Best Latex Mattress For Back Pain

Best Latex Mattress For Back Pain
Best Latex Mattress For Back Pain

Latex differs from memory foam in that it naturally distributes body weight to ease back pressure, while remaining breathable and resistant to dust mites.

Tozer advises searching for a latex mattress with added reinforcement in the hip-to-lower spine area – known as “zoned support”. This will keep your spine in an ideal neutral position and facilitate restful night’s rest.

1. Awara Latex Hybrid

The Awara mattress is a latex and hybrid hybrid designed to alleviate surface pressure that causes you to toss and turn during sleep, leading to backache or increasing tossing and turning. Constructed with layers of natural Dunlop latex and organic cotton that wick moisture away to keep you cool and comfortable while its premium zoned coil support core offers extra lumbar and spinal alignment support.

The medium firmness of this mattress makes it suitable for various sleeping positions, such as back and stomach sleeping. Furthermore, it supports healthy spine alignment for reduced back pain relief.

It features sustainable materials like organic cotton and naturally flameproof New Zealand wool. Plus, there is a 10-year limited warranty — making this one of the longest warranties available today.

2. PlushBeds Botanical Bliss

This natural latex mattress offers a cozy, soft surface with eco-friendly materials. Certified GOTS and GREENGUARD certified, orthopedic specialists and chiropractors alike have recommended it as the perfect mattress. With organic cotton and wool padding regulating sleep temperature while its GOLS organic latex providing exceptional pressure relief and durability.

Light stomach sleepers will find the Botanical Bliss an ideal mattress, as its medium-firm construction raises their hips into line with their shoulders for an optimal resting position. Furthermore, its dense Dunlop latex core supports spine without creating excessive sinkage during sleep. This mattress can also work for average weight back sleepers thanks to its dense Dunlop latex core providing plenty of support without sinkage issues.

Heavy back sleepers should consider the firmer PlushBeds Cool Bliss mattress, which features a similar design but may better meet their needs. Couples who tend to overheat at night may prefer Botanical Bliss since its construction promotes airflow and resists heat buildup more effectively than memory foam models.

3. Therapedic Latex Hybrid

Tommy Bahama beds from Therapedic are an excellent way for those looking for something extra luxurious in their mattress selections. Offering various firmness options with high quality pocketed micro-coils and cooling foams, these beds also work to keep their sleepers cool throughout the night – a major plus if they tend to sleep hot!

Immunity mattresses from Restonic’s newer collection feature copper-infused foams for optimal sleeping environments and medium firmness – ideal for back pain sufferers.

Therapedic mattresses all come with warranties, with specific details depending on which model is purchased. If you want to know more, visit a retailer and test some hybrid mattress models yourself, giving yourself an opportunity to explore them all and determine which might be most suited to you.

4. Therapedic Latex Mattress

Therapedic’s specialty models are an excellent option for anyone who’s searching for a durable bed that will stand the test of time. Utilizing high-grade materials and design processes, they produce mattresses that provide long-term support.

All Therapedic mattresses are constructed using latex derived from Havanea brasilinesis rubber trees, while PureTouch Talalay mattresses only utilize all-natural, no additive latex for their PureTouch Talalay line of mattresses. Latex provides greater breathability than polyurethane foam by not trapping heat or moisture, plus being antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and mildew resistant.

If you’re curious to try a Therapedic mattress for yourself, visit a mattress retail store near you today and speak with one of our sleep experts about which mattress would best fit your body type and sleeping preferences. They’ll soon have you on your way to experiencing restful nights’ rest that leave you feeling revitalized every morning! You won’t regret making the switch so soon; make it today – and let them help find you your dream mattress!

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