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best place to buy mattress

Internet availability has made many products available at more affordable rates, including mattresses. Some manufacturers sell direct online and provide up to 100 day sleep trial periods before making their final selection.

Home and furniture stores ranging from high-end department stores to discount furniture outlets may carry mattresses. While their selection may be less extensive than at mattress showrooms, sales events may offer great savings opportunities.

Retail Stores

Mattresses aren’t something people buy every day, and many only consider getting one when certain circumstances arise. That could include moving house or experiencing back pain that prompts a change. Finding an adequate mattress requires careful research and consideration when making this investment decision.

As much as it would be ideal to make your mattress purchase in person, sometimes your schedule makes this impossible. When that is the case, online shopping may provide an ideal alternative – provided your retailer offers similar return policies and sleep trials for their brand of mattress that you are considering purchasing.

Department stores also carry mattresses, although their selection tends to be more limited than other retailers. Furthermore, sales teams at department stores tend to have generalized knowledge about each mattress being offered, making it harder for you to obtain specific information about any one mattress you may be interested in purchasing – increasing the odds that you end up purchasing something that doesn’t suit your needs properly.

Shopping a mattress at a specialty mattress shop may also be a viable option for shoppers, such as brands such as Tempur-pedic and Sleep Number that offer both brick-and-mortar locations as well as online presences – this combination gives them access to more customers while offering personalized services in their retail outlets.

Marketplaces and third-party websites can also be beneficial when purchasing mattresses online, since many offer direct-to-consumer business models at significantly reduced prices than traditional stores, sometimes directly through manufacturers themselves.

Third-party mattress platforms often pass savings onto their customers and offer better value than traditional stores, with Amazon being one of the more popular third-party platforms where customers can shop. Note, however, that certain online mattress sellers may only sell through third-party marketplaces such as Amazon without providing comprehensive warranties or trial periods like traditional stores do.

Department Stores

If your mattress has become outdated or wear is beginning to show, the options for finding a new mattress may be endless – from ordering an online retailer’s mattress-in-a-box option all the way through trying various mattresses in store, shoppers have many ways to choose which mattress best meets their needs.

Over the past several years, online shopping for mattresses has become an increasingly popular method. Faster shipping speeds and flexible return policies make this an attractive shopping method; moreover, numerous high-quality brands such as Casper and Purple have established stores online.

These companies provide a diverse selection of mattress types and styles, ensuring there is something suitable for every sleeper. Some even sell sheets and pillows as part of their offerings to make purchasing everything they require simpler for customers.

While in-store mattress shopping offers its own set of advantages, many shoppers opt for the ease and flexibility offered by online purchases instead. Plus, online stores often have lower prices than their brick-and-mortar counterparts and skilled negotiators can often score an even better deal by taking advantage of coupons and sales offers.

Some department stores, like Macy’s and Sears, also sell mattresses. Their staff tends to be friendly and helpful, although their selection might be limited and may favor certain brands or manufacturers over others. Furthermore, their sticker prices tend to be higher as rent, utilities, and payroll must all be covered due to physical locations.

Specialty stores are another viable option, usually owned and operated by manufacturers or brands themselves. Such locations typically boast knowledgeable sales teams directly trained by them; however, one disadvantage of shopping this way may be higher costs and possibly overbearing sales pitches.

Some large third-party retailers or marketplaces, like Amazon, sell mattresses. These sites can be helpful in comparing different models from various manufacturers but keep in mind they may have shorter sleep trials than their manufacturer website.

Online Stores

The internet has revolutionized many retail industries, including mattress sales. Thanks to faster shipping with minimal costs and flexible return policies, customers now have access to an endless variety of mattresses online without ever needing to visit a physical showroom. Unfortunately, this also means there are more choices than ever when it comes to choosing a great mattress; making it difficult to know which option will be right for them.

Buy direct from the manufacturer is usually your best bet; this removes any middleman costs and allows companies to offer steeper discounts than traditional retailers can. Many of these manufacturers even provide full-length sleep trials (usually from 100 days up to one year). So that consumers have confidence that they’ve selected the appropriate product.

Popular mattress brands have established showrooms and retail locations so customers can test out their products firsthand before making their purchases online. Casper, one of the pioneering mattress-in-a-box companies, established its first physical store in 2014 to allow shoppers to experience its distinctive materials and designs before purchasing one of their mattresses.

Tuft & Needle and Purple are two other online mattress retailers who have joined forces with home improvement stores to offer their mattresses in physical locations. Although these stores tend to carry only limited selections, they can be useful for people living nearby or who would rather skip driving long distances.

Finally, large warehouse clubs often carry an assortment of mattresses from various brands. While these stores don’t enjoy the same amount of space as department or specialty stores, their purchasing power and volume purchasing often allows for more affordable pricing options.

Though all three methods offer advantages, each comes with some drawbacks when buying mattresses online or from local showrooms. Consumers might miss the ability to test a mattress in their own homes before making their final decision; overzealous salespeople could make matters more difficult; third-party retailers might limit warranty options, so be wary before choosing where you make your purchase decision.

Specialty Stores

Many consumers don’t give much thought to where they purchase their mattress; however, your store of choice can make or break your search for an ideal bed. Your store can have an impactful effect on options available to you, quality standards, customer service levels and price point when selecting your new bed.

Some prefer purchasing their mattresses directly, either at a mattress showroom or established department store. Doing this allows shoppers to explore models first hand before making a commitment – plus it typically includes time with an expert mattress salesperson helping find their ideal match!

Department stores like Macy’s have long been considered premier sources for mattress shoppers. Offering all major brands and sizes ranging from twin XL to California king mattresses, Macy’s makes sure that shoppers find what they are searching for when it comes time to make their selection. In addition to its physical locations, Macy’s also boasts an expansive online selection.

Specialty stores dedicated exclusively to mattresses may also be an option, and are known for offering an expansive selection and reliable brands like Mattress Firm (a renowned national chain that has stores nationwide as well as an expansive online presence). Their online mattress store stocks most major brand names and provides a 120-night sleep trial and low price guarantee to give shoppers confidence when making purchases.

Specialty stores also provide benefits by specializing in specific mattress types or consumer groups, such as back sleepers, side sleepers or pregnant women. This specialized approach can help shoppers narrow down their options quickly and make purchasing easier than at other retail establishments; however, specialty store prices tend to be higher due to additional rent expenses and staff hire costs associated with serving shoppers more effectively – however this additional expense might not deter consumers who prefer an easier shopping experience at specialty stores.

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