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west elm belgian flax linen sheet set bedding

Make the most of your rest by investing in high-quality sheets. Choose between organic cotton, Belgian flax linen and modern TENCEL(tm) options for an extremely soft yet breathable and wrinkle-resistant sheet set.

Linen is more sustainable than cotton due to the lower water requirements needed for growth of flax plants. If purchasing linen sheets from stores with an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, ensure that they are free from chemicals.


Your bedding receives frequent use, so its durability should be of primary concern. One way to extend its longevity is choosing eco-friendly linen bedding – made from renewable resources it feels soft against your skin even after repeated washes while adding style to any bedroom space. Plus it looks fantastic too.

These luxurious sheets, crafted of 100% Belgian flax linen and available in various colors to match your decor, are not only hypoallergenic but also resistant to dust mites – plus come complete with flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcase sets for convenient storage!

Coyuchi offers organic cotton sheets that meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). As part of their mission to provide home products that respect both people and nature, this company sources materials from suppliers who meet USDA National Organic Program guidelines as well as those meeting GOTS specifications – they’re Fair Trade Certified as well. GOTS/Fair Trade certified sheets from Coyuchi are sold through retailers like West Elm.

Crystal Martin of The Strategist enjoys the luxurious feel of these linen sheets from The Strategist’s senior editor Crystal Martin, finding them thick and luxurious. When she opened their attractive packaging they smelled fresh but seemed stiff at first, however these softened significantly after their first wash. She appreciated that these sheets came pre-washed so as to maintain their shape better.

Cultiver from Australia offers another choice, featuring European linen with a weave that doesn’t pill or shed. Brushing and washes using natural stones and enzymes provide superior softness; plus these sheets are certified OEKO-TEX to be free from chemicals and toxins.

Brooklinen provides an impressive range of luxurious linen sheets in various colors and sizes, boasting an OEKO-TEX certification as well as its commitment to ethical production practices. You can mix-and-match sheets with duvet covers or pillowcases using their bundler feature – and Brooklinen will deliver directly to your home free of charge!


Bedsheets take a beating, so they need to last. Linen is more durable than cotton, making it an excellent long-term investment. Furthermore, its breathability keeps you cool in summer while keeping warm in winter; and finally it is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, helping with allergy issues.

When selecting linen sheets, it’s essential that they be made from high-quality materials. An OEKO-TEX certified set is the best way to guarantee it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and that only pure flax fibers have been used – this ensures your sheets will feel natural all night.

West Elm’s Belgian Flax Linen Sheet Set offers quality at an economical price, made of premium linen material that has been washed for a soft, lived-in appearance. Available in both twin XL and king sizes for added flexibility in bedding arrangements.

While these sheets may be slightly more costly than similar products from other brands, their high-quality materials and OEKO-TEX certification make them still reasonable value for money. Plus, no loose threads or pilling have occurred after multiple washes!

Parachute’s Linen Venice Sheet Set offers another excellent choice, available in neutral and earthy tones. Though slightly more expensive than its West Elm counterpart, this luxurious yet long-wearing sheet set makes an excellent investment choice.

West Elm offers organic cotton frayed edge sheets that are budget-friendly yet still eco-friendly, which meet Fair Trade Certification and GOTS organic requirements. Plus they’re soft and comfy – plus come in various colors!


An investment worth making, high-quality linen sheet sets can last for years and make for an excellent purchase. They are specifically designed to remain soft and wrinkle-free even after multiple washes; in fact, with time they only become softer! Many come with generous one-year warranties. Some even feature organic flax or modern TENCEL material so you know your skin is receiving adequate restful restful sleep each night.

These beautiful linen sheets are an excellent way to make a statement with their bedding. Crafted from ethically-sourced, all-natural European flax and prewashed to achieve a lived-in look, each set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases that match neutral palettes perfectly. Being breathable material means it keeps you cool during summer and warm during winter; just remember linen generates more lint than other fabrics which requires frequent washes in order to reduce the lint production!

These sheets are certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 linen, making them soft yet incredibly luxurious. Crafted in smaller batches to ensure quality and durability, these user-friendly features include labels for the short and long sides of a fitted sheet as well as deep pockets to accommodate for any deeper mattresses; however, slimmer mattresses may require adapting these dimensions accordingly.

These linen sheets may be more costly than some of the other options on this list, but they make an ideal choice for anyone dedicated to sustainability. Crafted with repurposed fabric and featuring a high thread count to resist pilling and fading while being hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant; plus they come in sizes that span twin to California king!

If you’re in search of long-lasting linen sheets, look no further than this set from West Elm. Not only are they slightly cheaper than Parachute’s offerings but they provide better sleep as they have been prewashed to reduce shrinkage, so that they’ll remain soft for an extended period of time. To extend their life expectancy further machine-wash them using cold water with mild detergent.


West Elm offers an affordable starter set for those new to linen sheets: this starter set contains a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases – machine-washable on gentle cycle and tumble dried low for wrinkle-release after fluffing out wrinkles. Furthermore, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification ensures your set is free from chemicals or any potentially hazardous substances.

This set is handcrafted from 100% European linen and washed to create an effortless lived-in look, featuring various colors for mattresses up to 18 inches deep. Fair Trade Certified and GOTS organic certification provide further evidence of sustainability while hypoallergenic sheets feature natural, airy feel to keep cool in summer and warm in winter – durable enough for years of use!

This set of organic cotton sheets uses no synthetics or dyes, making them suitable for people with sensitive skin as it naturally antimicrobial and breathable. Furthermore, the environment-friendly option requires less water for growth; while more costly than some brands due to quality and sustainability aspects.

These linen sheets are certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100 compliant, meaning they’re made of European flax that has been freed of toxic materials and chemicals. Size options range from twin to California king for your convenience. Flat sheets and pillowcases feature raw-edged double fringe for an elegant aesthetic, while fitted sheets boast added elastic for durability. Both options are offered in various muted hues that can be purchased individually or as part of a set. Brooklinen offers fabric swatches so you can experience the differences in fabrics before making a decision. Some prefer linen’s coarser feel while others do not; cotton-linen blends may be better options in these instances. Linen sheets also tend to wrinkle more readily than cotton counterparts which could prove an issue if wrinkled bedding bothers you.

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