5 Best Really Cheap Mattresses That Won’t Break the Bank

5 best really cheap mattresses wont break back

Mattresses can be an expensive purchase and it can be disheartening to see them start to sag after just a few years of use.

But price shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor when shopping for a mattress; other considerations must include bodyweight and sleep preferences. Continue reading to discover five great cheap mattresses won’t break back.

1. Linenspa 8-Inch Memory Foam and Traditional Spring Mattress

This mattress boasts an innovative hybrid construction utilizing traditional innerspring coils and memory foam layers, including one inch of fast response foam quilted onto seven inches of individually-encased coils in its middle section, creating a hybrid construction. These coils offer firm yet airy support with ample airflow to reduce heat retention; its memory foam layer adds contouring benefits, although it may not provide as much pressure relief.

Lightweight stomach sleepers may find the Linenspa ideal, with its open coils keeping their spine aligned and supporting it while keeping pressure relief to a minimum. Unfortunately, however, couples sharing beds will likely not find this mattress satisfactory due to poor motion transference.

Bonnell coils make this mattress less effective at isolating motion between users, meaning couples and people who sleep in shifts often wake up when one partner tosses around during sleep. Furthermore, its 8-inch version lacks cushioning so may not suit those looking for a softer mattress feel; 10 and 12-inch versions contain thicker layers of memory foam and gel infusion for increased support.

This mattress comes rolled and compressed for easier delivery and setup, requiring just moving it into its appropriate room, carefully unrolling its packaging, and waiting for its expansion into full size. Backed by a 10-year manufacturer warranty that protects against manufacturer defect. Unfortunately it does not come with a sleep trial option; please read and understand its return policy prior to purchasing.

2. Dreamfoam Arctic Dreams 8-Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam and Encased Coils Mattress

If you’re searching for an economical mattress with excellent support and pressure relief, look no further. This medium-firm mattress features memory foam to relieve stress points and comfort your body in total relaxation. Plus, its soft cover has an breathable design perfect for sleepers who get hot easily; furthermore it is Certipur-us certified which guarantees quality.

Brooklyn Bedding produces their mattress in their own factory, eliminating the middleman and offering products at more competitive prices. There are two construction options for their mattress – an all-foam version or hybrid that includes both coils and memory foam.

Both models feature polyester blend cooling covers and layers of memory foam to keep you comfortable during sleep. Each mattress is designed for back, side, and stomach sleepers and offers adequate edge support so it won’t sag over time. Unfortunately, memory foam mattresses tend to retain heat, which could make sleeping hot.

This mattress offers an affordable alternative to the popular Tuft and Needle Original mattress. Taking inspiration from its design similar to that of Linenspa Arctic Dreams mattress, this hybrid utilizes memory foam and coils for support. However, its quilted cover provides soft cushioning. Furthermore, Energex polyfoam layer promotes airflow to give this mattress responsive feel with some bounciness.

3. IKEA Hasvag 8-Inch Innerspring Mattress

IKEA mattresses offer affordable solutions to meet a wide variety of budgets. Their competitively-priced options make them popular with university students and bargain hunters looking to upgrade a spare bedroom or replace their current mattress. Foam mattresses tend to be firmer while innerspring/coil ones may provide more cushion.

The Hasvag is an innerspring mattress available in twin, queen and king sizes. It features pocketed coils that offer support to help prevent sagging as well as polyurethane foam cushioning for comfort. Overall it boasts medium firmness with mixed customer reviews: some find it too soft while others appreciate its extra support provided by pocketed coils.

IKEA mattresses are widely available online and arrive rolled up in boxes, taking up to 72 hours for them to fully expand and decompress. Should it not meet your needs, their no-hassle return and exchange policy allows for returns or exchanges within 365 days and allows customers to either exchange it for another model or get store credit equaling what was paid initially for it.

Are You Shopping for an IKEA Hasvag Mattress? : If so, this budget-friendly cooling mattress won’t compromise comfort or quality – making it a fantastic selection. Available in different sizes online and at your nearest IKEA location; its rolled design also makes moving and transport easier; all IKEA products carry a 25 year warranty!

4. Saatva 8-Inch Gel Memory Foam and Encased Coils Mattress

The Saatva Memory Foam and Encased Coils Mattress is a fantastic all-foam choice, designed to keep you from overheating while providing contoured support and pressure relief for back sleepers. Heavier sleepers may benefit from using something firmer such as Loom & Leaf instead.

Simone Kitchens of Strategist Senior Writer reviews found this mattress very comfortable if you are a side sleeper, as its slight bounce and responsiveness to movements made her sleep soundly. Unfortunately, she found it too soft for stomach sleepers who require additional lumbar support.

Construction: The classic Saatva mattress features an organic cotton pillowtop topped with 1.5 inches of ecofriendly memory foam that sits atop individually wrapped recycled steel coils and one inch of poly foam for support and breathability. This mattress stands 11.5 inches. Additionally, Saatva also offers hybrid models featuring zoned cores available in two height options.

Saatva offers a 120-night sleep trial and free shipping, as well as its risk-free replacement program, giving customers an option if their current mattress doesn’t suit. Saatva mattresses don’t retail in stores but can be ordered online or by phone; their mattresses carry CertiPUR-US certification without chemical flame retardants added, with helpful customer reviews and guides to assist in choosing the ideal size mattress for each space.

5. Dreamfoam Essential 8-Inch Gel Memory Foam and Encased Coils Mattress

Dreamfoam Essential Mattress is an economical memory foam option with five mattress depth options to meet individual preferences, and comes complete with a 10-year warranty that ensures you can sleep soundly!

This mattress’s cover is constructed from a polyester blend with cooling properties designed to help keep you cool at night. Additionally, its top layer of gel swirl memory foam varies in thickness based on bed height; designed to contour to your body for pressure relief and comfort and also featuring copper infusion to regulate temperature regulation.

Transition foam lies between gel memory foam layers to add additional structure and support, protecting it from sagging over time. Finally, high-density polyfoam adds durability and motion isolation for further comfort.

This hybrid mattress contains coils within its foam layers for greater bounce than an all-foam mattress, making it suitable for individuals who tend to sleep hot. Unfortunately, however, its edge support may leave heavier people feeling like they’re falling off of the bed at times.

If you’re on a tight budget and searching for an affordable memory foam mattress, make sure the company you purchase from offers a full XL size – this will allow it to fit more comfortably in larger rooms and will offer free sleep trials and warranties as standard features.

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