West Elm Organic Cotton Percale Sheet Set

west elm organic cotton percale sheet set bedding

West Elm is one of the top choices when it comes to organic cotton sheets. They’ve set an ambitious goal of using only GOTS certified organic cotton by 2020; plus their modern designs come with a 30-day return period!

Fair Trade Certified

West Elm is a sustainable home retailer and was the inaugural store to join Fair Trade USA in 2014. Their selection of organic cotton sheets are certified GOTS, FSC-Certified, Greenguard Certified and Oeko-Tex Standard 100; in their dedication to improving their environmental footprint and finding ways to minimize impacts through operations they continuously look for ways to reduce it further.

Organic sheets are not only better for the environment, but they’re softer and more durable than traditional cotton sheets as well. Their GOTS certification guarantees that cotton was grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers that leave toxic compounds behind that can seep into fibers of plants, potentially entering your system through skin absorption or breathing while sleeping – organic bedding offers you protection for both yourself and the planet!

When choosing organic sheets for your home, pay special attention to their weave and fabric type. There are two popular choices – percale and sateen. Both feature plain square weaves for matte effects with one over and one under patterns, while Sateen features four over and two under weaving with its distinctive sheen favored by some people. Both options can provide soft comfort; for maximum air circulation opt for percale instead.

Pact’s organic percale sheets are made of soft yet durable 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric and have an unrivalled softness and durability. Perfect for hot sleepers, as the percale weave allows heat and air to circulate easily while also keeping you cool on warmer nights, they come in twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes with white or platinum colours available and have a 30-day trial period free from harmful materials or dangerous chemicals.

Under the Canopy’s GOTS-certified organic cotton sateen sheets are another luxurious option available to you for creating an exquisite bed. Crafted of extra-long staple cotton fiber and featuring 400 thread count, they provide excellent breathability. Available in various pastel colors including white, green river and washed indigo; free from harmful chemicals; certified OEKO-TEX, GOTS, RCS.


When shopping for organic sheets, it is essential that they contain only 100% certified organic cotton. Conventional cotton may have been exposed to pesticides and chemicals which leave behind residue on its fibers which may lead to skin irritations and respiratory problems; by contrast, organic cotton grows without harmful pesticides or chemicals which protect you from inhaling or absorbing these toxins through your skin; making organic sheets an ideal choice for people with allergies and other health concerns.

West Elm organic cotton percale sheet sets are an ideal way to transition towards eco-friendly bedding, with their breathable yet cool-to-touch fabric that gets softer with each wash, hypoallergenic fabric, and Fair Trade Certified status giving you peace of mind that your purchase is helping workers in developing countries.

These sheets are woven from long-staple cotton, which allows them to maintain their shape and color even after repeated washings. Furthermore, these Oeko-Tex certified sheets have been tested for harmful substances which may aggravate asthmatic or respiratory conditions; synthetic bedding may aggravate such conditions further. Available in four colors with flat sheets, fitted sheets and pillowcases included as standard features, these sets make an excellent addition for anyone looking for bedding solutions!

West Elm’s organic percale sheets are light, airy, wrinkle-resistant and boast a high thread count to provide all-season use. Plus, their products are GOTS certified ensuring they are made using environmentally friendly methods of production.

Quince offers an affordable range of organic sheets to meet every season – from crisp percale to cozy flannel – made with windmill-powered green energy and produced without harsh chemicals, GMOs or formaldehyde. In addition, they also supply ethical textiles like alpaca wool brushed fabric.


West Elm is an innovative home goods provider known for its clean styles. Their organic cotton, Tencel and linen bedding sets are all produced using Fair Trade facilities, making them both eco-friendly and luxurious to sleep on. Furthermore, there’s also an organic duvet cover collection made with gorgeous textures from GOTS certified textiles to complement any decor style – plus lots more fair trade products including natural beauty items and home improvement supplies!

West Elm’s organic sheets feature percale weave and soft fibers to provide a comfortable sleeping surface, without using pesticides and chemicals to grow cotton, keeping you and your family free from toxic residues in the air. Furthermore, these non-toxic dyes won’t leave any harsh chemicals on your skin while you sleep.

Sheets made of pure cotton tend to be highly breathable, though this depends on both its type and weave. A high thread count and certification to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) can ensure that it was produced without pesticides or chemical fertilizers and adheres to sustainable processing standards.

Other sheets that provide breathability and softness include those made of organic sateen. This type of sheet features more threads per square inch than cotton percale sheets while still featuring crisp finish with cool to the touch texture. Since sateen weave is heavier than percale sheets, you may feel warmer temperatures cling to your body more closely when using this fabric.

Organic flannel sheets offer another great solution for keeping warm on winter nights. Woven from American-grown Supima cotton and certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), these sheets also carry an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification that ensures their dyes are safe for sensitive skins.

West Elm offers organic cotton sheets in multiple colors that meet OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, each crafted using dyes approved for this standard. Each set of sheets comes complete with flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcases for your convenience.


When buying sheets, the goal should be finding something durable that won’t discolor over time and made from eco-friendly materials that are both beneficial to the environment and your skin. Natural fibers with breathable weave fabric weave will ensure maximum cooling in both hot summer nights and colder winter nights.

Organic cotton percale sheets are an ideal option for durable bedding that won’t wear out quickly. Made of long-staple cotton fibers woven together into fabric threads that make this material soft against the touch, organic cotton percale sheets use less water and electricity during their production and are free from harmful chemicals – perfect for sensitive skin! They even boast the GOTS certification process!

These lovely white sheets feature a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases in beautiful white color that come complete with straps to secure it firmly to the mattress. Available in twin, queen and king sizes; fabric thick yet breathable helps you remain cool during summer nights yet warm during winter nights – machine washable yet we advise dry cleaning them to preserve fabric durability and extend its longevity.

Coyuchi’s Organic Washed Linen Sheet Set is another great eco-friendly option, featuring sheets woven from organic cotton that meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), produced in an LEED-certified factory without chemical dyes or finishes and certified OEKO-TEX for textile certification purposes, thus guaranteeing they do not contain harmful substances.

These sheets are made of organic cotton that has been grown without pesticides and fertilizers, and certified Fair Trade. Although more costly than some options on this list, these luxuriously soft sheets are worth every penny as their soft fabric creates a lived-in feel with every wash – they look beautiful in any bedroom while offering year-round sleeping comfort. White or platinum options are also available so that these luxurious bed sheets look beautiful in any bedroom setting.

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