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best latex mattress side sleepers

Latex mattress pads have gained in popularity thanks to their buoyancy and durability, few environmental concerns, and no offgassing issues, which could make sleeping comfortably even for sensitive sleepers easier.

Latex mattresses come in various firmness levels to meet the needs of side, back, and combination sleepers. Some brands also boast environmental and safety certifications for their latex mattresses.

1. Zenhaven Latex Mattress

Saatva’s Zenhaven Latex Mattress is an innovative flippable natural latex bed featuring two distinct firmness levels for optimal support, something rarely offered by mattress companies. The Luxury Plush side provides back sleepers with ample support, while the Gentle Firm side caters more towards heavier side sleepers or stomach sleepers.

Both sides of this mattress provide a luxurious experience and incredible comfort, thanks to latex construction with high-density foam rails encircling it for support. This ensures a solid foundation without sinkage in any areas – helping keep spine in proper alignment, thus decreasing risk for pain in back, hips, or shoulders.

On top of your mattress will be a soft knitted cover made with organic cotton that’s eco-friendly and breathable, providing relief while you sleep. Furthermore, pinholes within this cover help promote air flow to help regulate your temperature more effectively.

Beneath the cover lies a 1.5″ layer of Luxury Plush Talalay latex that conforms to your body, providing more support in hip areas while relieving pressure from shoulders. On the Gentle Firm side of this mattress is another 1.5″ layer that’s 18% firmer – perfect for stomach sleepers looking to avoid too much pressure in either hips or shoulders.

While both sides of a mattress can accommodate various sleep positions, it’s essential that you understand which firmness level best meets your needs before purchasing one. Our Luxury Plush side sits around 5/10 on our 1-10 firmness scale while Gentle Firm stands closer to 7.5/10 – this choice may be ideal for heavy side sleepers looking for something firmer or those wanting to replace an overly soft current mattress with something firmer.

Notable about the Zenhaven mattress from Saatva is its higher cost compared to their other offerings, due to the natural latex used. But this extra expense may be justified for anyone searching for an all-natural, durable mattress with firmness options to accommodate different sleeping positions.

2. Nolah Natural 11’’ Latex Mattress

Nolah mattresses have earned themselves an excellent reputation among sleep enthusiasts for combining pocket coil technology with eco-friendly natural latex to provide pressure relieving properties, along with environmentally sustainable natural latex foams that adapt to body contouring without overheating. One of their popular models features two types of latex foam that adapts perfectly to body contouring without overheating; its firmness rating range is 6-6.5; suitable for all sleeping positions.

This mattress boasts an advanced construction with materials certified by GOTS, Oeko-Tex(r), eco-INSTITUT and Rainforest Alliance. The cover is constructed with organic cotton and natural wool for softness while protecting against dust mites and allergens.

The comfort layer consists of two 2.0” thick slabs of natural Talalay latex foam, each covered with an additional 1.5” hole-punched slab to enhance breathability and cooling performance. Together these layers combine to offer an exceptionally comfortable sleeping surface with great bounce and responsiveness.

Beneath these layers is an 8.0″ layer of individually-encased pocket coils designed with a zoned design to provide adaptive support. Softer coils in the upper zone support shoulders and hips to keep your spine aligned while relieving pressure from these areas, while firmer coils in the lower zone help support your lumbar region while relieving stress from back and buttock areas.

Lightweight Sleepers

The Nolah Natural has a medium-firm feel, providing plenty of support and pressure relief for most side and back sleepers weighing up to 130 pounds. While stomach sleepers may find this model too soft, as its compressible latex comfort layers will cause their hips to sink in too far, possibly straining their lower backs in turn.

Heavier weighted sleepers will find the Nolah Natural too soft; its maximum weight capacity per half of the mattress is 350 lbs; therefore, those weighing more should consider looking at Saatva Latex Hybrid which supports more diverse ranges of weights and sleeping positions.

3. PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Latex Mattress

The Luxury Bliss is a hybrid latex mattress featuring both an innerspring component and natural Talalay latex comfort layers, offering excellent support for all sleeping positions, with its durable construction backed by a 25-year warranty. Available in medium firmness levels suitable for side, back and stomach sleepers weighing 130-230 pounds respectively. Plush fabric-encased coils ensure stability for maximum support!

European air vents on mattresses help provide better air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable as you rest. This feature is especially helpful for hot sleepers; additionally, it reduces how much heat remains trapped within the mattress which may otherwise cause issues for some individuals.

Luxury Bliss mattresses combine natural materials with cutting-edge manufacturing technology for optimal sleep quality. Their springs can be compressed into individual modules for shipping directly to your home – ideal for those who don’t enjoy moving and unboxing a full-size mattress themselves! It comes complete with a 100-night trial period and free delivery.

All PlushBeds mattresses feature natural materials that are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and release no off-gassing odors when in use. In addition, they’re highly breathable for those who tend to sleep hot; particularly helpful if sleeping hot due to the hybrid Luxury Bliss mattress’s cotton cover with moisture wicking wool layer.

Though the Luxury Bliss provides ample support for all sleeping positions, its medium model may not offer enough sinkage relief for heavy back sleepers who require additional spine support. Furthermore, those who weigh over 160 pounds may find other mattresses better suited to them.

The hybrid Luxury Bliss mattress does an outstanding job at minimizing motion transfer, which may be an issue for certain couples. This is due to the individually fabric-encased springs promoting greater isolation than foam models. Furthermore, there’s also a 1″ cushion layer made of natural wool which further minimizes any transference.

4. Brentwood Hybrid Latex Mattress

The Brentwood Hybrid Latex Mattress is an eco-friendly hybrid mattress constructed with high-grade natural materials, featuring individually wrapped coils to offer support while simultaneously minimizing motion transfer. Suitable for back and side sleepers alike, its medium firm feel makes it suitable for back sleeping too; additionally it comes at an affordable price and comes with an extended warranty period.

Brentwood Mattress Company of the US began producing mattresses since 2009. They are well known for using organic and sustainably sourced materials when creating their beds in America, such as recycled plastic bottles and natural wool batting to provide fire resistance and surface cushioning properties in their mattresses. One such mattress they produce is called Hybrid Latex Mattress which includes up to 57 recycled plastic bottles as part of its materials list; its production takes place locally too!

Beneath the wool batting lies a thick layer of latex foam that has been zoned to provide maximum support. The layer has three distinct firmness zones; firmer foam in hips and shoulders to provide support, with soft foam providing gentle conforming and pressure relief relief across other parts of the body.

Back and side sleepers alike will appreciate this bed, as it provides ample support to hips and shoulders to alleviate pain and pressure buildup. Furthermore, its coil system in the center keeps spine properly aligned; however heavyweight back/tummy sleepers may find this mattress too soft for them.

The Hybrid Latex Mattress comes in six standard sizes, featuring a cover made of recycled polyester infused with plant-based dyes to minimize environmental impact, easy care and odorless performance. When ordered online it will arrive directly at your door as soon as it ships – or upgrade for White Glove delivery for an additional fee if preferred – offering free standard shipping or White Glove service (with either offering generous trial periods and 25 year limited warranties).

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