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best mattress cleaning nyc

Every night, your mattress collects contaminants and germs. Even with sheets and covers in place, these substances accumulate and could lead to allergies, sore joints and other health concerns.

Zerorez, best-known for providing detergent-free carpet, textile, and upholstery cleaning services nationwide, also provides mattress sanitization as part of its services. Furthermore, the company provides an outstanding satisfaction guarantee and operates hundreds of franchises to better serve you.

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Spending one third of our lives sleeping on mattresses, it is vitally important that they provide us with comfort for a restful night’s rest. When your mattress becomes stained, smelly or dirty it can interfere with both health and quality of life, so keeping it clean and taking immediate steps when any stains or spills arise is vital for staying healthy and quality of life. For optimal results in mattress cleaning in NYC it is advisable to hire professional mattress cleaners.

Before hiring a company to clean your mattress, ensure there is sufficient space around it so they can move freely. They will begin by taking steps such as unzipping and vacuuming with standard and crevice attachments before inspecting for specific stains that they need to treat alongside general cleansing of your mattress.

If you have a fresh stain, the best way to treat it is to remove sheets and blankets, take off clothing with dampened fabric cleaner, dishwashing soap or white vinegar or natural solutions such as water or cloth pads dampened with these solutions, then blot it using cloth or sponge dampened with the solution – never rub as this only spreads it around more surface area; alternatively you could try commercial stain removers; however these can often be expensive and harmful for health of family members.

Baking soda is an inexpensive and safe deodorizer that will absorb any lingering odors in your mattress. If the problem persists, combine equal parts baking soda and water in a spray bottle before spraying onto affected areas of the mattress – leave to soak for several hours, and vacuum again afterwards.

Search “mattress cleaning near me” and you should find local companies offering mattress cleaning. Many provide online booking, with availability within weeks of making a decision. When making this choice, always consider factors like service area, scheduling flexibility and additional services available before making your selection. Also it is wise to research any guarantees, pricing structures or cleaning methods they might employ before hiring them.


Mattresses, like other upholstered furniture in your home, will accumulate dirt, bacteria and odors over time. Most often these will contain dust mite waste that may trigger allergies in some people and lead to stuffy noses and breathing issues. Furthermore, mattress may become damp from sweat stains as well as bodily fluid stains, staining its surface if left to build-up for too long if left uncovered – this is where professional mattress cleaning services come in to reduce stains and odors using hot water extraction to thoroughly clean fabric surfaces thoroughly clean fabric thoroughly while eliminating these factors from developing.

Mattress cleaning services should go beyond simply eliminating dirt, bacteria and odor from mattress surfaces to keep it looking its best and smelling fresh and clean. They may also vacuum it and use an odor neutralizer or protective coating to stop future staining while leaving it smelling great. In addition, certain companies provide additional services like pet urine removal as well as advice for how to prevent future stains from occurring on mattresses.

Mattress cleaning is often similar to upholstery and carpet cleaning services, and some companies even provide both. Once an agreement has been made on pricing and options for cleaning your mattress, a technician will use high-quality equipment that ensures thorough results.

Top mattress cleaners will have an outstanding industry reputation and offer their services across an expansive service area. Furthermore, they use an effective method that does not leave the mattress wet but can remove most stains and smells quickly while showing how to keep your mattress hygienic between professional cleanings.

Most mattress cleaning services will offer their customers a satisfaction guarantee or policy allowing them to request another visit if they are dissatisfied with the results of their first cleaning experience. Policies vary between businesses, but it’s wise to read carefully the fine print in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Some top companies provide mattress cleaning services but also offer upholstery and carpet cleaning as additional offerings. Zerorez stands out for its environmentally responsible cleaning methods, expansive service area and customer-oriented policies. Angi and USA Clean Master are also reliable options with user-friendly booking platforms, extensive services and top-of-the-line customer support services. Both mattress cleaning companies also specialize in carpet and air duct cleaning as well as pet stain and odor removal, making them an excellent option for busy families seeking one service provider for their entire home.


An uncontaminated mattress is essential to overall good health, and regular professional sanitizing helps avoid build-up that could cause unpleasant odors, allergens, mold or dust mites. Sanitization goes further than vacuuming; its process eliminates bacteria embedded within fibers of a mattress’s surface as well as any food and beverage stains, pet accidents or old sweat odors embedded deep within. Mattresses should be professionally cleaned every six months for best results.

Mattress cleaning companies that excel provide their customers with convenient online booking and customer support representatives who can answer any queries about the services offered, from carpet to tile cleaning as well as mattress sanitization. Furthermore, most have service area maps on their websites to quickly determine whether a customer lives within their territory.

The best mattress cleaners utilize a deep hot water extraction cleaning method to sanitize and refresh mattresses, offering additional services such as stain removal, odor neutralization and protective coatings against future spills. While such extra services may not always be necessary, they can often prove invaluable in certain instances.

Mattresses can become filthy quickly in any household, harboring bacteria, dust mites and dead skin cells that accumulate over time. A quality mattress represents a significant investment, so keeping it clean through regular mattress sanitization is vitally important to maintaining its lifespan and maintaining health benefits for users.

Stanley Steemer employs the same water extraction cleaning method they utilize for their carpet and upholstery cleaning services for mattress sanitization services, enabling them to fully cleanse each mattress instead of just vacuuming its surface sections. Furthermore, their service area covers both traditional mattresses as well as memory foam mattresses for maximum customer convenience.

Zerorez Mattress Cleaning provides eco-friendly mattress sanitization using its Zr Water technology, an electrolytically processed water mixture which is electrolyzed and oxidized into an effective detergent-free cleaning solution that doesn’t leave behind soapy residue. In addition, they offer air duct and carpet cleaning, plus can treat pet stains at additional costs.

USA Clean Master offers basic steam and deep water-extraction cleaning of most mattress types, as well as pet odor treatment (at an extra charge). Prices begin at $89 and increase based on mattress size and soil levels; stain-resistant coating is also provided to prevent future stains – something especially beneficial to customers with children or pets. Keeping a mattress clean ensures restful night’s rest!

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