Best Place to Buy a Mattress?

Best Place to Buy a Mattress?
Best Place to Buy a Mattress?

Best Place to Buy a Mattress?

Your mattress selection should reflect how much time is spent sleeping; its selection should depend on factors like sleeping position, temperature control and firmness preferences.

Online brands make bed testing convenient by offering extended trial periods ranging from 100 days to one full year – some even provide complimentary white-glove delivery directly into your home!

Specialty Mattress Stores

If your mattress is giving you pain or is sagging in some spots, it may be time for an upgrade. But where should you shop?

Mattresses can be purchased in many places, from specialty mattress stores that specialize exclusively in this product to directly selling from manufacturers who may offer more streamlined experiences and sometimes offer cheaper mattresses than a typical mattress store.

Department stores such as Macy’s and JCPenney also carry mattresses, though their selection tends to be smaller. Shopping here offers advantages in that you can get all your household needs met at one stop with more flexible financing options; however, their salespeople may not be as knowledgeable about mattresses and the sales cycles may be different and less frequent compared with specialty mattress stores.

General Furniture Stores

Mattress shopping can be expensive, so most shoppers prefer trying out potential mattresses in person before making a final decision. That traditional approach remains the best approach, especially if you possess strong negotiation skills that allow for lower sticker prices.

People who conduct most of their research online may wish to shop through major online retailers like Amazon, which stocks mattresses from numerous major brands. Many retailers provide full sleep trials and free shipping; reviews can help narrow down options further.

Other online retailers, including many mattress manufacturers, offer direct-to-consumer sales. This strategy eliminates middlemen and typically results in steeper discounts; IKEA’s Nolah mattress was found by Strategist senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson to offer soft yet sinkable sleep that she liked more than Casper Original’s firmness; designed specifically to support athletes so it offers contoured support that would work well for side sleepers with lower back pain.

Department Stores

Some department stores, like Macy’s, carry mattresses in their home furnishings departments that may be more cost-effective than those found specifically within showrooms; however, shoppers must be willing to conduct research for themselves in order to locate an ideal mattress.

Many mattress brands sell directly to consumers through their websites, often offering flexible return periods known as sleep trials so customers can try them before making a final purchase decision.

Sites may also provide an efficient way of shopping multiple brands at once, like Tempur-Pedic offers their popular models online in all standard sizes (twin, queen, king and California king). Other popular options are organic mattresses from Avocado Bedding or Brooklyn Bedding or sustainable luxury options from Saatva – shoppers can compare pricing, reviews and features from multiple websites before finding their ideal mattress – saving them both time and hassle!


Online shoppers have the freedom to shop freely at their own leisure without being pressured by salespeople into making a purchase decision.

Some online mattress brands feature showrooms where customers can peruse the beds first-hand. Examples of such companies are Casper, Tuft & Needle and Saatva which often offer full-length sleep trials as well as premium delivery/removal of old mattresses and additional freebies with every purchase.

Department stores can be great places to find mattresses. Macy’s provides a selection of premium mattresses at prices competitive with other stores, with all major brand names like Serta and Simmons represented as well as a 120-night comfort guarantee that matches any competitor price within 10 days. Their website makes shopping by size, brand or type a breeze!

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