundering requirements as well. Keeping multiple sets of sheets on hand also provides peace of mind that a set is always clean and ready for use!

If you prefer something lighter and airier, like Parachute offers, Brooklinen has created their Linen Venice Sheet Set made in Portugal from European flax in neutral shades such as petal pink and navy chambray; making them more cost-effective yet offering similar texture as Parachute sheets.

Coyuchi or Rawganique offer eco-friendly bedding made in the US that donate 5% of profits to charitable initiatives; West Elm and Linoto offer more cost-effective cotton linen sheets as an alternative option.

Product Warranty

Linen sheets require several washes before becoming truly soft; cotton sheets, on the other hand, tend to feel luxurious from day one. This is because its fibers are stiffer and less elastic compared to cotton’s; but over time they will soften. Furthermore, linen is more durable than cotton so is often considered better choice when planning to keep them for an extended period.

Cultiver linen sheet set was immediately impressive out of the box, featuring satin-stitched piping along the edge of its top sheet and an elasticized fitted sheet that fit around our 14-inch mattresses seamlessly. Plus, there’s a variety of colors to match existing bedding – though its price was more expensive than other options we considered, though much cheaper than Coyuchi or Rawganique (View Prices on Amazon).

These Portuguese sheets, constructed of European flax and Fair Trade Certified, come complete with a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases to form an affordable West Elm set. Furthermore, these organic products meet GOTS criteria, meaning that their production meets stringent certification criteria to qualify as such a product.

Strategist senior editor Crystal Martin found these sheets to be among the softest she’s experienced, boasting an airy yet luxurious texture that was both luxurious and comfortable. Plus, she notes they’re much cheaper than the ones from Parachute; plus you can easily find them at most high street retailers too – including petal pink and navy chambray options in this set!

These options provide an easy way to explore linen but are unsure whether you will like it. Crafted of heavier weight fabric and lacking its crisp natural look, they still get softer with each wash while remaining breathable enough for summer nights’ restful slumber. Fitted sheets fit mattresses up to 15 inches deep while additional pillowcases can be purchased if necessary.

Quince clothing company is perhaps best-known for their $50 cashmere sweaters, but more recently have expanded into home goods with their line of linen sheets. Available in multiple colors with similar fit, finish, and softness as more expensive sets from established brands – even though their fitted sheet may feature some wrinkles, but there was plenty of extra fabric left to allow it to wrap around our tester’s 14-inch mattress without creating a gap under their pillows.

Product Reviews

An investment in quality sheets can transform your sleep experience. From cotton sheets to linen, if it’s time to upgrade or try something new like linen for the first time, investing in high quality options can pay dividends in improved restful slumber. Vogue editors conducted tests and ratings of the best available options of all types and sizes to help find one to meet your sleeping habits perfectly; including twin, queen and king sets with both flat and fitted sheet sets featuring two standard pillowcases.

West Elm Belgian Flax Linen Sheet Set was one of our most highly reviewed linen sheet sets, boasting an outstanding rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon. This set comprises both flat and fitted sheets to accommodate mattresses up to 16 inches deep as well as two standard pillowcases; its soft yet natural feel and cooling properties make it a fantastic option for anyone who’s looking to upgrade their sleep routine.

Other reviewers had similarly positive experiences with West Elm’s flax linen sheets, with several commenting on how comfortable they are. Strategist senior editor Crystal Martin raved about their luxurious softness right out of the packaging and noted how they kept her cool by wicking away moisture while simultaneously controlling temperature throughout the night.

Though not as soft as other options on our list, this linen sheet set remains an investment worth making, given its durability and resistance to fading and pilling compared to cotton fabrics. Furthermore, its mission of minimizing environmental impact by ethically sourcing all materials makes this an impressive purchase decision.

If you want to go the extra mile when searching for linen sheets, we also suggest the Cultiver flax linen sheet set as one of our top choices. With its lightweight feel and satin-stitched piping along the edge of the top sheet, these Cultiver sheets offer more opulence than West Elm’s sheets while boasting long staple linen with an OEKO-TEX certification as well as more color choices than others we tested – but be mindful that they crease easily! If this is something new for you though then Cultiver might not be for you as they wrinkle easily; otherwise they could be perfect!

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