Full Size Vs Queen Size Mattresses

Full Size Vs Queen Size Mattresses
Full Size Vs Queen Size Mattresses

Full and queen mattresses are two of the most frequently seen mattress sizes, and selecting an appropriate mattress depends upon your sleeping preferences, room size and budget.

Full mattresses tend to be cheaper than queen mattresses due to less materials being required to produce them.


Full size mattresses (commonly known as double beds) are the perfect solution for single sleepers limited by bedroom space. Full-sized mattresses tend to be cheaper than their queen-sized counterparts; though prices can differ between brands and models.

Taller individuals and couples may find full beds too cramped, especially if they prefer side sleeping or stretching out during the night. This can cause pain in their shoulders, backs, hips and knees as well as decreased comfort and an overall less restful night’s rest.

Full beds measure 54 inches wide by 75 inches long, making them the ideal option for rooms that only need compact mattresses. Full beds are an excellent way to accommodate children, teenagers, or adults who have yet to upgrade to queen or California king mattresses yet; additionally they make excellent guest bedrooms; two full beds can fit comfortably in rooms measuring 10×12 feet or larger and are an affordable solution in homes and apartments that lack space for larger mattresses.


At its core, selecting the appropriate mattress size comes down to personal sleep habits and available space. For individuals who do not share their bed with someone or plan on sharing in the future, full beds offer plenty of room.

However, if you sleep with someone or need more room to stretch out comfortably while sleeping on a queen-sized mattress. The extra six inches in width and five in length makes a significant difference in terms of comfort for tall people or those needing extra room for stretching out.

Consider how easy it will be to move your mattress around the house. If you plan on rearrange furniture often, a full bed may be easier for you to navigate through hallways and tight spaces than its larger queen-sized counterpart. Plus, smaller dimensions mean finding bedding and accessories tailored specifically towards full mattresses will likely cost less.


Price should always be taken into account when shopping for mattresses, and a full size mattress often costs less than its queen-sized counterpart. While this might not make a big difference for shoppers with large rooms, every centimeter counts in smaller spaces where every inch matters.

Keep in mind that queen mattresses tend to be wider and longer than full size mattresses, which could create problems when trying to fit dressers or nightstands in your room. Luckily, most bedroom furniture pieces will accommodate both full- and queen-sized mattresses.

When on a budget, a full mattress might be better suited to your needs; however, for couples or people planning on sharing sleeping arrangements in the near future, queen-sized mattresses would make more sense.


When purchasing a mattress for your bedroom, it’s essential to consider who will be sleeping on it and how much space they require. While full mattresses may work for children or single adults, queen sized mattresses provide optimal sleeping arrangements for couples as their extra 30 inch length allows both sleepers to move around freely through the night without fear of their feet hanging off of the edge of the bed.

Both sizes of mattress can easily be found at many large box stores and online. Although the difference may not seem significant, the difference can make a significant impactful on sleeping comfort.

Consider how easy it will be to transport and install your mattress. Full beds tend to be easier for maneuvering around corners and up stairs than queen-sized mattresses, making them the ideal choice for frequent bedroom rearranging.

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