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When shopping for a mattress, most shoppers focus on comfort and support; however, to find an optimal mattress also during sex.

Sex is an active activity and therefore demands a mattress with some bounce to it, such as one featuring individual coils or memory foam for optimal results. If this sounds like you, look for hybrid mattresses featuring these features to get just that feel.


Comfort of the mattress is one of the key considerations in terms of sex, yet couples may neglect this factor when shopping together. Too soft a mattress could sink under both partners’ weights, making it hard for either partner to move around. Too firm of a mattress could cause pain during sexual encounters – most people find a mattress with medium softness/firmness works best.

Many couples have expressed preference for a bouncier mattress for sexual activity, as it helps them establish rhythm quickly and sustain the momentum throughout the session. Although not suitable for everyone’s preferences (some prefer more soothing textures), trying out this type of mattress in person is the only surefire way to find out its feel – obviously no sexual encounters can take place inside a store’s showroom, but you can certainly roll around on it and check its bounce!

Other features that contribute to a mattress’ suitability for sex include edge support and ease of movement, both of which can be essential components in creating the optimal sex experience for couples with more adventurous bedroom activities. Edge support may be particularly crucial for foam mattresses as their edges compress easily near their edges, which makes holding onto partners difficult as well as moving around during sex sessions.

When shopping for a foam mattress, edge support ratings should be top priorities. Helix mattresses are well known for having great edge support due to the combination of memory foam and polyfoam used. This combination creates the ultimate blend between luxury feel and durability while remaining flexible enough for sexual activity. Hybrid mattresses combine both technologies seamlessly for maximum responsiveness; individual wrapped coils of an innerspring mattress give a firm, stable base while layers of memory foam and polyfoam provide responsive cushioning layers.


Mattresses can be the ideal spot for couples to read, watch television or work; but it can also serve as the site of intimate activity between partners. Thus it’s essential that one considers both how a mattress will perform in terms of sex as well as sleep when purchasing one.

Edge support should be an area of particular focus when choosing a mattress, since this determines its ability to withstand being sat upon. A mattress with soft or sagging edges makes using all areas of its surface harder, which is crucial when engaging in sexual positions on it.

One key feature to keep an eye out for when choosing a mattress is responsiveness, or how quickly and securely it responds to movement and has bounce. While responsiveness may be beneficial for sexual activities, it’s also wise to pay attention to its noise level – high levels of responsiveness often translate to noisier mattresses than others and could potentially become an issue if someone lives in an apartment building with thin walls or close neighbors – hybrid mattresses which feature responsiveness while still remaining quiet may be best options in these circumstances.


People looking for mattresses often prioritize sleep and comfort above cost, return policy and warranty when making their decisions. While all these considerations should be carefully taken into account when shopping, another key one to keep in mind when looking at mattresses is performance when engaging in sexual activity – any bed that doesn’t allow proper sex support could lead to sexual dysfunction and fatigue which would not be ideal.

The ideal mattress for sex will feature excellent bounce and responsiveness to movement. Both elements are essential in helping keep sex moving smoothly while preventing muscle fatigue; additionally, a good bounce allows partners to move more freely during sex, creating an enjoyable experience for all involved. Furthermore, durable construction helps protect it against normal wear and tear.

Durability can be assessed by bending and pressurizing a mattress at its corners and edges. A mattress that fails this test will have an unstable and weak structure that makes getting comfortable difficult or may even tear or deflate altogether.

Mattresses should also have effective edge control, since engaging in sexual activities often involves positioning oneself near the edge. Proper edge control will protect the mattress from collapsing under a person’s weight and causing them to slide off the bed; additionally, this feature can support positions which require both feet simultaneously.

Finally, an ideal mattress will feature a low noise level. Sex can be loud, so the last thing you want to do is wake your partner during an otherwise peaceful sleep session. A great mattress should also absorb any lubricants or bodily fluids used during sex sessions to ensure it remains clean and hygienic for longer.


Dependent upon a couple’s home situation, mattress noise may or may not be an important consideration. If people live alone in an isolated environment, noisy mattresses might not pose much of a problem; but sharing their bed with another person or sleeping partner, noise-generating mattresses could make sexual activity awkward or uncomfortable; innerspring mattresses or metal frame beds that produce squeaking sounds can disturb other household members while foam mattresses generally produce quieter noise levels.

Mattress bounce and responsiveness to movement can also play a key role in shaping one’s sex experience. Most people find that mattresses with more responsive bounce are better for engaging in sexual encounters than ones which sink or are too stiff to move freely on. However, mattresses with too much bounce may not provide adequate support for certain sexual positions. Mattresses that feature effective edge control are essential in ensuring that when someone sits or stands on them, their edge won’t compress – which may prove challenging for certain couples. Finally, mattresses which limit motion waves from traveling across their surface to other parts of the bed help couples maintain privacy and intimacy during sex activities.

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